Restaurant Tour 10: MIGA Korean Restaurant in London

Goodge Street in London is awash with eateries. So it goes without saying that at some stage I would eat at one of them.

MIGA-BBQ, Bar & Oriental Fusion restaurant

29 Goodge Street, London W1T 2PP
Tel No: 020 7636 7688
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 1200 hours to 2300 hour Sunday 1800 hours to 2300 hours (Booking is advisable)

Goodge Street tube Station (Northern Line) is literally two minutes walk away. The owner and chef is Mr. KO who has many years experience in the preparation of Korean cuisine. His English and that of his staff are of a good standard. First impressions can be quite misleading. It is a no frills restaurant that can accommodate forty six diners. There are wooden tables and wooden chairs in the restaurant on the ground floor with Karaoke facilities at a lower level. The décor is quite stark but the premises are due for a makeover in the not too distant future. The patrons are mainly students (from the nearby UCL), office workers and tourists. The dishes on the menu are all described in English and Korean. The following dishes were placed in front of us:

* Seasoned Barbecued Sirloin steak served with salad—-tender and succulent and without doubt one of the best steaks I’ve had for a long time.
* Salmon with a different salad—-well seasoned and not overcooked and dry
* Beef Rib and cabbage soup—-full of flavour
* A different type of Rib soup—-meat well cooked
* Soup containing bean curd, mung beans and intestines—-popular with a lot of diners but not to my taste
* Green Tea ice cream—-definitely to my taste

I felt that the culinary skills of Mr. KO surpassed the area in which the restaurant was located. Furthermore, I have no doubt with the décor change combined with the quality of the food this eatery will be even busier than it is at the moment.

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