The London Korean Film Festival 2012: I Am The King

A feeble minded Prince, Choong-nyeong, is buckling under the pressure of his future kingship and dreams of a life outside of the place walls. With extras burdens placed on him by his father, the King, and his advisors, Choong-nyeong, decides escape the palace and responsibilities before falling asleep. Meanwhile a slave, Deok-chil, is a drunk who opens his month before thinking and always throws the first punch. He dreams of what power being the prince would bring and just happens to look remarkably like Choong-nyeong. He does have a noble streak though as he runs to the palace in an attempt to save the daughter of a spy but is not unconscious. When the slave wakes he finds himself the Prince and the Prince wakes to find himself the slave. Through this madcap and hilarious story the Prince and the slave are faced with the realities of their dreams and have to decide if this is the life they always wanted.

Date: Friday 9th November 18:30
Venue: London Odeon Panton St

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