Panda and Hedgehog Episode 5 Review

Episode Recap

Panda wants to talk to Seung Ji but she sees a tattoo from beneath his shirt. He asks her what’s wrong but she keeps staring so she can’t answer. He asks if she wants to see his hot body and pull his shirt which causes her to shriek and run away. She runs to Da Na and drags her away from Eun Bi. She tells her sister that she saw a tattoo that looks like a knife. Da Na responds that she’s a fox. Da N also wants to see the tattoo. Panda stops her and tells him that Seung Ji might be a gangster.

Seung Ji comes to the counter and asks Eun Bi if she’s spying on his recipes. He flatters her and she tells him that the reason why she’s here is because Won Il wants her to find out about him.

Won Il and Glasses talk about investigating his stepfather because the money has been missing for the last 10years. Glases informs him that the main ingredients have gotten too expensive so they make the old and cheaper ingredients more addictive. Won Yi enters and asks about becoming a patissiere. Won Il sighs since he realize that she wants to be just like Seung Ji.

Seung Ji withdraws money to spend on the café. Host Club bumps into him. They walk to the café. Host Club saw Eun Bi and suddenly interested in her. He finds that she has a good and stable job. Seung Ji tells him to come back when he’s dressed appropriately.

The girls talk about Won Il’s motives. Panda remarks that Won Il looks down on her shop. Eun Bi defends him by saying that he just doesn’t understand these things since he was born rich. Panda and Da Na point out that Won Il is showing off that he’s way better than Seung Ji by using his money.

Seung Ji gives a cake to Eun Bi and asks her to deliver it to Won Il. Won Il is having an argument with Won Yi because he’s upset that she admired Seung Ji and his cakes. In return, Won Yi is also angry. She adds that she doesn’t want to do anything to upset Hedgehog.

Later that night, Panda thinks about Won Il says about not looking into Seung Ji’s background before hiring him. She decides to go down and secretly check on Seung Ji. Da Na joins in and brings her phone because she wants to take a photo of him (maybe sleeping naked). She points out that she can use it as blackmail if he doesn’t listen to them.

Annoying baker sneaks around outside as he’s plan to start with his next attack.

The girls go downstairs and peek around the door into Seung Ji’s room. Seung Ji comes up behind them and asks what they’re doing. Da Na tells him everything. Seung Ji teases Panda for being scare of his tattoo. He asks them to go away. Da Na tells him that she’ll sneak him and strip him to get a good photo. Suddenly, they heard noises from the café. Panda jumps behind Seung Ji in fright and pulls down the back of his shirt. She opens her eyes and finds that it’s a hedgehog tattoo.

They go upstairs and find that all the breads have been skewered with toothpicks which look like hedgehogs. The tires of the van also been stabbed. Panda insists that they should go to the police but Seung Ji says that they don’t have enough evidence that the annoying baker did this.

At the store, Panda keeps asking Seung Ji about his personal life. He asks why she keep asking him about his life and she replies that they are business partners who should know everything about each other. She grabs his arm but he pulls away. He mutters that she’s too ‘young’. She wonders that he might have a bad past and asks about his tattoo again. He tells her that he shouldn’t have gone to a cheap place and the original design was a flaming hedgehog. She teases that he is burning with cuteness. He angrily pokes her and walks off.

Host Club appears at Seung Ji’s grandfather bakery in a suit because he’s ready to go on a blind date with Eun Bi. Seung Ji’s grandfather tells him if he’s going to play with someone’s previous daughter, he shouldn’t start in the first place. He adds that the worst thing a guy would do is going up against her and walks off. Host Club and Beom Bo wonder why he’s taking it seriously. Cherry Blossom realizes that it has something to do with her past life.

Won Il’s stepfather makes one of his signature cakes and Seung Ji’s mother enters to tell him to stop making them because nobody buys his cakes. It’s a waste of money and the sales figures shows that it’s bad. Won Il wants them to stop making worthless cakes. He angrily leaves.

Eun Bi brings the cake to Won Il and finds rolls of money, a model panda, and candles that say 800. He opens a card which shows a hedgehog with 8 million won notes surrounding it. It’s the price of the massage chair so Seung Ji is repaying Won Il.

Won Il goes downstairs and sees his stepfather yelling at the store manager for not making the sales well. She defends herself by saying that their designs are outdated and they need to hire a young patisserie who can keep up with the latest trends in cakes. He orders her to get out and gets violent when she stands up for herself. Luckily, Won Il stops him before he hits the lady. His mother insists to apologize to his ‘father’ but he refuses and tells them to get themselves ready for the board meeting. Won Il and Glasses leave. The guy finds a box of money from Seung Ji and makes a big deal out of it. Eun Bi and another secretary grab the box and leave. They don’t tell him anything but he finds there’s something fishy about the money. Eun Bi goes out to return the money.

His mother tries to calm his stepfather down while saying that they’re being childish. His stepfather asks her to call Kwon Yoo Jin, the daughter of a patisserie, who is the only shareholder in the company outside the family. They need her shares so they have more control of the company. The guy enters and informs him about the relationship between Won Il and Panda.

Host Club install the security camera and Customer comes by and flirts with him. Seung Ji shows Panda and Da Na how to make hedgehog treats. Eun Bi arrives and wants to talk to Panda.

Won Il’s mother interrogates Won Yi about the relationship between her brother and Panda. She replies that they’re dating. She’s reading a book about patisserie which makes her mother surprised. She tries to bribe her to offer her shares. Won Il’s stepfather and the guy start to do something sneaky.

At Seung Ji’s room, Eun Bi teases him that it looks like he and Panda are dating. She tells him not to do the money thing so she can protect the boss. She explains about the confrontation at Saint Honore. She explains about how Won Il’s stepfather isn’t Won Il’s father and why he has grudges against his stepfather. Won Il wants his stepfather to leave the company. Seung Ji heavily leaves the café while thinking deeply. Host Club follows him.

Eun Bi persuades Panda that Seung Ji likes her but she insists that they’re just business partners. Eun Bi reminds her that he spends a lot of money for her and sticks around at the café so he could do better for himself with his mad skills. Panda says that it’s impossible since he’s two years younger than them. Eun Bi points out that he’s two years younger. Not two years old and men don’t get arrested for liking noonas.

Panda’s aunt arrives and decides to make Seung Ji’s room nice so he can live comfortably. She gets Customer to help out after she installs the security camera and changes the van tires.

Seung Ji arrives at his grandfather’s house and feels guilty for getting revenge on the wrong guy. Won Il is not the son of the man who rejected him but a stepson who has similar goals as him. Seung Ji’s grandfather offers to help or give money but Seung Ji says that’s not the problem. He wonders what he should do with Won Il. Seung Ji’s grandfather suggests that he should let things go and start a new life. By seeking revenge, he’s making his own life miserable. He should just strive for his own happiness instead.

Won Il thinks about his revenge. Glasses asks if it’s really his place to interfere. Then, he wants to talk about Seung Ji, which annoys Won Il. Glasses suggests that Won Il should get along with Seung Ji.

Seung Ji comes home and finds that his room has been redecorated. He tells Panda that she needs permission to enter his room. She ignores him and asks where he went. He tells her that shee needs to knock. She asks about other tattoos and demands to see them. She threatens him that she will cut down the pay if he leaves without telling her again. He reminds her that she should pay first before saying such thing. She replies that she still doesn’t have the money for that and comments that she picked the colour of the wallpaper.

At night, Seung Ji goes to bed and finds glow-in-a-dark cute animals on the ceiling. He knows that Panda placed them. He can’t sleep so he decides to get up and start doing some sweet treats.

The next day, the annoying baker shows up in front of the café and is annoyed that there are new pastries at the window. Customer catches him and tells him about the security camera which is set up. She warns to stop since Seung Ji is collecting evidence against him. The annoying baker points out that the security camera wasn’t there before but soon realize that it is recording him.

Panda finds some delicious and eye-catching animal macaroons. She runs downstairs to show her appreciation. She doesn’t knock on the door, jumps on his bed, and pinches his cheek until he wakes up. She teases him and he asks her to tell Eun Bi to come. Then, Panda thinks that he likes Eun Bi and throws a lot of questions at him. They play around with his blanket until she falls on the bed next to him. They stare at each other for a while before Seung Ji asks what on earth she is doing. She sits up and points out that his blanket smells.

Panda goes to the mall to buy a new set of pillow and blanket. She meets Seung Ji’s grandfather and Cherry Blossom. They come because Seung Ji’s grandfather wants to buy a suit for him to celebrate his new job. They share a look after hearing why Panda’s here.

Seung Ji present his latest macaroons creation and asks Panda’s aunt what her favourite cake is since he hasn’t properly greeted her. She says that she can’t even pay the interest on his kindness to her niece so he shouldn’t worry about it. He asks her how much she pays in interest on her current loans and she replies that it’s 48%, Panda comes in and welcomes the new VVIP, Seung Ji’s grandfather.

His grandfather helps Seung Ji with his tie while Seung Ji lectures him about spending money he doesn’t have on useless things. His grandfather points out if Won Il wore one, why he doesn’t. He adds that Seung Ji will be dumped by Panda. Seung Ji insists that they’re not together. His grandfather asks about Panda for buying him the blanket. Seung Ji denies it but his grandfather points out that he doesn’t understand women and says that she likes him. Seung Ji sighs over his grandfather’s constant remarks.

His grandfather asks him not to let Panda wait so long and they go out and present handsome Seung Ji to the ladies. Panda’s aunt comments that Seung Ji looks like a new husband. They all wait to hear what Panda thinks but she doesn’t say anything but a smile which makes Seung Ji embarrassed.

Won Il examines the reports on the business while his mother lectures him. She asks if he’s trying to ruin
Saint Honore or save it. He asks if she really thinks that he’s going to destroy the company which his own grandfather built. She complains that his stepfather hasn’t been in work for three days. Eun Bi brings in samples of cakes and treats for Won Il to taste. The guy spots that and reports to Seung Ji’s grandfather so he should come back immediately.

Panda calls Eun Bi to bring Won Il to the café but Eun Bi says that it has to be later because he’s having an argument with his mother. At night, Seung Ji waits anxiously for them to come. Panda teases him about who he really wants to see. He angrily tells her to stop using him as an excuse and call Won Il if she wants to see him. He goes to his room and she follows him after texting Won Il. She admires the glow-in-the-dark animals and adds that it reminds her of her childhood. He sighs and she asks whether he can’t remember his. He denies and says it’s because he can’t tell what’s going to happen and it makes the prickles come out. She asks if that happens, will he be nude. He sighs back at her.

Won Il reads Panda’s text which includes pictures of animal macaroons. He tells Won Yi to go buy them the next day. The next day she eats lots of treats and asks Seung Ji is she can be his disciple. Da Na mentions about getting Saint Honore’s secret and a strange man overhears their conversation. Won Yi asks if Seung Ji needs to know the secret taste but he doesn’t want because he has his own.

Won Yi leaves the treat in her brother’s office because he left. Won Il’s stepfather see a box of treats from Café Panda. Won Il comes home that night and finds her sleeping on his couch. He asks her where is the treats as they were not on the table where she said she’d leave them. She jokes that they must have grown legs and walked off. She goes back to sleep.

The next day, Won Il is at Saint Honore and finds new products which are similar to the ones that Seung Ji had made. He’s upset while his stepfather boasts about his new ‘creations’.

The strange man comes back to the café and Customer recognizes him as an advertiser. He offers Seung Ji a position and adds that his cakes are way better than a market’s. Seung Ji asks which market and the man replied that it’s Saint Honore.

Point of View

I’m impressed with Lee Dong Hae’s acting in this drama. I haven’t seen the previous dramas that he acted in before. He who is the main lead character in this drama catches my attention because he portrays Seung Ji really well. The reason I want to watch this drama because of him and I have no regrets at all.

Although this episode looks simple with cute moments, so called chemistry, and rivalry, it looks like there’s no spark of communication between them. At least, at the moment, it’s nice and simple which doesn’t make the audiences confused. We can see the chemistry starts to build up between Seung Ji and Panda who has different personalities. Then, we tend to feel we really want to slap Won Il’s parents’ faces whenever they say ridiculous things due to their greediness. So, I do feel sorry for Won Il for having such parents like them. Don’t forget we all do love sweet and eye-catching pastries, right?

I’m looking forward to those two guys to work together to go up against the same enemy. There is going to be brotherhood and bromance between each other. At the same time, they are in a love triangle with Panda. So, it would be interesting to see this.

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