Petty Romance (2010)

Director: Kim Jung Hoon
Casts: Choi Kang Hee and Lee Sun Gyun
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Running Time: 118 minutes
Certi: 18 (South Korea)

Talented cartoonist Jeong Bae (Lee Sun Gyun) is constantly turned down by the publishing companies because of his poor storylines. He joins an adult cartoon contest which offers 130 million won prize money so he can pay back to the bad guy who took a precious painting away. Da Rim (Choi Kang Hee), who wants to become a writer but gets fired by a company, joins him in this contest. While they are the perfect team, their love chemistry starts to get interesting. An adult cartoon contest is announced offering a W130 million prize.

I laughed. Yes, I laughed when Jeong Bae and Da Rim have interesting conversations especially when they talk about love and sex. I absolutely adore the love chemistry between those while they work and in a ‘friendship then become relationship’ at the same time. Along the way, it’s funny when they question themselves about their own bodies and how they make love with each other. In addition to that, we got some entertainment with animations which reflect Jeong Bae’s and Da Rim’s ideas and imaginations. Another part which I laughed is when they are having sex. Why? It’s because Da Rim relies on the women’s magazines look how that turn out. I feel sorry for Jeong Bae. Also, you can feel the awkward air between the two of them. I’m sure it sort of reflects to couples. Don’t you agree?

Then, you have the sweet and steady romance between Jeong Bae and Da Rim. At the beginning, they didn’t show their true feelings. Later, as they got closer, they start thinking about each other until their true feelings are revealed. Although they argue, in the end, they apologize and make up for their mistakes. Communication helps. I like when they go for a trip by the sea and when they work together at Jeong Bae’s place. You can feel the sense of love and company among each other. Through that, the love starts to blossom.

At the ending, I don’t really get that at all. Da Rim should have been considerate to Jeong Bae who cares about his mother and the painting which means a lot to him. Then, he tells her that he cares about her more than his mother. While they kissed, an assistant take photos of them. Who does that? Can’t she let them have their own privacy? That’s the only problem that I had about this ending.

The film is mostly focus on love, sex, and relationship. The main casts work together well in making a wonderful couple to show interesting love chemistry in this film. The animation scenes are great and I hope the popularity of Korean animations will get better. The only problem is the ending. If they could change the ending a bit, then this film would be better. Overall, I love this film which has love and laughter.

Rating: 8/10

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