Shoji Hano : two day residency

Regular Brötzmann and Keiji Haino collaborator, Shoji Hano returns to Cafe OTO for a two day residency. One of Japan’s leading free players, Hano’s playing is both virtuosic but also idiosyncratic, displaying his roots in Taiko drumming and mixing polyrhythmic complexity with incredible strength and speed. He was also a member of legendary psych rock band High Rise alongside Munehiro Narita and Asahito Nanjo, touring the US and Europe in the late 90s.

Date: 12 & 13 April 2011, 8pm
Venue: Cafe OTO, 18-22 Ashwin Street,London E8 3DL
Tel: 020 7923 1231
Organiser: Cafe OTO

Shoji Hano started playing avant-garde jazz with the late pianist Yoshito Osawa in 1975. Around that time Hano met trumpeter Toshinori Kondo, who introduced him to the martial art Shintaido. Since that time, the philosophical concepts of Shintaido have influenced Hano’s music.

Hano has also played with such Japanese musicians as the late alto sax player Kaoru Abe, sax player Mototeru Takagi, and trombonist Masahiko Kono; and leading European and American musicians like guitarists Henry Kaiser, Eugene Chadbourne and Hans Reichel, reed players Peter Brötzmann, Dror Feiler and Hans Koch, cellist Tristan Honzingar, trombonist Johannes Bauer and bassist William Parker.

“Hano’s methodical and hyper-articulate drumming, inspired by the moving meditation practice Shintaido and relying heavily on floor toms and cymbals, paces and frames the sharp animal intelligence of Brötzmann’s soloing with a preternatural calm… Together they offer a key lesson about improvisation: it isn’t about doing the unique and unexpected all the time; its about creating the feeling that, at any moment, one could do them. The said and unsaid become equal and the silence rings as loud as the fury.” The WIRE (on ‘Funny Rat/s 3’)


£8 adv / £10 on the door (day ticket) / £14 two day pass


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