Sa-Kwa (2005)

Director: Kang Yi Kwan
Casts: Lee Sun Kyun, Moon So Ri, and Kim Tae Woo
Genre: Drama and Romance
Running Time: 118 minutes

Hyeon Jeong (Moon So Ri) got dumped by Min Seok (Lee Sun Kyun), her boyfriend of seven years. Desperate for love, she decides to find another man and get married as soon as possible. She met Sang Hoon (Kim Tae Woo), whom she is attracted to his shy personality. She develops her feelings for him until she decides to marry him. After a few years, Min Seok regrets for what he has done and wants to get back together with her.

Two things that I feel about Hyeon Jeong: (1) I feel sorry for her for what she has gone through: from her own desperation for love and family pressure but (2) she shouldn’t have move forward too fast when it comes to love. She somehow represents how people have to gone through in their daily lives especially when it comes to love, marriage and family. She wants to make herself and others happy but it’s out of balance that she can’t fulfil everyone’s happy including herself. Her husband, Sang Hoon, cares only about his work and doesn’t care about Hyeon Jeong’s situation. Min Seok shouldn’t have broken up with her since the very beginning. Then, everything will be smooth sailing and Hyeon Jeong. Yet, it is also part of Hyeon Jeong’s fault because she is just being too stingy to fulfil her love and sexual desires. Hyeon Jeong is seriously having a complicated desperate for love and happiness.

Like my previous articles about films that featured Moon So Ri, as I always said, I started to explore various characters that she acted in. In this film, she portrays various personalities within one character: from “girl-next-door” to “mature married woman who wants love and happiness”. For me, she does make me smile, laugh, and cry with her. Probably because of how she fully execute characters that we are able to connect well. I wonder what I will see more of her from the final two films during “The Year of 4 Actors”. Looking forward to seeing those films.

All it takes to enjoy this film is to connect with the story and characters including Hyeon Jeong. It reflects how some people are going through to this kind of story concept. Most importantly, like me, you’ll be amazed how Moon So Ri will catch your attention with her beauty and personality.

Rating: 7/10

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