Restaurant Tour 3: New Seoul Korean Restaurant

Having been recommended to me there I was on Monday the 13th October 2008 looking at the frontage of a restaurant which reminded me of a café type venue selling breakfasts, lunches etc. So in I went feeling a bit dubious about the whole thing as I enjoy a good meal but not anything that is uninspiring or boring.

It is called “NEW SEOUL KOREAN RESTAURANT” at 164 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 5DU

Telephone number: 020 7278 8674
Monday –Friday 12 Noon to 3 PM 6 PM to 1030 PM
Saturday 6 PM to 1030 PM
Sunday Closed

Buses 55 and 243 stop almost outside and it is walking distance from Chancery Lane and Farringdon Street tube stations.

The lights were just low enough with gold/yellow lampshades creating a welcoming atmosphere. It was really quite cosy. The table was set. I was hungry and the food began to arrive.

Three traditional side dishes appeared on a plate.
Shikumchinamul-Spinach Korean style
Cheanamul -Sweet & Sour Radish
Sookjunamul- Bean Sprouts Korean style

Another traditional side dish followed.
Kimchi -Traditional Korean pickled cabbage-a particular favourite of mine

Main dishes then made their appearance.

Muk-which is chestnut starch, white in colour, with the consistency of a firm jelly-quite bland but it accentuates the flavours of other dishes.

Pajeon-crispy spring onion pancake
Goonmandoo-Fried pork dumplings
Deep fried chicken in sweet garlic sauce
Tempura-vegetables and prawns fried in batter
Fresh baby octopus, pork and vegetables in chilli sauce
Crispy chicken balls in sweet and spicy sauce
Egg fried rice

Now having described both the side and main dishes let me tell you the ones I enjoyed the most.
Kimchi and Pajeon are musts for me in any Korean restaurant and I wasn’t disappointed with either of them.
The flavours of the crispy chicken balls and the Goonmandoo were rather nice. 

The fresh baby octopus, pork and vegetables were most enjoyable.

Last but not least accompanying the coffee was Nokcha –Green tea ice cream which is made on the premises. This was without doubt my absolute favourite- deliciously creamy with a wonderful flavour. It’s worth coming to the “New Seoul” for the ice cream alone.

I was very surprised to discover that the clientele is almost completely made up of non Koreans. In fact, there were Japanese, European, New Zealanders and British diners present during my meal. It would appear that this restaurant has captured the imagination of people in the area who enjoy Korean cuisine not only at lunchtime but also during the evenings.

I felt the quality of the food, the prices and the pleasant atmosphere all played their parts to make this an enjoyable dining experience.

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