On Friday the 9th of July 2010 and the following day-Saturday the 10th- TASTE THE EAST LONDON FESTIVAL 2010 took place at Potters Fields Park in London with the dramatic back drop of Tower Bridge’

Both days were gloriously sunny with temperatures reaching 30 degrees. Countless numbers of people, including tourists, promenaded and enjoyed the sunshine.

Numerous restaurants were represented at this Festival selling an assortment of delicious Korean and Japanese food and drinks-with of course, free tasting.

The various dishes included Korean pancakes (made with spring onions and seafood), Bulgogi (beef), noodles (with assorted sliced vegetables), chicken with onion and peppers on skewers, fried pork, fried chicken and curries with rice. Each restaurant contributing to the different tastes, smells and textures of the meals.

Japanese ice creams in different flavours (in tubs to be eaten with a spoon, a round shape(more solid to be picked up with one’s fingers) and Green Tea lattes proved popular.

Other organisations (JNTO, JETRO, FINNAIR, Korea Tourism Organization, LE CORDON BLEU, Japan Foundation, Embassy of Japan in the UK, Eco Party Mearry, Institute of Traditional Korean Food, Atsuko’s Kitchen, Mizkan, Kikkoman, The Hanin Herald, Hollym Publication, A concept, Perfect Employment, The East Business Newspaper and Food Magazine) were present, including Maum Medication which offered fresh fruit salads and meditative advice.

Not only was there food to purchase but there were three separate cookery demonstrations on both days which attracted appreciative audiences.

(Click here to watch the YTN Report)

Different cooking methods for thick juicy steaks, fillets of pork, salmon, and chicken were transformed into mouthwatering dishes by two Japanese ladies (Atsuko, Utako Tanner) on both these days.

The third chef was Korean (Hokeon Kwak who had trained at LE CORDON BLEU in London) and displayed his skills , also on both the days, with dishes of beef and tofu.

Audiences on the Friday and Saturday were shown how to prepare remarkable meals and had the added pleasure of tasting them. To say their comments were favourable would be an understatement.

Unique hand crafted jewellery and accessories, together with an array of books and literature about Korea and Japan were available.

The entertainment provided highlighted vividly the range of artistic and Martial Arts talents on display.

A rather sombre display of Japanese Martial Arts were conducted in almost complete silence with members using their swords in menacing and stylised movements,

In contrast, was the “Wearing of the Kimono” demonstration assisted by a volunteer.

Four traditional Japanese dances were performed by dancers of varying ages, showing the skill required for the intricate movements, in perfect interpretation of the music.

The playing of different instruments showed the dexterity and musicality of the respective performers.

A “Daegum” or Korean flute was played hauntingly.

A “Kayagum”-a long stringed Korean instrument, placed horizontely on a stand was plucked skillfully (both modern and traditional tunes) by a musician in her Korean dress (Hanbok). She was joined by a guitarist for two pieces-including one of his own compositions.

A Japanese guitarist then played pieces at various tempos-his fingers seeming to fly over the strings during the fastest choice.

The highlight of the musical demonstrations over the two days of the Festival was on Saturday the 10th when remarkable explosive Japanese drumming skills and accompanying dancing combined.

A third impromptu performance by the drummers was added to the two scheduled ones due to the audience’s encore request.

Good Summer weather, appreciative audiences, skillful performers and good food all contributed to the success of the TASTE THE EAST LONDON FESTIVAL 2010.

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