Project Soul Collective at the Breakin’ Convention 2013


Photography by Paul Hamportsoumain

This weekend sees the return of the annual Breakin’ Convention at Sadler’s Wells celebrating its 10 year anniversary. The three day hip hop dance festival has always showcased the latest moves of the best hip hop dancers from around the world. This year sees a special anniversary programme celebrating the past decade of hip hop dance from around the world and the UK.

Breakin’ Convention’s 10th anniversary programme features performance highlights from past festivals alongside some of the newest hip hop dance forms seen for the first time in the UK. Over the years Breakin’ Convention has been seen by audiences in excess of 90,000 and has hosted over 480 companies from the UK and internationally.

As well offering excellent shows, convention attendees can get involved in the programme of foyer workshops and dance classes. There will also be DJ sessions, freestyle sessions and aerosol art.

Korean b-boy group Project Soul Collective also known as Project Korea return to the convention this year. They are an all-star cast and group made up of the top Korean b-boys and artists. The group was first put together in 2002 by the Cartel Creative B-Boy Agency in order to showcase to the world the incredible skills and talent of Korean b-boys. Project Soul quickly became world champions and rose to superstardom throughout the worldwide b-boying community.

Part of the mission was to give unknown talented b-boys and crews a chance to get their names out to the world. As this was accomplished, many of the members were able to take their own original crews to win world championships. They still come together when needed under the management and direction of Cartel Creative. They return this year with their gravity defying and quick-fire moves.

Check out some of their moves at previous conventions:

Project Soul collective performs on Saturday 4th May. A full line-up and tickets for the convention can also be found on the Sadler’s Wells website:

Tickets are going fast so make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to see why Korea is famous for its b-boys!

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