Panda and Hedgehog Episode 3 Review

Episode Recap

Won Il asks Seung Ji about entering Café Panda and Seung Ji if he’s a stalker because he saw him yesterday when Panda fell off from the stool. Seung Ji says that Won Il didn’t even see how she is and he just left. Won Il notes that he hans’t seen her for 15 years and it would have been awkward. He asks Seung Ji what he is and Seung Ji replies that it’s the worst that he can imagine. Won Il thinks he works as a bartender.

The annoying baker voices his opinions about Panda posting up fliers about hiring a new patisserie. She points out that his cakes don’t sell and she doesn’t make any profit. He tells her all his ‘virtues’. He demands compensation for defamation of character. She adds that he only sold 8 cakes and half of them were returned. She has to pay for everything while she worked as a part-time journalist. However, she got fired. She talks about her parents and starts to cry.

Her aunt and Da Na are making kimchee until they hear the crying sound. At the same time, Seung Ji and Won Il also hear it and wonder what that was. Won Il thinks it’s a bear. Her aunt and Da Na come down with a bat and a kendo sword. Panda admits that she been covering up his lies about his resume. Her aunt points out that she hates people lying and yells at him. Outside, the annoying baker runs for his life and screams that a group of pandas is attacking him. The women come rushing out and stop when they see the two guys. Then, a Saint Honore stops in front of the café and Seung Ji senses something’s up.

Once they’re inside the café, Won Il challenges him to a baking competition to be patisserie of Café Panda. Panda raises her hand and explains that this café isn’t successful enough to hold this competition. Seung Ji jumps in and announces that he’ll accept the challenge.

Panda and Seung Ji are outside the café. Panda tells Seung Ji that Saint Honore is the best of the best bakeries and it’s pointless to participate in this competition. Seung Ji asks whether she thinks that he can’t compete them and Saint Honore is better than him. He proposes a deal: if he wins, Panda will hire him on the spot without his resume and he gets 50% of the profit. If he loses, he works for free for half a month. Panda is confused because both options sound good. Seung Ji agrees and asks her to tell him encouraging words: 1,2,3, Go!. He sees Won Il coming outside and leans in closer to Panda. He glances over to make sure Won Il has seen before stepping back.

Won Il pleads his Glasses hyung that he has to win no matter what. His hyung points out that he came here to make a cake not for a competition. He adds that he doesn’t want to take away someone’s chance for a job or his woman. He says that Panda is not Won Il’s woman. Won Il explains why Panda means a lot to him. When he was little, his father passed away. He didn’t have anyone to comfort since his mom was already in love with someone else. Panda came into his life and he smiles because of her. She was always by his side and helped him through darkest times. Thus, he can’t abandon Panda now when he can help her.

Seung Ji gets himself ready for the competition. The rules are explained and the judges, who are in the Café Panda, are announced. The baking competition begins. Won Il anxiously waits outside and stares at Panda. Seung Ji’s friend runs to Seung Ji’s grandfather’s bakery to let him know that Seung Ji participates in the baking competition. His grandfather grumpily asks if all he can talk about is Seung Ji. He mentions that going against Saint Honore is not a good idea. His grandfather storms off and Cherry Blossom asks about Saint Honore.

When Seung Ji was in jail, he learns baking through a television show where Won Il’s stepfather shows how to do baking. When Seung Ji got out, he is determined that he want to work at Saint Honore even if it meant just washing dishes. However, they refused, since he had been in jail, and kicked him out. He waited all day and night just to talk to the manager. Won Il’s father came out and he threw Seung Ji’s cake in the street without looking at it. The bakers brought him to the back and bullied him. He wants to kill Won Il’s stepfather so he brought the gasoline to torch the place. Luckily, his grandfather stopped him. Since that day, he has sworn revenge on Saint Honore. Although they can’t be as well-known as Saint Honore, their bakery is better thanks to Seung Ji.

The competition ends and the cakes are served to Panda, Da Na, her aunt, and the customer. After eating, they all choose Seung Ji’s cake. At the second round, cakes are served. A cake which has a panda face is served but the face changes with each slice. Won Il thinks that the winning cakes must have been his hyung’s works. However, he notices Seung Ji’s smile on his face. He checks the cake design posted by Seung Ji and finds the panda cake on the back including a drawing of Won Il angry panda. Won Il sulks at his office. His mother asks Eun Bi to tell her everything about Panda. Seung Ji’ grandfather looks on while Seung Ji and the Panda sisters celebrate their win at the other side of the street. His grandfather is proud of him but sad.

Eun Bi visits Café Panda to confront Panda about Won Il. Panda explains that Won Il was always sweet and they’re just friends. Eun Bi gets even more jealous when Panda calls him Won Il-ie. Da Na warns her that she keeps acting like that to her sister, she’ll have to do something about it such as seducing him.

Won Il paces around Saint Honore as he’s not satisfied about what has been happening. His hyung asks him what’s wrong because it’s not like him. Won Il asks him what the cake tasted like but his hyung replies that he didn’t get to taste it. Won Il thinks it must have been the design. His hyung tells Won Il that if he were him, he’d drop everyone else and hire someone like Seung Ji. Then, his hyung keeps quiet. Won Il does his research while his stepfather nervously watches from afar.

Seung Ji visits his grandfather who is making a special cake for a mysterious special guest. Seung Ji greets Cherry Blossom as noonim and his grandfather scolds him for addressing his daughter as noonim. Seung Ji wonders if he should address her as ahjumma or mother. He also mentions that the bakery becomes livelier since Cherry Blossom came. Seung Ji asks his grandfather whether he heard that he has won the competition. His grandfather doesn’t reply but he knows that he won. He tells his grandfather that he’ll take Saint Honore down. His grandfather worries about his dangerous actions. Seung Ji reassures him that he won’t do that. His grandfather reminds him to watch his actions while living with the two girls. Seung Ji happily said that his grandfather misses his so much that he secretly watches him. Seung Ji does kissy faces at his grandfather who stuffs a lettuce wrap in his mouth. Later, before Seung Ji goes back to the café, he promises that he’ll become the best patisserie.

Panda comes to the bakery and finds Seung Ji throwing out all the ingredients which she had bought. She complains until he shows her that all of them are expired or not good quality. He takes her to the shop to buy new supplies and ingredients. She stops midway because she doesn’t have money. He shows him the money in hand and she excitedly grabs his arm. He pulls back and asks whether she had dated before. While shopping, she asks him about his past including his childhood times. He snaps back at her at he’s an orphan and doesn’t remember his mother. Her tears flll eyes and they leave the shop.

His grandfather and Cherry Blossom go to the police station to look for someone named In Ha but couldn’t find that person. She promises not to disappoint him.

Seung Ji follows Panda through a park and wonders why she won’t talk to him. She asks if he’s really an orphan and he tells her that he can’t remember anything about his parents. He shows her a scare on his head. He says that he got it when he was 11 years old and can’t remember anything before that. Panda tells him that when she was little, her mother took her to a friend’s home. Her mother tells her that she’s an orphan and left her. This means that she remember her bad past when he mentioned that he’s an orphan.
Her aunt comes and picks them up. Seung Ji mentions about loaning for supplies. Her aunt freaks out and Panda tells him not to talk about loans in front of her. Her aunt questions him about his background and he avoids answering them.

Flahsback: Little Seung Ji is crying while Panda is comforting him. Little Won Il comes up and asks what’s wrong. Panda explains that his family’s bakery burned down and his parents left him at her house for the night. However, they don’t know where they are. She goes to investigate and the goys stare at each other. Little Seung Ji’s father comes to pick him up. Won Il’s cellphone rang and he gets a lecture from his mother. Seung Ji’s father tries to make friends with him.

At Saint Honore, Won Il’s stepfather comes and threatens him that he shouldn’t ask him for money to run his company.

Da Na and Panda are discussing about cupcakes and Seung Ji overhears their conversation. Panda is writing an article and he suggests that she should interview his grandfather. They also discuss what kind of cakes girls want and boys want. Both girls and boys want to eat without getting fat and losing muscles.

Seung Ji stays up all night designing cupcakes that suit the customers’ wants. The next morning, he shows his creations of cupcakes boys and girls like. They set up a table nearby for a promotional event and sell lots of cupcakes. Later at night, Panda and Seung Ji count their today’s profits. The annoying baker spies on them from outside and comes up with a plan to get rid of Seung Ji. Seung Ji and Panda come up with a plan to keep Café Panda running. Seung Ji will provide the operating costs and Panda will follow his rules.

Won Il continues to do research but finds nothing. He and his hyung talk about Seung Ji. Won Il admits that he can’t find anything about Seung Ji. His hyung is surprised that he’s studying Seung Ji and points out that he’s in a love triangle. His hyung suggests that Won Il should be friendly with Seung Ji if he wants to learn more about him. They decide to send someone as an agent. Perfect timing. Won Yi comes outside and asks what they’re doing. They look at her and come to a decision.

Won Yi offers her services to Panda as a free part-time worker. She use honorifics when she talks with people in the Café including when she calls Seung Ji hyung. He’s not really comfortable with her presence. They sell cupcakes outside again and Seung Ji flirts with Panda. When they return to the café, someone scribble some writings on the window. They obviously know is the annoying baker who did this. Da Na and Customer excited to find that their business is featured on a blog. Seung Ji and Panda gives a high five at each other.

Won Il looks through the pictures on the blog. He’s angry to see how close Panda and Seung Ji are. Won Yi asks for payment for her efforts. He hands her the money to buy cakes while she thought that the money is for her. He asks if Panda sent any messages. She did and she’ll come to see him later after a meeting the next day.

The next day, a delivery shows up in front of Café Panda. Won Il gives her a really nice massage chair. While he’s taking a tour of Saint Honore with his mother and Eun Bi, he gets a call from Panda and goes outside to answer it. His mother and Eun Bi are angry and jealous. Panda tells him about not sending expensive gifts. Eun Bi comes out and says that she stopped ‘them’ from changing the menu.

Panda complains to herself about Won Il’s gift since she’s not his girlfriend. Why on earth did he spend money on her? Seung Ji is jealous that she keeps thinking about Won Il and angrily drives her to meet his grandfather. His grandfather treats her like his granddaughter-in-law. Instead of answering the interview questions, he gives relationship advice to her.

Outside, Seung Ji talks with his friends about buying a chair which is more expensive than the one Won Il bought for Panda. He also discusses making the café more profitable. They wonder why is he doing this and asks whether he has fallen for Panda. The older friend mentions how this would be a great business opportunity – loan Panda the money, turn the business around, and take over the café. Panda comes out and hear the conversation. Seung Ji looks up to see her shocked and hurt face.

She leaves and goes back to Café Panda where Won Il is waiting for her. He sees her gloomy face and asks what happened. She looks toward Seung Ji and makes Won Il believe that he’s the one that makes her sad. He asks Seung Ji what happened. Eun Bi walks in to see Won Il holding Panda’s arm.

Point of View

The childhood story about Seung Ji and Won Il. Interesting. At least, we get the idea how they’ve gone through hard times during their childhood. It seems to me that both of them like Panda when they were young. Panda is like their little angel who is always there for them. I’m really looking forward to the love triangle including their childhood stories. Wonder who’ll be Panda’s hedgehog. The mystery is yet to be solved.

It’s clear to see what Seung Ji’s aim for. We get to know that he had bad experiences with Saint Honore and wants to get back at them by being the best patisserie ever. I’m curious about one thing: why did he recite Latin terms before he starts to do some baking and making cakes? It looks like he said his own extra words of encouragement for himself. I know that ‘One, Two, Three. Go!’ is his motto when he starts to get in the game but the Latin terms where did he get it from and why does he says that all the time. Along the way, as he is always going to be with Panda, he’s going to have feelings for her and I hope it doesn’t interrupt his main goal.

Won Il needs to chill. He always gets so anxious whenever Panda and Seung Ji are together. Even his hyung tells him to calm down. It’s true that Seung Ji has feelings for her since young but still…..he needs to understand how she feels. He has to listen to what she thinks. At the moment, Panda treats Won Il as a friend but didn’t realize that he has feelings for her. He needs to take time to make her realize that he loves her. He just has to use the right method to get her attention. Also, he shouldn’t be an annoying person who whines a lot when it comes to love relationship.

It’s great to see the sibling interactions in this episode. Da Na supports Panda no matter what especially when she defends her to Eun Bi who talks bad about her. Won Il and Won Yi is my favourite siblings in this drama. Won Yi tried her best to make both sides happy even though Won Il keeps going after Panda. The problem with Won Il, at the moment, is that he keeps bothering Panda especially when he gives a very expensive massage chair to Panda. I feel that Won Il doesn’t understand women at all.

My favourite scene which touches my heart is the bonding between Seung Ji and his grandfather. Even though they joke around, I can feel the love and care between them. His grandfather is so funny and sweet especially when he gives Seung Ji the lettuce wrap. So, their conversation is funny and adorable.

Since Panda sort of misunderstood what Seung Ji and his friends said about the café, Seung Ji better tell her that the previous conversations aren’t true. He has been helping her in the café business especially when he bought the ingredients and make delicious and eye-catching cupcakes which makes my mouth drool.

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