Talk: Speaking the Same Language – International Collaboration and Co-production in Performing Arts


With the increasing number of opportunities available, performing arts professionals have noted the benefits of international collaboration, and this has resulted in a growing number of projects being co-produced, even between the U.K. and Japan. Attributed to many factors, including arguably improved communication technology and the increased pace of globalisation, this established practice is not just about touring a one-off project; through combined efforts by producers and artists, multicultural understanding and artistic development is used to create new works that overcome barriers between nations, languages and companies. But what is the reality of international collaboration/co-production and why has there been a surge of the practice in recent years?

With over 40 years of experience as a producer for contemporary performing arts, Hiroshi Takahagi, Vice Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in Japan, will explore issues involved in international collaboration/co-production, in particular works linked with Japan. Illustrating some past examples, Takahagi will also explain the different modes and mechanisms of creating a joint work, and expand on the rewards and challenges of these international activities, as well as what the future holds.

Date: 7 October 2014 from 6.30pm
Venue: Japan Foundation, London

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