Shut up and Listen to the sounds of the Rocktigers

Some albums have a way of affecting you long after you’ve finished listening. In today’s fast paced music industry which sees duplication and an over reliance on creating that ‘perfect’ single that is marketable and will guarantee high chart status its nice to see that real music is still being made.

In the Korean music industry with the big guys of K-pops dominating it’s always great when artists express themselves through their music and style.

The RockTigers are not your average band, creating music that stands out from the crowd but that also goes back to the good old days of rock and roll.

Their latest album ‘Shut up and Deal’ is not only a well measured and presented album but acts as a reminder of the eclectic music that can be found in Korea.

We featured the album earlier this year and it certainly lived up to expectations. It is loud and proud cementing their awesome status.

What can you expect from this album?

Rock and lots of it.

The album has killer openings with the songs ‘Haunted’ and ‘Last Plane to Memphis’ which set the scene to what the listener can expect from the rest of the album.

With strong guitar riffs, rhythmical beats and Velvet Geena’s strong and edgy vocals throughout the album you are brought into the world of rockabilly. You just can’t help but swing your hips and practise your air guitar.

Although the album is mostly in Korean there are few English singles. But this doesn’t hamper enjoyment of the music. We all know that music is international and knows no boundaries to create connections.

Some other stand out songs include ‘Red Hot’, ‘Electric Travel’ and ‘Hungry for Rock ‘N’ Roll’.

Their first single of the album ‘Come Back’ which was detailed and reviewed here provides the perfect change from the heavier rock sounds. With an almost country sound the song is perfect to sing along to. Don’t worry international fans there is an English version of the song at the end so that we can all join in.

What else is there to say about the album? It is simply awesome and is the perfect representation of just who the Rocktigers are.

If you like your music rocky with swing style beats, then this album is definitely for you.

You can purchase through ITunes or through the RockTigers website.

For readers in Korea the group are undertaking a ‘Shut Up and Deal’ tour throughout the country. To find out more click on their Facebook page.

Many thanks to Geena and her band of rockers for providing us with even more awesome music.

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