“SILKS” composition of poetry

Date: 26 August – 5 September 2011, 11am – 6pm (except 30 August and 5 September when the gallery will close at 3pm)
Venue: The Crypt Gallery of St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BA
Tel: +81 03 5957 7700
Email: acinfo@artcommunication.jp
Web: http://www.artcommunication.jp
Organiser: Art Communication Co., Ltd
Admission: Free

This exhibition makes use of silk to visually and artistically introduce the wide variety of Modern Japanese art forms. In the world of literature, short prose and poetry (Tanka, Haiku, etc) are the subject of much discussion. Here illustrators and picture book artists have created images based on these forms of poetry, which have then been turned into scarves, making the most of the wonderful feel of silk. The total number of scarves, each measuring 80cm by 80cm, exceeds 200 items for both the early and later exhibitions. These fresh new designs stand out brilliantly in the serene atmosphere of the old Crypt Gallery.
We have high expectations for this totally unprecedented exhibition featuring scarves that are themselves works of art. We hope to convey to the English people the lost beauty, and indeed the very heart of Japan. With the introduction of Haiku provided by the British Haiku Society we are certain we will achieve a Japanese/British cultural exchange with an unprecedented level of quality.

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