The Grand Heist (2012)

Director: Kim Joo Ho
Casts: Cha Tae Hyun, Oh Ji Ho, Min Hyo Rin, Sung Dong Il, Shin Jeong Keun, Ko Chang Seok, Song Jong Ho, Kim Gil Dong, Kim Hyang Gi, Cheon Bo Keun, and Lee Chae Young
Genre: Period, Comedy, and Action
Running Time: 121 minutes
Certi: 12

Duk Moo (Cha Tae Hyun) is the son of a nobleman but he is also the son of a concubine. Due to the laws and customs of the Joseon Period, he is unable to get a government position due to his mother’s background. So, he works as a book seller in the market. During that time, there is a hug demand on the ice business and it’s controlled by the royal family. Jo Myung Soo (Nam Kyeong Eup) wants to control the ice business so he gets rid of Duk Moo’s father and Dong Soo (Oh Ji Ho), a public officer who is in charge of the “Seobinggo” (ice warehouse). So, both Duk Moo’s father and Dong Soo are exiled. Duk Moo comes up with a plan to get rid of Jo Myung Soo. His plan is to steal all the ice stored in the Seobinggo. To accomplish this heist, Duk Moo recruits the top experts, including Dong Soo, in specific fields needed to steal the ice. This team is on the mission, The Grand Heist.

When the opening began, I was really looking forward to this film. It’s because of the cinematography that I’m impressed with it. Since the beginning till the end, the graphic quality is perfect: crisp and clean. It gives flavour to this hilarious periodical film. I felt as if I was on adventure with the film characters. From action to involving in a grand heist, it’s so perfect that I smiled because the quality of cinematography. Also, I like the settings of this film especially the tunnel and ice warehouse. I was definitely back in time with the team at the Joseon Period. I was on a mission to steal the ice.

The characters are a spot on. Each of them has their distinctive quality. Yet, they work together well as a team. What’s great is that these characters are so funny with their antics and unexpected scenes that make me clap my hands and laughed out so loud. I love both Duk Moo and Dong Soo. They are the perfect duo in this film. Duk Moo, the mastermind, is determined to get his revenge on the baddies while he tends to be funny. Also, I laughed at his ‘OK’ sign and his Western methods (the shooting was so funny). At the same time, he cares about his father and friends. So, both sensitive and funny personality fits perfectly for him to be the mastermind. As for Dong Soo, I admit that he’s seriously handsome and has a hot body, he has the spicy personality and kicking butt action moves. In addition to that, he’s funny when he’s in awkward situations or being pulled into something that he doesn’t want to do. Oh Ji Ho, you have made my eyes pop not only because of your hot looks, but also because of your cool and smooth acting.

To be honest, I couldn’t pinpoint any cons about this film because I laughed too much, I clapped so hard, and I, sometimes, hit on an empty seat next to me. This periodical film has great diverse characters. There are a lot of comedy and action. The cinematography is great. I was on a mission with this team. I love it.

Rating: 10/10

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