Saya Irie “Every popular thing is beautiful “


It was indeed Andy Warhol who said that “Everything is beautiful. Pop is everything.” However, in market economy, the more popular it is, the more demand there is, and ultimately the more expensive it will be. Historical figures, have been depicted as portraits, and for the purpose of increasing trust and value for currency, they have been selected for the design of paper money and printed on paper money to finally become a part of “beauty”. Saya Irie reversed this process by attempting to make portraits which are a symbol of beauty back to its three-dimensional form. It may be possible that the elaborately completed works value more than the original bills as art works.

Date: 25 July – 10 Augst 2013
Venue: ICN gallery, 96-98 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH
Admission: £5
Tel: 020 7729 7977
Organiser: ICN gallery

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