The Japan Foundation and SOAS Language and Culture Course (Beginner Level)


Term 2 of the Japan Foundation & SOAS Language and Culture Course (Beginner Level) is now open for bookings!

This is a new kind of course for beginners of Japanese. It is based on the JF Standard for Japanese Language Education, rather than traditional methods of language education that focus on grammar and sentence structure. The aim of the course will be to use Japanese language skills to get to know people, visit restaurants and take part in many other Japan-related events. At the end of every lesson, participants will be able to perform specific, practical tasks in Japanese.

Term 2 Dates: 14th January – 20th March 2014 (Tuesday and Thursday)
Course Tutor: Mr Shinichiro Okajima, SOAS Language Centre
Venue: SOAS Language Centre
Course Fee: £310 per term, including course textbook and materials

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