Punch Lady (2007)

Director: Kang Hyo Jin
Cast: Do Ji Won, Son Hyeon Ju, Park Sang Wook, and Sulli
Genre: Drama and Action
Running Time: 121 minutes

Ha Eun (Do Ji Won) is constantly hit by her husband (Park Sang Wook), a pro fighter champion, at home. After her former boyfriend passed away, she decides to challenge her husband in the fighting ring.

A film which you see a victim/loser becomes a courageous heroine. I understand that it’s all about girl power. However, 3/4 of the film is mostly focuses on Ha Eun on struggling and being scared about being hit and fighting. It’s like a little mouse has been staying in the hole for too long. No matter how hard she tried, she always belittle herself and, at times, does things that she has taken without thinking twice.

On the other hand, I do feel sorry for her because she has been through a lot since childhood: seeing her father beaten up a ‘thief’ until she gets hit by her husband. In addition to that, she can’t let her daughter being hit by her husband. So, she has no choice but to fight against him. At the same time, I feel sorry for the daughter who has become arrogant because of her parents. Thus, it is a broken family because of the husband who thinks throwing fists as anger is a way to solve problems and fulfilling his own satisfaction.

It is great to see Ha Eun going through hard times in giving her husband some good punches and kicks as ‘thank you’ gifts. However, I hate the fact that most part of the film shows that Ha Eun is a total loser who can’t actually fight properly. Then, towards the beginning, she becomes a courageous woman instantly. That is a bit too much, don’t you think?

Rating: 6/10

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