Panda and Hedgehog Episode 8 Review

Episode Recap

Won Il informs Seung Ji about the macaroon stealing but he doesn’t care. Panda comes out and tells them DC has ordered four dozens of cupcakes by 4pm to give to his friends who can’t come. Seung Ji asks his assistant, Won Il, to help him out.

Won Il is still upset about the stealing and Panda tells him to go help Seung Ji since he’s in a competition. She tells herself that they may be able to pay off their debts if business keeps up. Won Il tells Seung Ji that they need to confront his stepfather the whole situation but Seung Ji reminds him that they can’t reject the order. He calmly continues to prepare making cupcakes. Won Il keeps asking him but Seung Ji says that there’s nothing they can do right now and he vows that he’ll win over his stepfather. DC overhears the whole conversation. Won Il insists that this is not a fair competition with his stepfather. Seung Ji answers that he may not have much but he knows what is like to lose everything. He won’t fight back until he’s ready to risk losing all. Won Il suggests that they should cancel the order but Seung Ji says that he can’t neglect each customer’s needs.

Won Il goes to have a talk with the Writer and Seung Ji continues to make the order. After Won Il leaves, Seung Ji says that he has to stay calm because Won Il still works at Saint Honore and he can’t take action until he finds a way to protect him. Seung Ji is distracted and decids to say his mantra in front of the mirror. Won Il meets with the Writer. The Writer asks if he comes as the president of Saint Honore or as Seung Ji’s friend. Won Il answers that he comes as a friend. He asks why they used Saint Honore’s product when the product from Cafe Panda was better. We find out that his stepfather’s friend is the president of the cosmetics company. Thus, he does his hidden actions to keep Seung Ji’s macaroons out from the ad. Also, they used the Writer. In addition to that, Seung Ji doesn’t have any power or influence to fight back at the moment. So, he has to wait for a better opportunity. Won Il is upset that he starts to say the mantra which is the same as Seung Ji’s.

Won Il returns to Café Panda and find Panda and Won Yi staring through the windows at Seung Ji. Da Na explains that they been admiring Seung Ji’s work. Won Il walks in to hear Panda sighing over Seung Ji’s pretty face and asks Won Yi if she should go in and bite it. Won Yi asks where she would bite. Won Il is sad to hear them saying. They turn around and jump when they see him behind him. Won Il joins in to help Seung Ji. Panda continues to admire both guys as they are handsome. Won Yi likes to have both credit card and debit card full. Panda has no idea what she feels. Won Yi points out that these guys will let her know soon enough. Panda says that she must have saved a country twice in her past life.

While packing up the latest batch of macaroons, Won Yi says that seeing them makes his brother want to leave Saint Honore and become the owner of Café Panda. Seung Ji says that seeing him makes him want to leave Café Panda and work at Saint Honore. Although he’s joking, Won Il wants to give it a shot.

DC’s girlfriend arrives. Everyone comes out to greet them while Won Il and Seung Ji are in position. Once the girlfriend step out of the van, the boys stare at her which makes Panda jealous. She reminds them about the competition but they ignore her and push away. She tells them they’re dead and drags them to Seung Ji’s room where they stay put.

Won Yi runs downstairs to tell them that the customers want the guys to come up. They run upstairs and are introduced to the girlfriend, Mina. Upon hearing her name, they immediately know that she’s from Japan. Won Il introduces himself in Japanese and Mina response in Korean. DC says that she’s a famous actress in Japan. Won Yi recognizes her from one of the film she was featured in. DC asks if they took the trouble to fulfil his orders but Seung Ji points out that it’s not a problem. Won Il elbows him to stop his babbling. Panda asks if Mina likes the desserts. If not, she can send the guys back into the kitchen to make a new one. Mina says that she was given a great gift.

At night, the guys saw the annoying baker doing power-walks behind them. They still admire how pretty Mina is. Host Club how they going to do since Panda kicked and heard that both of them lose in Round 1. They decide that they’ll be kicked out right after they need to see Mina one last time. Beom Bo and Host Club agree that they need to see her. On the way back, Won Il stays quiet and the guys chant for Mina to cheer him up.

The annoying baker returns to the place where he parked the van and finds that it’s going. He wonders if it rolled away, and then he realizes that someone took it away.

Four guys are standing in line while Panda walks in front of them with an angry face. Seung Ji points out that they have brought the van back so she needs to take easy on them. She yells back that it’s not the van. Beom Bo points out that he and Host Club are not part of this competition so why should they be punished. She realizes it and lets them go. She scolds Won Il and Seung Ji and tells them to get back to work. She adds that she won’t look at the as men anymore. The guys go outside. Seung Ji tells Won Il that he won the first round since he did hotwired the car.

Won Il asks Seung Ji who he really is and he replies that he’s the worst man he can think of. Won Il says that he’s also the worst kind of man which makes Seung Ji surprised and ask why Won Il is saying that. He asks if they should work together to get Panda’s attention. Seung Ji says that if Mina would take him over her current boyfriend then that’s impossible. So, they agree to battle in Round 1. Panda enters and asks if the two of them are dating. If they are, they should get married. Seung Ji says things will be difficult from tomorrow onwards. Won Il asks if he’ll miss him if he stopped coming. Seung ji suggests they should go out together and grabs his arm. Won Il fraks out and pull away but Seung Ji happily grabs him along. As he leaves, Seung Ji yells out that he’ll see him tomorrow.

Won Il’s stepfather is in a photoshoot featuring the new macaroons. He says it should’t be just him and everyone wonders what he means. The little spy points out that he’s a special person who should be thanked gratefully. Then, Won Il’s stepfather suggests that they should find a cosmetics model in the photos. Won Il’s mother agree to it and decides that the model should be the perfect daughter-in-law. Eun Bi grumbles to herself especially one of the patisseries. She realizes that all the girls like Won Il. She and her friend talk about his stepfather who is having an affair with the youngest female patisserie.

She decides to find out from Glasses how much Won Il knows about this. Glasses tells her that they are aware about the situation but don’t know how to deal with it. Eun Bi demands that his stepfather’s evil schemes are revealed but Glasses point out that it’ll be difficult for Won Il because he can’t hurt his beloved sister. Won Yi helps Cherry Blossom at the bakery. Glasses explain that both Won Il and Won Yi are really close even though they are not blood related. When they were little, his stepfather brought his child to the house. The two boys were really close but one day the child disappeared. Won Il balmed himself and he won’t eat cakes because it reminds him of his childhood friend. He even kept his distance from Won Yi as he worried he might betray that child. When Won Yi found out, she starts to call him hyung and became a tomboy. Meanwhile, Won Yi helps out at Café Panda while spreading happiness to her close friends.

Glasses decides to tell Eun Bi so she can understand the situation. So, she believes that she needs to be more patient and supportive for Won Il. He corrects her by saying Won Il wants to stay in Korea and work at Saint Honore because Panda is here. Eun Bi understands but asks Glasses to support her if Won Il will not be together with Panda. She says there’s no other woman who can understand and help him more than she can.

Seung Ji joins in for dinner but Panda asks Da Na why he’s eating with them since he can eat together with Mina or Won Il. Da Na orders him to sit down and Panda stays silent. She stares at him until he decides to leave while holding onto his grumbling stomach. Panda says that she can’t forgive him. Da Na grumbles as she acts like a betrayed wife who had supported the man for so long. Panda defends herself by saying that it had been only been the day before he met Mina. Da Na points out she hasn’t date either one of them. She wonders why she makes such a big deal out of it.

Seung Ji goes to his grandfather’s for food and asks for relationship advice. However, his grandfather is not there. He gets a call from the annoying baker that the van got stolen. He doesn’t know how to pay back. Instead, he gives Seung Ji relationship advice. He tells him that by being at Panda’s sight, she’ll fall for him. So, he needs to move upstairs which is the same floor as Panda. Next, the annoying baker’s phone died before they plan out. Seung Ji decides to take this advice.

Seung Ji’s grandfather and Cherry Blossom are at the police station looking at the photographs. The men are unfamiliar until they see the third one. Grandfather is upset because the man is dead yet they treat Cherry Blossom this way. She only just got out from prison and find that her husband is dead. The detective asks if they know the men from the fourth photo. That person had plastic surgeries. The detective informs them that he had committed kidnapping, assault, and murder, as well as identity theft. They believe he’s still alive and need to catch him.

Eun Bi goes to the roof and finds Won Il’s stepfather molesting one of the young employees. She immediately takes photos with her phone.

Won Il waits for Seung Ji to come back while he has to take care of a little girl who has an unusual request. Panda shares her problems about how disloyal the patisserie is. The little girl requests a cake that tastes like jajangmyun (black bean noodles). She explains that this boy told her that he like her but then he likes another girl. That girl promised him to give him a birthday cake that tastes like fried pork. So, she decides to get him back. Panda agrees to take that order but Seung Ji rejects it.

Panda brings the girl out and the girl asks if Panda is in a love triangle with Seung Ji and Won Il, who calls him an ajusshi. Won Il yells that he’s not an ajusshi, he’s an oppa. She says that he looks like a lollipop. The little girl and Panda leave. The guys come to the point that the girls are crazy. Seung Ji blames Won Il for making their job more difficult and Won Il asks if the kids are like that these days. He leaves to work and Won Il wonders if he was never a child. He also complains to himself some more about being called ahjusshi.
Customer stops by and asks Panda about Seung Ji and how he’s dealing with his disappointment. Panda doesn’t know what she’s talking about and the Customer explains that he lost the advertising bid. The guys go and eat jajangmyun. Panda comes and be nice to them. They’re surprised that she has a change of her attitude. Customer advises her not to let them become friends or it’ll be harder for her to choose who she should go out with.

At a Chinese restaurant, Seung Ji complains about a kid who likes jajangmyun over candies and chocolate. Won Il reminds him that this kid is in a better situation than they are. Two girls are trying to get the boy’s attention by giving him birthday cakes. Seung Ji decides to approach that kid and Won Il warns him not to go without him. They bicker a bit until they come to an agreement.

That night, Panda cleans up and sees Seung Ji struggling with ideas. She decides to bring him a bowl of jajangmyun to cheer him up. He wonders why she suddenly becomes so friendly. She tells him that she knows about the ad situation and tries to cheer him up by saying that the other company got the ad through connections but his macaroons are still the best.He doesn’t respond so she tells him that Mina is impressed by him. He smiles but she’s angry to see that so she storms out.

Seung Ji complains about her dating style and mood swings but it gives him an idea. The next day, Panda and her aunt sees another new batch of pastries. Her aunt says that she’s lucky to have a man but Panda sulks because he did something wrong. She brings out the favourite list and asks Panda to fill out the answers for him. She is surprised to see that Seung Ji answered wrongly. But, her aunt says that Seung Ji does well perfectly for making the pastries. She gives it a 120 mark.

Eun Bi comes to report Won Il and is surprised to find that he’s Seung Ji’s temporary assistant. Eun Bi almost tells about the theft but she manages to cover it. Panda mentions about the competition but the guys are acting like kids.

Won Il does reseach at home instead of helping Seung Ji. Seung Ji calls him to tell him to come to on the following day because they have to do the whole night in making a jajangmyun cake. Won Il agrees. We find that Won Il is looking into Seung Ji’s past including a competition he won in prison.

Panda comes down to complain to Seung Ji for being a bad friend. He tells a simple solution: date him and leave Won Il for Eun Bi. She says that he’s not showing that he likes her sooner and lets Won Il get involved. She is going to leave but he pulls her onto his lap. He suggests that they should kiss. She tells him that’s a foul since she wants to be fair for Won Il and go on a date with him. She stands up but he pulls her back down again. He says that they’ll have to kiss three times. She asks if he thinks she’s easy and he admits that he’s not easy too. They stare at each other.

Point of View

I’m really annoyed with Panda since the earlier episodes. First, she doesn’t know about love then she plays around with the guys’ feelings. Does she ever show her feelings and cares about them? All I can say is that she’s being selfish that she wants anything that makes her happy. If she keeps doing this, she’s going to lose them both. She has to listen to those people around her including her aunt and Da Na. She needs to grow up and understand the situation which she caused everyone, including me, to be so frustrated. If she continues to act like an annoying girl, I imagine myself going up to her and slap her on her face.

Let the bromance continue to be like this because I really enjoy it. I love the close relationship between the both of them. Sometimes they quarrel and sometimes they join hands. This has to keep going till the very end of this drama.

We come to a conclusion that both Seung Ji and Won Il are step-brothers. It’s a pain in the hurt that they have been struggling a lot the last time. On the other hand, Won Yi tries to make Won Il feel that she’s a close sister to him so their relationship won’t be broken. But, what happens if she finds out the truth about her step-father.

I knew that this is going to happen. Won Il’s step-father is such a creep who used to be a lying thief and a killer. His personality tells us all that he’s one mean bad guy. While the good guys try to make delicious pastries and keeps the business going, looks like they have to deal with this guy. Wouldn’t be nice to see Seung Ji and Won Il joining forces to go against his step-father?

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