When a soldier (Oh Hee-joon) tragically commits suicide, news spreads like wildfire online in Korea, generating not only messages of condolence but also repugnant comments from a young woman, (Ha Yoon-kyung), with a seeming axe to grind. In spite of an outcry against her statements, the woman continues her vitriolic outbursts and before long she is identified and her address made public on social media. Deciding to take the woman to task in person, on film for all to see, several deeply disgruntled individuals attend her home but on entering the house they find her dead, hanging from the ceiling. Two of the men, police-tech students Ji-woong (Byun Yohan) and Yong-min (Lee Ju-seong) suspect foul play and begin an investigation into her death. However, even they are not prepared for the shockingly disturbing discoveries they are about to unearth. Citing the increasing issues of suicide and cyberbullying, is a surprising yet utterly topical critique of society.

By Paul Quinn

Film info
2014. Directed by Hong Seok-jae, starring Byun Yohan, Lee Ju-seung, Ha Yoon-kyung, Ryu Jun-yeol, 100 mins.

Odeon Panton Street, 07 Nov 15 2:00 pm

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