Panda and Hedgehog Episode 7 Review

Episode Recap

Panda finds Seung Ji at the park and tries to apologize to him. He’s upset because she said he wouldn’t be able to make the macaroons. She insists that they’re a business couple but he’s still upset about what she said because she’ll be with someone else when she’s not in business. She asks who he’s talking about and Won Il yells her name. She immediately drops Seung Ji’s arm and believes that Won Il wants to talk to him. She explains that Won Il is looking for him. Seung Ji asks whether she sent him a text and then had an uninvited guest. Won Il is shocked to hear the word ‘uninvited’ while Panda asks about the text. The annoying baker casually sits at the panda van and wonders why Seung Ji has no manners since he never replied to the text.

Panda demands to see the text and Seung Ji assumes that she’s trying to read the message in front of Won Il. When she reads it, Seung Ji reminds her about the hearts. Won Il if she send the texts like that to anyone. Seung Ji also shows a text which contains song lyrics. They think that Panda is two-timing them. Both of them get the same text from Panda’s phone. Panda explains that the annoying baker stole her van, wallet, and phone. Seung Ji calls Panda’s phone. The annoying baker picks it and tries to be Panda but failed. Seung Ji yells at him to bring the van back. Seung Ji storms off to get the van back while Won Il tries to stop him so they can have a chat. Panda complains that she didn’t come to have this conversation and Won Il yells why she comes in the first place.

Host Club and Beom Bo meet with Seung Ji to try to find the van while Host Club complains why they have to do it on a nice day. Seung Ji says that he can just leave. He asks if Seung Ji is upset because of the van or because of Won Il. Seung Ji gets a call from the café and is told that the Writer is waiting for him.

He goes back to the café. He is told that he needs to make macaroons for a makeup brand for young women called Macaroon. He recalls about the date he had with Panda and how Panda was asked to put on makeup. He realizes that she had helped him to make the perfect macaroons.

Panda and Won Il try to figure what to do about her phone. He’s upset because she didn’t tell him about the theft earlier and she always lingering with Seung Ji. Panda still says that she and Seung Ji are business partners but he insists there’s more to that. Won Il yells that she be more professional and not being so lovey dovey to Seung Ji if they are business partners. She storms off and he fllows while he apologizes to her. Finally, he admits that he’s too harsh with her and his words are actually directed to his own mother.

Writer tries to warn Seung Ji about Won Il’s stepfather. Even though Won Il’s stepfather doesn’t have the talent as an artist, but as a businessman, he usually take ideas whenever they find them. Won Il’s mother tries to find new ideas for his stepfather. He gets a call from the Writer and asks for the photos to be sent over. He receives the photos of Seung Ji’s newest macaroons. He comments that these will be his inspiration for him to create something.

Won Il tells Panda that after his father died, his mother brought his stepfather home. Although he was just a kid, he felt something is not right even though her mother said that they were business partners. Soon, his stepfather stayed at their house, sitting on his father’s chair, and sleeping on his father’s bed. Panda holds Won Il’s hands and assures that they’re friends.

Won Yi and Beom Bo talk about Panda and Won Il being sweet in his car. Won Yi supports his older brother but she wants Hedgehog to be with Panda. Beom Bo decides to call Host Club to keep Seung Ji from not knowing the situation. However, Host Club’s phone was on speaker and Seung Ji hears that Won Il and Panda are holding hands.

He goes back in to prepare himself to bake delicious treats. However, his hands are shaking while buttoning up his chef’s jacket. He comes into the café and hears Da Na talking to a difficult customer. He demands a cake with a satisfactory design. He’s been to three bakeries and he rejected them. He sees Seung Ji and asks for a different patisserie. Da Na explains that Seung Ji is good at it. The difficult customer (DC) warns him that if he can’t make the perfect cake, he won’t get paid. After DC leaves, Seung Ji mutters while Da Na warns him not to ruin it. Seung Ji’s mission is to make cake for a 30 day dating anniversary and the couple wants to rent the whole place out. Seung Ji complains that it’s only 30 days, not 30 years. Da Na orders him to do so and he sulks off. She wonders why he’s so uptight about it and finds that DC is Choi Won Gil. Seung Ji looks over the list of girl’s favourite things. Then, he asks himself if he’s willing to go that far just to date.

He waits for Panda to come back. When she and Won Il returns, Seung Ji asks what they’ve been doing to waste so much time. Panda explains that they went to the police station to find her phone but no luck. Won Il asks him to make sure to make his time available because he really needs to talk to him. Unfortunately, Seung Ji says he’s busy tomorrow and Panda asks why. He asks why it matter to her and she replies that they’re business partners. Then she apologizes to Won Il which makes Seung Ji more upset. Won Il waves and promises to come the day after tomorrow. Panda asks Seung Ji why he’s so upst wit Won Il and grabs Seung Ji’s arm. Seung Ji wonders if it’s her habit to hold his arm and she lets go. Panda complains about guys who are not used to linking arms. She runs inside warns Da Na not to work together with Seung Ji anymore.

Seung Ji goes to his room to calm his nerves but Host Club keeps asking if Panda kissed Won Il. Seung Ji snaps that he wouldn’t know and Host Club asks why he’s so uptight if he doesn’t know anything. They continue to argue until Host Club tells him to think about things clearly, with his hand on his chest. After he leaves, Seung Ji asks himself if he’s crazy and what he should do. Panda can’t sleep since Seung Ji hasn’t apologized. She vows that they’ll see who wins this battle.

The next day, Won Il asks Glases if his hands shine more brightly. Glasses wonder why he asks an awkward question and he tells him that Panda held his hand yesterday. Glasses tells him he’s crazy and reminds him that he needs to meet Seung Ji. Won Il teases him that he’s never dated before or understand about love. He jokes about what it’s like and grabs Glasses arm. An employee asks them to stop messing around in the shop since the customer can see them and his stepfather is watching over them. Won Il’s stepfather gives his spy the package and then the spy passes it to a mysterious woman in a dark hallway.

Won Yi tries to convince Da Na to support Won Il to be with Panda but she refuses. Won Yi worries that her brother will lose. Da Na wonders about it and Won Yi explains that she already give a point to each boy. Da Na suggests executing the plan to make Panda and Seung Ji make up. So, she goes upstairs and lies to Panda that she needs to take care of the café since nobody else is there. Seung Ji tries to make a list of Panda’s favourites by referring to the list given by Won Gil. However, Seung Ji can’t answer every single one of them. Won Yi enters and tells him to take care of the café. She tells him that Panda went out so he’ll be alone. She goes out.

Panda and Seung Ji meet each other in the café. He tells her to wipe the jam off from her motuh. He goes downstairs and scolds himself for being dumb since this is not what he wanted to her after thinking about it all night. He wonders why she doesn’t want to apologize to him. He frustrates over the fact that he has to face her again. He comes back up to the café but can’t find Panda. He goes outside and punches the panda head, knocking it on the ground. Then, he finds a note which is left by Panda. He walks around the living area and calls her but no answer. He checks her in the room but Panda’s not around.

Host Club tells Cherry Blossom about the quarrel between Seung Ji and Panda. She suggests that things will be calmed down if Seung Ji could just tell Panda how he feels. Host Club explains that he and Seung Ji have dark pasts so it’s difficult to get a girl. Cherry Blossom points out that not all girls are the same. Host Club explains the mistake he made with Beom Bo’s call. Seung Ji’s grandfather wonders how to help them out.
Won Yi runs in with the note that Panda left. She shows it to Da Na. Then, they run to show the note to Seung Ji. It turns out that Panda will not come home until she finds the van. Seung Ji rushes off to find her.

Panda’s aunt tells Da Na that those two are running around for things that they won’t be able to find that way. Thus, they need to tell each other how they feel. DC comes to check on the design. Her aunt and Da Na search through Seung Ji’s things on his progress of making the creation. They find the list of Panda’s favourites and her aunt decide to mark it but Seung Ji failed to answer all of them. DC hears her mumble and says that Seung Ji will be able to do well if he knows what he’s doing.

Seung Ji’s grandfather calls him and asks him to come over. Seung Ji grumbles but still goes and finds Panda drinking with his grandfather and Cherry Blossom. She sees Seung Ji and passes out. His grandfather asks him to take her home and he asks why he should do it since his grandfather is the one who got her drunk. His grandfather points out that he did it for him. His grandfather and Cherry Blossom go to bed. Panda wakes up to tell Seung Ji to keep quiet while he smiles to himself at her drunken state.

He pushes her home by using a delivery cart. She complains about being dizzy and offers to push him instead. She stands up and he catches her before she falls. He says that he’s going to go crazy and she answers that she is too since she has been searching for the van. She wraps her arm around his neck and suggests they go somewhere more comfortable. Later, she passes out after they sit on the park bench. Seung Ji tries to calm down and Panda makes drunken kissy faces at him. He sits down to help her up and tries to avoid kissing her before he starts to piggyback her home.

The next morning, Panda wakes up and asks Da Na how she got home. Da Na scolds her for getting drunk and making Seung Ji to piggyback her home. She goes downstairs and apologizes to him and he asks what she talked with his grandfather. Won Il call out for them and they went upstairs. Seung Ji yells at Won Il and angrily walks out. Panda explains about last night and tells Won Il to go talk to Seung Ji.

She goes back upstairs to have some hangover soup while Da Na scolds her for being stupid that she doesn’t know that the guys are fighting over her. Panda denies it but Da Na insists that it’s true. Panda wonders why they like her and what should she do about it. Da Na asks that she should go out with a man and kiss that man but Panda has never tried before. Da Na advices that she should date of them to figure it but Panda points out that she is dating with Seung Ji. Da Na clarifies that she should go on a real date, not fake ones. Panda worries about problems if she is two-timing. Then, Won Yi offers her advices that she should confess her love to both of them.

The guys talk about the macaroon situation. Won Il asks why Seung Ji hates his stepfather so much and he answers that it’s because he has no talent in making cakes. Seung Ji asks the same question and he answers that because his stepfather isn’t supposed to be the one who make cakes. Won Il suggests that they lodge an official claim against Saing Honore. Seung Ji doesn’t want to get out of balance between his personal life and career. Won Il proposes to give up on Panda and drop the matter. Panda sneaks outside in a panda suit. Won Il asks about the mix between career and personal life and he says that whenever he makes cakes, he thinks of Won Il because he wants to punch him. Won Il replies that he wants to hit him too. Won Il suggests that they should fight and whoever lose has to get out of the love triangle. Panda tries to take off the panda head but it’s stuck. The guys notice what she’s doing.

She tries to run away but falls and can’t get up with the panda suit. Won Il wonders who it is but Seung Ji hints him and he runs outside to help her up. She covers her face because she’s too embarrassed to face them since she heard their conversation. She asks them not to fight over her. Seung Ji corrects that he never said he’d live or die of her. He demands her to tell who she likes but she likes both of them. They insist that she can’t date both of them but she says they’ll have to do things her way. Seung Ji stand down so Won Il declares himself as a winner. However, Seung Ji will not back down that easily so he joins in the competition. Won Il grins at her and Seung Ji tells him to wipe his drool off. The first round is that they have to be nice to each other. The winner will go on the first date with Panda.

Seung Ji asks his grandfather how to be nice with Won Il. His grandfather is suspicious that he beat him up or set fire to Saint Honore. He continues to tell him the three types of rivals: (1) One who is smaller than you, (2) one who is about your size, and (3) one who is bigger than you. The taller guys are softer so he has to use tears. Won Il gathers his comrades to strategize. He goes to get ice cream and Won Yi suggests to make Seung Ji happy by putting Seung Ji and Panda on a date. Won Yi complains that she is stuck in the middle and how she doesn’t want to go back until this round is over.

The next day, Seung Ji is preparing to fulfil DC’s cake order. He noticed that Won Il is waiting outside. He’s here to be Seung Ji’s assistant. He comments about Seung Ji’s haircut. Won Yi arrives at Seung Ji’s grandfather’s shop to be his assistant for a few days.

Won Il is a very picky assistant and Seung Ji does everything this annoy him. He sends Won Il to get a pen. Later, Panda spots Won Il and tells herself about her plan. Seung Ji gives Won Il a cupcake but he refuses. Seung Ji lectures him about how a true baker sometimes has to work through the night and it reminds Won Il that his father used to do that, too. Seung Ji makes the whole situation interesting by accusing Won Il for stealing his cake. Then, he starts shouting for Panda that Won Il is beating him up. Panda comes in and reminds them that they have to be nice to each other. She also warns them that she might find someone else if they continue to fight. Upon hearing that, they become friendly buddies. She goes out and laughs to herself that they are doing what she asked even though she didn’t really mean it. But, she doesn’t know who she should go out with.

The DC comes to see the finished product in the morning. He looks at the cakes and cupcakes until he gives his answer. Won Il nervously watching to see how Seung Ji reacts. DC says that he loves it. Won Il pats Seung Ji at the back of the head and Seung Ji playfully hit him. Won Il receives a call from Glasses and goes outside. He is told that his stepfather stole another macaroon design again.

Point of View

Nice bromance between Seung Ji and Won Il. Although Panda intentions is go get them be friends by fighting over her, but I just hate the fact that Panda plays around with their feelings.

Seung Ji starts to develop his feelings of liking a girl. He’s a person who does not express his feelings well. On the other hand, you have Won Il who gets straight to the point. He tries to get Panda’s attention but she doesn’t seem to understand him. So, it’s confusion in expressing love with one another.

I feel sorry for Won Yi who is in a tough situation on who should she support for. She admires both of them as her idols but which one to choose. She is a perfect and funny sister and friend whom we love her so much. She always tries to help her brother such as dating advice while she tries to make Seung Ji happy. That’s some special ingredient to this drama.

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