Sleepless Night (2012)

Director: Jang Kun Jae
Casts: Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Joo Ryeong
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 65 minutes
Certi: 18

The two year married couple hesitates to have a baby. Money comes in their way. They are rushed by others as they are pressured to keep the love and marriage steady. This reflects how the married couple has gone through.

The story is clear and simple with meaningful messages. The married couple wants everything to be perfect: being together, do things together, and supporting each other through their ups and downs in life. Then, a topic about having children jumps in between them. The pressure from their in-laws to have children is stressing the couple which it reflects how families have to go through because of their parents. To enjoy watching this film is to get in connection with the conversation between the two lovebirds and seeing how they’ve gone through their daily lives. That is the way to appreciate how married couples have been having pains and smiles.

I was quite curious about the bicycle. Metaphorically speaking, in my point of view, it reflects that if one thing is missing but then it’ll come back again. I think even when the married couple argue, they will always stay put and be happy for each other. What do you guys think?

This film just last for an hour but it has meaningful messages. To be honest, low budget films tend to have good quality of storyline and casts. This is a good example that this film is produced in a low budget while giving the audience a sense of connection about the current situation for married couples. Worth watching this for an hour.

Rating: 8/10

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