The London Korean Film Festival 2013: Boomerang Family (Closing Gala)


Closing Gala: with Dir Song Hae-sung, Actor Park Hae-il, Yoon Je-moon, Actress Youn Yuh-jung and Film Critic Tony Rayns

Date: Friday 15th November 19:00
Venue: London Odeon West End

Every family has the strange cousin or the lazy brother. But imagine if all these odd, blacksheep were in one family and you would have the Boomerang Family. A quiet and serene household is forever shattered when a woman’s three grown up children return for a family return. In-mo is a 40 year old how’s given up on life, Han-mo, 44 also known as the world’s most laziest and the 35 year old Mi-yun who just seems to have one failed marriage after the other. Throw in their spoiled teenage sister, Min-kyung, then you have a recipe for mayhem for them and a belly full of laughs for us. Though the family try best to bit their tongues over each others little annoyances there is only so much each of these failures can handle before all hell breaks lose. In the end they are a family, but are they a family that can learn to live and love one another?

Boomerang Family is another sleeper hit at the box office but its easy to see why with its universal themes of family as well as a stellar cast including; Park Hae-il (The Host, A Muse), Yoon Je-moon (Fist of Legend), Kong Hyo-jin (Project 577), Yoon Yeo-jeong (Housemaid), Jin Ji-hee (Doomsday Book) and Ye Ji-won (Nobody’s Daughter Haewoon). All the while helmed by the great director, Song Hae-sung (Failan, A Better Tomorrow). How could you say no to that line-up?

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