The stylish, small screen TV that’s ideal for bedrooms, kitchens or any place you want to create your own space

The new BRAVIA™ S57 series is designed to suit your lifestyle. With a slim 19 inch LCD screen, a choice of colour hues and trendy curved design, it’s the ideal fit for your bedroom, kitchen or any home interior.
In fact, the BRAVIA S57 series only weighs 5.4 kg and comes with a detachable carrying handle and discreet stand. You can easily take it from room to room, hang it on the wall and save extra space around the home. Or even escape to another room to watch your favourite TV programmes without interruptions when there’s something else on the main set. A slender size is not the only feature to help you reduce clutter in your home. The BRAVIA S57 series has an integrated, illuminated digital clock display which means there’s no need for an extra clock in your kitchen or bedroom. The series also comes with handy in-built digital tuners so you can receive digital channels without the need for a set-top box.
“Sony is dedicated to finding the perfect balance between style and performance, and the new BRAVIA S57 series is a great example of this,” says Hiroshi Sakamoto, Vice President, TV Marketing Europe. “It’s a stylish addition to any bedroom, kitchen or spare room so we made it easy to take from one room to another, and it delivers the great performance and picture quality you would expect from a larger sized BRAVIA TV.”

There is a whole range of other things you can do with the BRAVIA S57 series thanks to its USB 2.0 port and 2 HDMI™ connections.
Plug in a Cyber-shot digital camera or USB key to the USB port and you can view photos in HD detail. Select Photo Mode and the BRAVIA S57 series screen will be optimised automatically to the best image settings so you can show pictures at full screen or view slide-shows to share memories with your friends.
Connect a VAIO laptop or WALKMAN® and you can play your music files too, even browse album art on the screen.
The BRAVIA S57 series is HD Ready which means you can watch HD channels in high definition detail or get an immersive movie or gaming experience when you connect a Blu-ray Disc™ player or PLAYSTATION®3 via HDMI™.

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