share your music in style First ever WALKMAN® Video MP3 player with built-in stereo speakers by Sony

Don’t keep your favourite tunes to yourself. Share them in rich, stereo sound with the slim, stylish new WALKMAN® S540 series from Sony that comes in a choice of four contemporary colours (Black, Pink, Violet and Red).
The perfect choice for anyone who loves sharing their music, it’s the first everWALKMAN® video MP3 player that includes two high-quality integrated stereospeakers. Just 10.2mm thin, the compact new WALKMAN® still manages to find room fortwo high-quality stereo speakers guarded by a tough, stylish aluminium speakergrille. Whatever your listening preference, the slimline Digital Linear PhaseSpeaker System delivers satisfying, sound with solid bass and crystal clear highs. Listening on speakers is enhanced by Digital Linear Phase Speaker Systemtechnologies unique to Sony. Linear Phase Correction assures smooth, naturalfrequency responses. Virtual Bass enhances harmonic signals to reinforce thesensation of deep low-end frequencies. If you want to keep your music private, listening on supplied headphones isenhanced with unique Clear Audio technologies from Sony for a dynamic, detailpackedsoundstage. Clear Stereo reduces leakage between left and rightchannels, while Clear Bass delivers powerful, controlled low-end frequencieswithout distortion. There’s a 5-band equaliser to fine-tune your listening enjoyment. In addition, aDynamic Normalizer balances volume levels between songs ensures a smooth,comfortable listening experience.The player’s front panel is dominated by a big, bright 2.4” LCD screen. Offeringhigh resolution plus superb contrast for detail-packed images, the screen is greatfor enjoying podcasts, downloads from online movie stores and video clips fromsharing sites, where compatible. The screen’s quick response time allowssmooth, clear video playback at up to 30 frames per second.Flip the player on its side and enjoy videos in landscape format, complete with arich soundtrack from the in-built speakers. There’s even a handy stand accessorysupplied for comfortable ‘hands-free’ table-top viewing.

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