The Reception of O Bang Saek at the KCCUK

This month sees the annual exhibition by the Korean Artists Association, O Bang Saek. The exhibition interprets and celebrates the traditional colours of Korea through music, dance and visual arts.

This event aims to present Korean culture to a UK audience. Obangseak refers to the five colours of Korea red, white, yellow, blue and black and the points of the compass.

Wednesday the 28th saw the opening reception with performances by traditional Korean musicians and a dance performance by students studying dance at University of Roehampton. The dancers were: Lucy Kuipers, Matthew Howelll, Naomi Turner Agnieszka Sikorksa are all 3rd years, Vilma Andrioti and Tamara Cozier-Bobb studying for an MFA , Kine Samuline Odegard who is a second year and Aejin Han who is studying for a PHD at the University of Sussex

The KCCUK was packed with people eager to see the union between these two creative elements; performance and visual arts.

The dance performance was a collaboration between Korean choreographer Yongmin Cho and the students. The piece sought to show the interaction with the space and linked with the nature of the exhibition. The exhibition sees lots of different ideas coming together to form one cohesive piece or as I felt one collective voice.

The dance performance brought harmony and showed what the connecting force was between these different mediums of expression. The full space of the KCCUK was utilised with different performances weaving in and out of each other creating a sense of flow. For me the piece was akin to blood flow in the body, bringing a sense of peace. There was an elevation in performance as the performances grew in suspense.

For me it was brilliant use of the dancers as they were all interconnected the end of one piece was the beginning for the next piece.

Once the final dance performance was completed, the traditional Korean instrumentalists began with the Kayagum, drums and the flute being played.

The artists performing were Jieun Jung playing the Kayagum (who some of you might know from KAYA music), Jeunghyun Chou playing percussion, Sabrina S.H.D.H.Y Park Kim playing the Piano, Seyoung Jeong on percussion and Jin Kyung Park on the flute.

Their piece had a unique traditional sound which started off light but soon built to a strong crescendo. Much like the dance piece there was a sense of fluidity with each instrument flowing in to the each other to create one sound.

This was the perfect start for the exhibition and there a clear connection amongst the art works on display and it is definitely something you should check out.

The exhibition is at the KCCUK until the 4th of December; don’t miss out on this opportunity to see some really great work.

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