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Korean style and designers have been steadily gaining international attention. With a crowded fashion scene it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. Asian style has been profiled by fashion bloggers and writers for its ability to ahead of the curve. Furthermore Asian designers are known for their collections that challenge and step away from the familiar. Some labels catch your eye for their intelligent and beautiful use of fabric. Something that Korean label Cres E Dim does perfectly.

The label was started by Kim Hongbum who was a winner of the DOOTA Designer Venture Competition in 2007 and a former contestant on Project Runway Korea. The designer was born in in Seoul and graduated with a degree in fashion design from Sae-Jang University. Before the label was launched, he co-launched the brand ‘Buttonberry Stitch’ at Hongik University.

Cres E Dim was launched in 2009 and immediately gained attention. The label was selected for the ‘Generation Next’ selection at Seoul Fashion Week. Following a highly impressive reception in March 2010, the designer decided to carry out a full fashion career.

The philosophy of the label relates to the dynamics of music. In music the term ‘crescendo e diminuendo’ relates to the music getting louder and gradually quieter. This has been applied into the clothing. The focus is to “make it look like a natural river with shaped lines and colours.” In addition there is a way of creating a variety of continuous silhouettes of fabric which overlap the human body. In essence, breathing life into the clothes.

What makes this label so special?

The quality and slick appeal that it represents. The clothes are colourful with a strong emphasis on creating a beautiful shape around the body. The lines of the body are accentuated with the slick silhouettes of the collection.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection was inspired by extreme weather. Combining hurricanes, thunderstorms and rugged places on earth into print.

Look 3

Look 8

Look 11

Look 26

This is a solid collection with strong lines and the perfect unity between colour and design creating a polished finish.

The label recently showed its Fall/Winter collection at New York Fashion Week as part of ‘Concept Korea’. Concept Korea was setup in 2009 by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to introduce Korea’s fashion culture to the world and to also support designers trying to make it into global markets. The focus of the event this year was a fashion show which ran on the theme of the ‘Rhythm of Korea’. Cres E Dim’s catwalk show can be seen in the video below:

The collection was inspired by Japanese artist and designer Tokashin Yoshida who utilises technology and natural elements. This added a sense of mystery to the collection. Helmut Newman’s work also gave the graphical lines of the collection.
This collection is measured with strong shapes and rigid lines. Although the colours are dark, they are strong complimenting the strong shape of the clothes.

The label is well known in Korea, currently being stocked at the ALAND store and in other trendy concept stores. It is being stocked at DOOTA department store in Dongdaemun. The label has also begun to spread outside of Asia to other parts of the world such as Paris, New York and Denmark.

filmed by Korean photographer Inki Kang

The clothes are assured, measured and stunning. They are confident but still provoke a sense of delicateness with the use of extra fabric. Although the label is fairly new the strength of its current collections will definitely ensure it becomes not only a household name in Korea but also a source of inspiration for other designers around the world.

To find more about the label visit the website: or you can connect with them via their Facebook page .

Sources: FashionTV and Cres E Dim and Inki Kang.

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