Sun, Moon and Tree: Chang Sook Lee and Soyeop Kim Ceramic Exhibition

The exhibition of “Sun, Moon and Tree” of ceramists Chang Sook Lee and Soyeop Kim will take place from 8th of March to 7th of April at Mokspace, London.
Chang Sook Lee

Chang Sook Lee began practicing her work in the 80’s and since then her work has been valued for its natural motif and practical design. Her works are also recognized as an outstanding example of high quality craft shown through many exhibitions and sales throughout the world, including USA, Canada, Japan, and South Korea.
The artist is fascinated with the material world of soil and especially its diverse connotations of life. It is pervasive but in each place it is unique. As we are born of soil, we too reflect its properties.
Chang Sook’s work communicates an anxiety of tomorrow’s experience during the night and the relief morning brings.
This expression of fear of death and relief of living is due to her rare disease she’s currently going through.
Her personal background led her to think about the meaning of life, which is represented in “the moon” for the wishes and “the sun” for the new hope. Expanded from her long-sought subject “nature”, the sun and the moon signify the hopeful message of life and living.

Soyeop says that “(if) the soil is the origin of the earth, the trees are like the life-road towards the sky above”.
She finds holiness and peace in trees in nature and believes them to be universal subject in all things. Over and above, the Korean belief in tree god, the artist repeatedly explores a motif of the “tree” by carefully altering the texture of soil into tree bark. In this show, Soyeop attempts to exhibit the life of calmness through “deep breath” just as a tree offers us an example of calm living in the middle of hectic life.

Exhibition Date: 8th March – 7th April
Venue: MOKSPACE, 33 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH

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