Q&A with director Yang Ik-june

Date: 07-11-2009, 20:00:00
Venue: Manchester Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 5NH, UK
Web: www.cornerhouse.org

Unlike other directors, YANG did not study at a film school nor was active as assistant director for a number of years. Rather, he first got started in the field as an accomplished actor and learn the tools of the trade and gained experience on location. In 2005 his first short film ‘Always Behind You’ earned him the audience award at Seoul Independent Short Film Festival as well as numerous domestic film festivals, and earned him wide attention as a director. Thereafter he completed two more short films and having endured hardship trying to produce his debut independent feature, was selected for Pusan International Film Festival’s Asia Cinema Fund, thus giving him indispensable post-production support. This film had world premier at 2008 Pusan International Film Festival.

“YANG Ik-june’s Breathless closely follows the characters’ emotions with careful observation and filled with energy just as the indie legend John Cassavetes has done. The film has the power to make the audience gaze at the character’s furious face.”
LEE Sang-yong, Pusan Int’l Film Festival programmer 

“The film’s final moment seamlessly blends an ending that is filled with hope and joy, and shockingly tragic and despair.”
HUR Nam-woong, Film 2.0

“Breathless doesn’t put eyes on the realities of the characters but on our presences and wills to change them.”
HUR Ji-woong, Premiere

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