The Search for the Crown Princess: A Modern Voice From The Past

Speaker: Margaret Drabble CBE DBE
Date & Time: Tuesday, 20th October 2009, 6.30pm
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, Korean Cultural Centre
Contact: Eunjeong Shin (Education & Resources Co-ordinator)

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‘The Red Queen’ is a historical novel narrated by an 18th century crown princess, based on the tragic life of her husband, the Crown Prince, Prince Sado of Korea. The Crown Prince, like many sons of a King with high expectations, grows up to be a disappointment to his father. The King is concerned about the future of his dynasty, his anxiety growing greater as the Noron-dominated government, who is against the Crown Prince, sways him into believing that the Crown Prince has a mental illness a move which has the most tragic of consequences. 

Novelist, critic and biographer, Dame Margaret read English at Newnham College, Cambridge, and was awarded an honorary Doctorate in letters. Most of her seventeen published novels are centred on the theme of contemporary English society and its individual members.

Refreshments will be served before and after the talk in the Reception area.

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