The 7th Asiana International Short Film Festival Opens

The seventh ‘Asiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF) kicked off its six-day run on November 5th, 7pm at CineCube located in Gwangwhamoon downtown Seoul. 

The opening event was hosted by actor Joong-Hoon Park and attracted an array of Korean celebrities such as Sung-Khee, Ahn (Executive Committeeman/Actor), Son-Sook (Chairman of the Board of Directors/Actress), Jee-Eun, Kim (Jury/Director), Ye-Jin Son (Jury/Actress), Hey-sun Ku (Trailer Director/Actress) and others. Director Cecile Vernant’s ‘WU’, and director Santiago Bou Grasso’s ‘The Employment’ were the opening movies for this day

The 7th Asiana International Short Film Festival will run from the 5th of November until the 10th. A total of 2,027 short films from 82 countries have been submitted making this year’s event the largest short film festival. Every year, the Asiana International Short Film Festival receives more recognition and the competition becomes intense.

The Asiana International Short Film Festival is the first ever cabin film festival which is becoming substantiality successful and reliable international film festival. The film festival provides support towards preproduction for talented young film makers, and shows the selected short films inside the cabins popularizing short films to the public. The film festival supports talented young film makers’ preproduction costs, and popularizes the short films by showing them in the cabin. Overall, the AISFF is aiding the development of the movie industry.

During this year’s Asiana International Short Film Festival, a tribute will be made to classical short films. World renowned directors such as Jean-Luc Godard’s 1957 ’All the Boys are Called Patrick’and other classics will be shown. Other short films include movie ‘8’ directed by Ernest Wenders, Jane Campion, Gus Van Sant and other world renowned directors about 8 issues that the earth is currently facing will be shown

As a part of this years festival, a special exhibition introducing Brazilian movies will be held as well as a seminar in which young Brazilian film makers will interact with the audience.

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