Pacemaker (2012)

Director: Kim Dal Jung
Casts: Kim Myung Min, Go Ara, Ahn Sung Ki, Choi Tae Joon, Jo Hie Bong, Choi Jae Woong, Lee Yool, Gye Sung Yong, Abu Dodd, Ryoo Ui Hyun, and Jung Joon Won
Genre: Sports and Drama
Running Time: 124 minutes
Certi: 12

Joo Man Ho (Kim Kyung Min) gives up his dreams because of a critical leg injury and supports his younger brother. He earns money by working at his friend’s chicken restaurant. However, he is unable to leave the track and field so he became a pacemaker – a runner who leads his team during the first section of a marathon event before dropping out. Park Sung Il (Ahn Sung Ki), Man Ho’s old coach visit Man Ho because he wants him to be the pacemaker for the Korean national team who are preparing for the London Olympics 2012. Man Ho accepts the challenge but he tries his upmost best to overcome his injury while aiming to become a champion marathon runner.

What I like about this film is a story about Man Ho. He looks confident and outgoing but he has a lot things going on while he aim for his dream. For example, he tries to make Seung Ho happy but Seung Ho is a bit annoyed about it. Yet, when he realizes it, he cries and asks for forgiveness which touches my heart. I believe that while I watch from a loser working at the chicken restaurant to a champion marathon runner, I was connected with the character itself and the story. The only part that makes me hold back my tears is when he’s running for the London Olympics 2012 and when Seung Ho is there to support him with the help of the red umbrella. So, Man Ho is an inspirational character in this film.

I have one problem about this film: the London Olympics 2012. I am not impressed with it. Okay, it’s fine because you can’t steal the original London Olympics 2012 logo due to copyright. But still, I was not happy with the whole concept of this official event. They could have set another type of event except this. Also, the CGI effects on that special event are not really helping. I can obviously see that the CGI effects in this are a total failure. I would say that London Olympics 2012 did not give me a good impression about the actual games this year. It didn’t remind me about the good times while I enjoyed the actual London Olympics 2012.

Man Ho is an inspirational character who shows that you believe to achieve your dreams while striving hard. I believe it shows that Korea is doing their upmost best in sports and it’s giving inspirations to the younger generations. It moves me to tears which I hold onto until the very end. But, the production team could have come up with a better idea on how a great marathon should take place. Not the London Olympics 2012. They could have done better.

Rating: 7/10

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