The London Korean Film Festival 2012: White Night

Korea is still an ambivalent country where some refugees are forced to leave while some others have to persist through faint hope. Through a story of one winter night, I also wanted to question. LeeSong Hee-Il

Since the 2006 film No Regret, director Leesong Hee-Il has made a name for himself as a pioneer in Korea’s gay cinema scene. The director follows up with a slight thriller following Kang Won-gyu who travels back to Seoul from Germany after a two absence. The last time he was home, he was viciously beaten for being gay. He has return upon hearing that the gang who attacked him has been released from prison. He meets his former lover who only wants to put the attack behind him and presses Kang Won-gyu to do the same. Won-gyu arrives an internet who he sleeps with and considers what to do.

Date: Friday 9th November 18:00
Venue: London ICA

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