The Art Corner: Jisoon Park

There are moments when you come across something that catches your attention and leaves you wanting to know more.

This was my exact reaction when I came across Seoul based visual artist Jisoon Park’s artwork via tumblr.

The internet has a way of helping you to discover new things every day.

I logged into tumblr and saw a piece of art under the tumblr spotlight section and I was intrigued to discover more. I wasn’t sure of what I would find but I knew that this was too good to miss.

My hunch was right and I was transferred to the works of Jisoon Park, a Seoul based visual artist and designer who also works as a graphic designer for a mobile phone company.

The visual artist and designer who is a graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design and SADI (Samsung Art & Design Institute) focuses on drawing faces with lines and creating collage work.

For Park a line is a curious element “it is normally used as a baseline for painting. On the other hand, some masters are appreciated for their drawings of only lines.” Park however does not consider himself to be a
master. Rather he draws numerous lines “which then become a mass, a mass called face.”

For me, Park’s work is beautiful in its simplicity. Although the lines are multiple, the images are clear and concise. The colours are vivid and his work is interesting.

The images are not just plain images.

By using lines, there is a certain level of depth that makes them come alive. It left me with a sense of looking at 3D images. Granted, Park works with both traditional and digital mediums.

So what is this artist’s main motivation? A sense of just wanting to draw something “sometimes I also wanted to express a current emotion or message of mine but that’s only thought. Mostly I just seek curious forms through my drawing style; it could be seen as ‘experimental’ drawing”

It was this piece that caught my attention;

The image was as usual colourful but also looked like a gradient with the colours seeming to merge into one another. My initial reaction when looking at this piece was to struggle figuring out what it was or representing. Isn’t that the reaction that most of us have?

But Park doesn’t want people to do that with his works “I don’t want people to think my artwork is difficult”. You could say that some hidden subtexts or interpretations could be drawn but this is the nature of art, interpretation. But don’t beat yourself up trying to find some sort of ‘meaning’ as Park states “I don’t mind if you find any philosophical meaning from the pieces. I don’t mind if you imagine bubble gum from the pieces. It depends on how you enjoy my artworks”.

I love artists that create work because they want to and that is what I get from Jisoon Park. There are no hidden deep meanings or processes to his creation, in fact his process is to “draw eyes and then draw lines unconsciously”. This process is not altered when he draws his portraits. He knows what he wants to draw but still manages to draw his lines unconsciously.

As a graphic designer and virtual artist it’s interesting to note that Park seems to see no clear territory between art and design “I know some people tend to think that the two are different from each other, that’s why I introduce myself as a visual artist and designer.” But Park seeks to define himself as an artist “who can make anything visually, I may not use pens to create something in the future”

This talented and ‘experimental’ artist has not shown in London yet but has shown his work in Seoul through group shows. His shows include Line to Line with Geuntaek Lee at the EDA Gallery and Co-Existence with 20 other artists at the Unofficial Preview Gallery in July of this year. He had a successful solo show in May entitled Face at 8Street Gallery in Seoul.

Although he has not had an international show, Jisoon Park is definitely one Korean artist to keep an eye on.

To find out more about Jisoon Park and his work, check out his website:

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