The Weight (2012)

Director: Jeon Kyu Hwan
Casts: Cho Jae Hyun, Jang Won Jong, and Park Zi A
Genre: Drama and Fantasy
Running Time: 102 minutes
Certi: 18

Jung (Cho Jae Hyun) is a mortician at the morgue who has to rely on medicine for his severe tuberculosis and arthritis. Even so, he takes his work as treating the dead with respect. Within that morgue, he takes it as both reality and fantasy while the corpses are his models and friends to accompany him. On the other hand, he has affection and sympathy for his younger stepbrother (Park Zi A) who has always wanted to become a woman. While having a hunchback, he faces love and pain within his surroundings.

I give a love and hate for this film. For the love side, I admired how the characters are portrayed between life and death; reality and fantasy. It gives out the metaphor that Jung is going through hard times of love and pain while he hopes to be somewhere in his own world where he is accepted as who he is. It breaks my heart to see Jung work as the mortician even though he seems to enjoy it. On the other hand, obviously the younger stepbrother is a guy but after knowing that he wants to become a woman, I was sighing in my head. It’s complicated to see how a person wants to become someone while not liking for who they are at the moment. In this film, there are many things that I would expect to happen when both Jung and his stepbrother are about to do something. Also, images impact my understanding that they hate themselves and wish they are reborn in whatever they like such as the ending with the butterflies.

As for the hate side, there are way too many sexual body images. Yes, it’s a life that we have to accept what we are but I think it’s a bit too much especially when there are unexpected sex scenes which are shown at the wrong time. I know that it’s a form of art but it’s a little bit overrated. There were a few characters which I don’t like even though they meant to have mental disturbance. It seems that they just came out of nowhere. Like Jung, I feel so stressed out when I see a few annoying supporting characters. To me, I think the storyline is a bit off because of focusing on a few supporting characters and then back to Jung and his stepbrother. I feel that the flow itself is not that smooth so I was a bit lost while watching this film.

I look at this film as a form of art and life of the characters. There is a sense of connection with Jung and his stepbrother who has serious complications for who they are and the love and pain in life. However, it’s a bit overrated with sexual body images and sex scenes. There are too many unexpected and awkward scenes which I sighed quite a lot. So, again, it’s a love and hate for this film.

Rating: 6/10

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