Running Turtle (2009)

Director: Lee Yeon Woo
Casts: Kim Yun Seok, Jeong Kyeong Ho, Sun Woo Sun, Kyeon Mi Ri, and Shin Jeong Keun
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 117 minutes
Certi: 15

Jo Pil Seong (Kim Yun Seok) is a detective in countryside of Yeosna, Chungnam. One day, Song Gi Tae (Jeong Kyeong Ho) escaped from prison and arrived at the small town. Gi Tae steals Pil Seong’s honour, reputation, and self-respect. Pil Seong vows to catch Gi Tae and send him back to prison.

After I watched the trailer, I thought that it’s going to be a thriller film. Then, when I watched it, it turns out to be a mixed of comedy and mystery. I would give a two side of a coin for this one. On the one hand, I laughed and face palmed on the comedic elements in this film. I even say OMG quietly on those scenes. Pil Seong keeps determining himself to catch Gi Tae but, sometimes, he end up doing something silly especially when his comrades get in his way. I do feel sorry for Pil Seong because he has to live up to his name and not to worry his family but the things he does make me laugh. His comrades are too hilarious (eg. from disguising themselves and chasing down Gi Tae). They’re like icing on the cake. I am impressed on how Director Lee makes things funny while Pil Seong solves the clues which lead to get Gi Tae. In addition to that, I like his daughter. The things which she says about money to Pil Seong are so funny that I give thumbs up to that. Love her too bits. I’m sure Pil Seong is embarrassed by that but he’s thankful to have a great daughter.

On the other hand, when thinking about the sense of reality, the things they did are a bit ridiculous. Yes, they are funny but sometimes I wonder ‘why on earth are they doing this when they are supposed to especially when they are chasing Gi Tae’. Gi Tae is way smarter than them and I’m sure I’m with him in terms of their lack of common sense. As for the girl, what was she thinking? She was told that Gi Tae has bad records and she still has to follow him. She has feelings for him but still I don’t know what she is thinking.

Although laughter in this film make us enjoy watching it, but I think they put way too much in it that, again, the face palming moments and sighing at times while watching it. A great mix of comedy and mystery but it’s out of balance.

Rating: 7/10

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