Date: MONDAY 26 September 2011
Venue: Cafe OTO, 18 – 22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London E8 3DL
Times: 8pm
Tickets: £5 / £4 concs (Ticket on the door Only)

The Workshop Series — a monthly concert of experimental improvised music drawn from participants of Eddie Prévost’s weekly workshop.

This month’s musicians are:

Jennifer Allum violin
Philip Somervell piano
John Lely unspecified

Seymour Wright alto saxophone
Vasco Alves AM/FM keyboard 6
Tom Soloveitzik tenor saxophone

Hyelim Kim taegum
Carole Finer cumbus / objects
Benedict Taylor viola

Extracts from an introduction to an experimental improvisation workshop:

“Each musician should look at the materials they use for making music, as an infinite resource for sound production […] the relationship between musician and sound source is fluid and capable of far more responses that can be imagined. Imagination itself is stimulated — ignited— only by practice. The musician is urged to try and search without specific objectives and even without hope or expectation of finding anything. Paradoxically this can lead to undreamt of results. These findings become part of the musician. They are part of self-invention.”

“[Simultaneously it is suggested] that the musician refers to and extends the openness of enquiry, to the other participating musicians and what they are doing. For here, I contend, there is an infinitude greater than that encountered in our relationship with mere static material.”

“Playing then, becomes a way of experiencing and accessing constantly renewable energy — that is consequently free of expectation and formula. It is full flowing cognition.”

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