The Man from Nowhere

Tae-shik (Won Bin) is a mysterious, monosyllabic individual who has been a virtual recluse since the death of his wife. Running a dilapidated pawnshop, Tae-shik’s only real friend is So-mi (Kim Sae-ron), a little girl whose mother is an exotic dancer and heroin addict. When the mother pawns a camera bag in his shop, Tae-shik is totally unaware that it contains heroin that she stole during a drug deal at the nightclub where she works. However, the truth of the situation quickly becomes clear as mobsters come searching for their missing drugs, kidnapping So-mi and her mother in the process. Enraged, and without hesitation, he sets out to make the gangsters pay and save So-mi, the only true friend he has. As poignant as it is thrilling, comes from director Lee Jeong-beom, known for both (2006) and his more recent film (2014).

By Paul Quinn

Film info
2010. Directed by Lee Jeong-beom, starring Won Bin, Kim Sae-ron, 119 mins.

Picturehouse Ritzy, 07 Nov 15 10:45 pm

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