Panda and Hedgehog Episode 4 Review

Episode Recap

Won Il scolds Seung Ji for hurting Panda. Seung Ji asks him to just punch him is he’s going to. Won Il grabs him by the collar and tells him to get out. Seung Ji asks whether Won Il owns the place. Won Il swings and Seung Ji dodges. Seung Ji twists Won Il’s arm and push him to the ground. Panda steps up and kicks Seung Ji out. She tells him that she never wants to see him again. She asks Won Il to come with her because she wants to talk to him. Seung Ji storms out. Won Il keeps asking her what Seung Ji did to upset her but she changes the subject by asking him when she can start working and how soon she can get paid. Won Il still asks her and wonders if he should punch or kill Seung Ji. But, she wants to do things her own way.

On the way home, Won Il giggles to himself. Won Yi thinks has gone mad and asks what’s wrong with him. He tells her that he worried over nothing. He thinks that he won but Won Yi says that there’s no chance for him to get a date. He can’t win over Seung Ji. Won Il asks whose side is she on.

Eun Bi tells Seung Ji that she’s on his side. She followed him on the bus and is trying to convince him to make things right. He asks who she is. She introduces herself as Panda’s good friend and Won Il’s assistant. She knows that they were dating and that’s why they fought. He explains that people have different reasons to fight. She says she can tell by the look on one’s face. He asks her about his face. She tells him that she’s never seen that look on Panda’s face before. So, she thinks that Panda likes him.

Da Na tells Panda that it’s wrong to use Won Il’s money to pay off Seung Ji oppa. Panda questions her how can she call him oppa when he tried to take over the café. Da Na explains that it is a misunderstanding caused by Panda believing what Seung Ji’s friends said. She gives an example if Eun Bi said that Panda used friendship to get money from Won Il. Da Na refuses to kick Seung Ji out of the team.

Eun Bi tells Seung Ji that she’ll what she can to help him be together with Panda. He asks why she’s wants to help. She honestly answers that it’s because of Won Il. Seung Ji sighs as she is using him to get what she wants. She tells him that he can call her anytime and gives him her card.

After she left, his grandfather tells him not to do things behind Panda’s back like dating other firls. Seung Ji says it’s some weird person he met. His grandfather asks if he got dumped. He asks where his grandfather learned to say such things and he replies that he learnt from his very own grandson. Seung Ji asks his grandfather for advice in dealing with a woman who’s mad at him. He asks him to beg which is the only way. He tells his grandfather that he’s old and knows nothing about women. His grandfather asks him what did he do wrong and he replies that it’s a misunderstanding. So, he suggests that Seung Ji has to explain to her until he understands. Seung Ji scoffs on his grandfather’s understanding about women.

Seung Ji goes to Café Panda and wants to talk to Panda but she walks away ignoring him. He waits outside and she comes out of the balcony to see it he’s still there. She goes back to her room. He tries to call her and then sends a text telling her that he wants to explain things to her. He types two more texts that say that it’s a misunderstanding and it’s all true. He did come in to take over the café. In the end, he doesn’t send those two texts and leaves. Panda talks to a photo of his parents that she’ll never forgive him and she’ll never lose the house. She comes out to the balcony and finds that he’s gone. She mumbles because she only receives a text and he left.

The next day, his friends as him to go and bring the bouquet of roses to Panda and apologizes. Beom Bo brings cakes and tells him that Cherry Blossom made them for Panda. He reluctantly brings the roses and cake but finds a notice outside which say that the café is looking for a new patisserie. He leaves in a huff.
Da Na and Customer complain about Seung Ji leaving. Panda should consider her money situation before she fires Seung Ji. Won Yi yells from the front of the store and bring some customers who want to place a big order. The cupcakes need to have the same taste as the ones from the promotional sale. Da Na agrees to everything even though Panda says no.

Won Il helps her by lending some patisseries or give her enough cupcakes. His stepfather overhears and wonders what he is doing. Won Il asks his hyung for help but they will be very busy in the next few weeks. So, they can’t meet that order. His hyung asks what happened to Seung Ji. He smirks and replies that Seung Ji got fired.

Seung Ji and his friend hang out at the park. Panda’s aunt drives up and sees them. She asks him why he isn’t at the café and he tells her that he was fired. She asks him to spill the details and he admits that he wanted to make Café Panda a bigger shop, help his grandfather, and beat Saint Honore. Panda’s aunt tells him that if he can make that happen, she’ll get him back to the café. She warns him not to make Panda cry and move out from that building. They go to the café and informed that Panda went to Saint Honore to fix the order situation.

Won Il shows her their products while his stepfather overhears their conversation. His secretary warns him that his mother is over there so he brings Panda upstairs to a rooftop garden. She asks how he can give her so much even though the cakes are so expensive. He tells her not to worry about it. She teases him for spending too much on her. She hurt her back so he bought an expensive massage chair. If she hurt her foot, would he buy a car? He said that he would. She points out that they aren’t dating. He points out that Seung Ji isn’t her boyfriend and she’s willing to accept things from him. Won Il reminds her that he known her longer and she doesn’t know anything about Seung Ji’s background. She says that she’s using Seung Ji for her own purposes. He lectures her about looking into his resume before hiring him. In business, things need to be done accordingly, whether it’s a large company or a booger-sized store. From there, she tells at him who says bad about her store. She tells him that she won’t need his help and asks him to take back the chair. Also, she won’t work with him. She warns him not to follow her. After she left, he hits his own head for saying the wrong things to her.

On her way back home by bus, she complains that both guys are bad and tries to figure out how to fix the problem. Her aunt calls her to tell her that she has a present. If she accepts it, she can’t reject it immediately.

She still can’t believe that everyone needs Seung Ji as the key for making the café running. She tells Seung Ji that he has to follow her conditions. First, he must get on his knees to apologize. Second, he has to promise her parents that he’ll keep his promise. Third, he has to write a new contract which states that he’ll do whatever she asks him to do or else he forfeits his wealth. He complains but in the end he gives in. When she sees his ID number, she orders him to call her noona from now on. She orders him to clean up the place before coming down. Da Na and Panda are happy to have Seung Ji back. Da Na warns his sister not to throw away her aunt’s present which turns out it’s Seung Ji.

Won Il’s mother tries to get the information from Won Yi by showing her money and credit cards. Won Yi refuses to tell but she snatches the credit card before she escapes. His stepfather thinks that Won Il’s Achilles heel must be women.

Won Il decides to work out. His hyung comes and asks him what he’s doing. Won Il asks if he knows anyone who is specialize in martial arts. He wants to learn to fight so he can win against Seung Ji. He also asks what to do if a girl is angry with him.

Seung Ji wants to borrow his grandfather’s van but he decides that he needs a car instead. At the Café Panda, he goes up behind Panda while she worries over her bank accounts. He brings her to buy a delivery van. He buys one and she tells him that she’s so happy as if it’s her birthday. She thinks that today it’s her birthday but she says it’s not. He asks what he’s going to do for her on her birthday. She asks him to make a cake. When she asks if that’s it, he replies that he already bought her a car. Later, Seung Ji draws some stickers for the van and decorates it into a Panda van.

Won Il is still thinking about Panda. Won Yi suggests buying her a car. He tells her that’s what started this whole fight in the first place. As they leave the store, his stepfather wants to buy a car for Won Yi. She’s excited but she missed the point that he’s bribing her. The siblings drop by at Café Panda and find a delivery van outside. They see Seung Ji in the window decorating a cake. Seung Ji pretends to shoot Won Il and smirks to himself while Won Il fumes. Won Yi warns him that if he gets jealous, he’ll lose. They leave and Won Yi sends a salute to Seung Ji but he didn’t see that.

The annoying baker is hiding with a bag which consists of something moving.

Panda and Seung Ji go shopping for supplies for their big order. Won Il is in martial art training but always lose. Panda falls asleep while Seung Ji prepares the cupcakes. Seung Ji tenderly puts the giant panda arm behind her head as a pillow. Seung Ji falls asleep at his desk. The next day, he wakes up because of the girls screaming. He runs out to see them standing on the stool as there are cockroaches scurry around. Da Na realizes that it’s the annoying baker who pulled of this evil plan. Panda and Seung Ji goes to the prep room and find that all the ingredients are ruined.

Da Na and Customer decide to beat up the annoying baker. Panda and Seung Ji figure out how to finish the order while the café is being cleaned off by the exterminators. Saint Honore will not help while Seung Ji’s grandfather’s oven is too small. Then, they decide to continue making cupcakes at his grandfather and finish it up at the café after the extermination. Panda tells him ‘1, 2, 3, Go!’ and he smiles because of her encouragement. Everyone helps out in making the cupcakes. Late at night, Cherry Blossom takes over so that Seung Ji can get some rest. He tells her that he loves her. She notices that his grandfather is humming while working. Seung Ji finishes the cake and Panda excitedly hugs him. Beom Boo sees and keeps everyone out so that they have their moment together. Panda realizes what she’s doing and she pulls away.

The next day, they deliver the cupcakes and cake. Everyone celebrates with joy. Panda puts her hands on Seung Ji’s shoulders. He reminds her that everyone is looking and asks him whether she’s going to hug him or anything. She tells him that their cakes are just as good as Saint Honore’s. They decide to have a celebratory dinner where we find drunken Seung Ji happily hugging his grandfather who is trying to sleep.
In the early morning, Won Yi comes to Saint Honore. She asks his brother why all their cakes are so sad while Café Panda’s are so bright and lively. Won Il asks Eun Bi to help to get Panda to write up an article about Seung Ji.

When Eun Bi arrives, the café is busy with many customers. Panda goes to find Seung Ji. He’s working on some sketches. Panda is stunned as she notices that there’s a tattoo peeking out of his collar.

Point of View

Since Seung Ji has a tattoo, she realizes that she is going to work with him who used to be in jail. It’s better for her to know this anyway instead of finding out the truth towards the very end. It’ll be great to see have Panda is going to overcome with her ‘friendship’ with Seung Ji. On the other hand, Seung Ji is trying to turn his life around so I’m sure that Panda is going to be a great supporter to him. Both of them are going to help each other along the way. Besides, Seung Ji is not a very bad person and he learnt his previous mistakes throughout his whole life.

The ‘family’ bonding is so sweet. I love their conversations. I think that Seung Ji is her long-lost son. Seung Ji and Cherry Blossom are like mother and son even though they didn’t realize that they found each other. Cherry Blossom always cares for him like a son such as asking him to take some rest while she helps him continue in finishing the cupcakes. Looks like as time goes by, they will soon realize that they have found their loved ones. I have doubts about how Seung Ji will react when he found out that Cherry Blossom and his grandfather are his real family relatives. I think he’ll be shocked and get angry. Anyways, I want Seung Ji, his grandfather, and Cherry Blossom to be officially together as one big and happy family.

Won Il, oh Won Il. I don’t get you when it comes to love relationship. You should have been careful about what you said about Panda’s café. You should have apologized to her. You should have not criticized about the cupcake orders by saying that Saint Honore cakes are way better than the ‘cheap ones’ which are made by Seung Ji. Actually, Seung Ji’s cupcakes are way better than Saint Honore. Basically, you don’t even know how to get Panda’s heart. So, stop being a foolish man and do something about it or else Panda will go to Seung Ji’s side.

I don’t get Panda at all. She doesn’t want to get help from Won Il but instead she gets help from Seung Ji. Then, she decides to ask Won Il for help because she misunderstands Seung Ji’s intentions to work at the café. She goes back and forth between these two guys for help. I agree with Da Na’s opinion about taking Won Il’s money. She should have listen to what Seung Ji has to say before jumping into conclusions and runs over to Won Il for comfort. The point is that Panda is seriously not setting her mind straight. She doesn’t know what to do in handling her own situations while keeping the café running. She needs to be independent and making the right decisions before she troubles other.

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