Spring, Snow (2012)

Director: Kim Tae Gyoon
Casts: Yoon Suk Hwa, Im Ji Kyu, Lee Kyeong Yeong, Kim Young Ok, and Shim Yi Young
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 109 minutes
Certi: 15

Soon Ok (Yoon Suk Hwa) is a hardworking mother who takes care of her family. Her husband can’t do anything if she’s not around. Her son cares for her while her daughter is busy with work. Soon Ok’s mother sings their favourite song “Spring Days Passing”. Suddenly, Soon Ok is diagnosed with cancer and must prepare her farewell. Her family members learn how to love their loved ones and life through separation.

This is the very first film that I cried from the middle to the very end. I keep wiping my tears with so many tissue papers. I thought about my mother and grandmothers who have been working so hard for the family and me. While watching that, I feel so thankful for all the mothers that I know who has been caring for me when I’m going through the ups and downs. It clicks on the right sense of my emotions. Besides that, this film shows what is important of being one big happy and supporting family. When Soon Ok is going through cancer, the family supports her through the very end.

The storyline is smooth while having a clear message. Again, another great film with low budget and great casts including Yoon Suk Hwa. It reflects the importance of motherhood and family. I advise you to prepare a few boxes of tissue papers because it’ll move you to tears like me.

Rating: 9/10

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