The Piper + Greed; Ghost Light


Hyong-won is obsessed with ghosts. While walking home one night he finds an injured man on the street and takes him home to allow him to recover. The next day, the man has vanished leaving a box full of money for Hyong-won and his wife, leading Hyong-won to believe the man was a Dokaebi (a ghost of fortune who can make money by using a magic club). Engulfed by greed, Hyong-won decides to trap the Dokaebi, steal his club and get all the money he could wish for.

By Paul Quinn

Film info
2015, Directed by Kim Na-kyung, starring Jeon Woon-jung, Lee Su-min, Kim I-jeung. 24 mins

Odeon Panton Street, 05 Nov 15 8:30 pm

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