The Hangul Handwriting Competition < I write Hangul! >

Closing Date for Entries: 16th May 6pm.
Winners’ Exhibition: 20th May
An Exhibition of Hangul featuring four very different Korean Artists ranging from Fashion to Typography:
AHN Sang-Soo, CHUN Kyung-Woo, KIM Jong-Won and LIE Sang-Bong
In celebration of our latest exhibition “Hangul=Spirit: Inspired by Korean Characters”, the Korean Cultural Centre UK is organising a Hangul writing competition. The competition involves the writing of two much loved Korean poems: entry forms including the Hangul writing paper can be downloaded from our website ( Whilst demonstrating your hand writing talents on this special type of paper, one can also enjoy these two beautiful poems. We look forward to receiving lots of entries!

Two Korean Poems are to be written on the standard paper and posted to the Korean Cultural Centre entries shall be received no later than the 6pm 16th May 2009.

An expert panel of judges will grade the entries with the winning entries being posted on our website followed by an exhibition in our Seminar Room. We also have prepared some gifts for the winning entries!
Please Send Entries to:
The Hangul Writing Competition,
The Korean Cultural Centre UK
Grand Buildings, 1 -3 Strand
London. WC2N 5BW

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