Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 2 Review

Episode Recap

Chun Hong performs a traditional dance that impresses the high officials. They admire her beauty and comment her to be the well-known gisaeng in the Joseon era. They talk about the rumours on the golden toads that are worth the fortune. Meanwhile, one of the bandits is shot by Kyung Tak. Kyung Tak demands the officers to chase after the bandits. Back to the scene where the high officials who are having great times, Ha Eung drops by and join them for meal. However, the high officials mock him as being the ‘commoner’. One of them gives him a ‘meal’ by throwing the food into the lake. Unexpectedly, Ha Eung goes into the lake and eats the food which is thrown. This causes the gisaengs and high officials uneasy that they decide to leave. The leader of the high officials falls down and thought that there might be some misfortune on him in the near future. After the high officials leave, Ha Eung gets out of the lake and catches a cold. On the other hand, Chun Hong is disappointed about Ha Eung’s action towards the high officials.

Jin brings Young Hwi to the house. Young Hwi’s mother and sister, Young Rae come out and are surprised that he is injured. On the other hand, Jin is surprised and knows that Young Rae is Young Hwi’s sister after she calls Young Hwi ‘oppa’. Young Rae asks Jin what happened to her brother. Jin replies that he met her brother at the street. The maid cries about having misfortune upon Young Hwi. Suddenly, Young Rae’s mother faints. Young Rae tells the ajusshi to find the doctor in the village. She also tells the maid to bring the fainted mother to the room. For Young Hwi, Jin brings him to another room. After placing Jin on the floor bed, Young Rae cleans him up and the maid brings her the fermented bean paste. Young Rae takes the fermented bean paste and place it to Young Hwi’s wound. However, Jin suggests to Young Rae that the fermented bean paste is not a good way to cure Young Hwi’s wound. Young Rae asks Jin that whether he is a doctor or not. Jin thinks of doing a surgery on Young Hwi but he is having difficulty to do as he is in the Joseon era. Jin tells her that his method will not save Young Hwi and leaves.

Young Rae chases after him and convinces him to do anything (surgery) he can to save Young Hwi. Meanwhile, Jin recalls a surgical method he used to do but he finds it difficult as there are no suitable medical equipment at Joseon era. Suddenly, Young Rae kneels in front of him and begs him to save her brother. If her brother passes away, she and her mother will commit suicide. Jin thinks back about the argument with Mi Na (the scene where he says that it is impossible to save the child’s father). Due to that, he decides to save Young Hwi. He finds a location and the right equipment to do surgery on Young Hwi. A scene comes out about the Incas time when the people use primitive tools to do surgery. Jin picks up the tools (eg. hammer and chisel) and tells Young Rae to soak them in hot water. He even asks her for some clean cloth. Since Young Rae finds it weird about his requests, she keeps questioning him about his actions but he insists he is doing it to save her brother. Thus, she does what he asks her to do.

Kyung Tak is cleaning his pistol and thinks about the previous fight with bandits. He shot one of the bandits while the other one runs away. As usual, he tells the officer to catch the one who escapes. While Young Rae is preparing the equipment for surgery, her mother walks in and she is told about Young Hwi’s ‘surgery’. Her mother is worried as she sees the hammer and hears the maid that she brings alcohol. At the ‘surgical’ room, Jin hangs his mini flashlight at the string, washes his hands, and prepares the surgical equipment before doing surgery on Young Hwi. He cleans the blood from Young Hwi’s wound and inserts medicine into the syringe. Then, it comes to the scene where Young Hwi escapes from the officers but is slashed by the officer. The officer recognizes him but he kills the officer so that his identity is not revealed. After that, he continues to escape while he is injured. Coming back to the Young Hwi’s surgery scene, Young Rae comes in and is shocked upon seeing the ‘unusual’ tools that Jin uses for surgery. Young Rae annoys him by throwing questions at him. Jin tries to explain to her that, including safety and hygiene, this is the only way to save Young Hwi. After Young Rae leaves the room, he starts to do surgery on Young Hwi.

While Young Rae and her mother wait outside, ajusshi come back and tell them that all the doctors went to the high official’s house. This is because the bandits went into that house where the guards and servants were injured. So, there is no doctor to come and save Young Hwi. Then, the maid remembers that Jin is the guy from the wanted poster. Jin worries as he is not so sure whether his surgical method can save Young Hwi. Young Rae and her mother come in and see the sharp objects are inserted to her brother’s head. Her mother faints, again. Young Rae and the maid cry and shout. Jin is annoyed by the noises that he shouts at them to get out as he really wants to save Young Hwi. Young Rae and the maid bring the fainted mother to the room. Young Rae tells the maid to take care of her mother while she figures out a plan to stop Young Hwi’s ‘weird’ surgery. Young Rae requests the ajusshi to go to Pochang to let the officers know that there is a murder (Jin) at her house. After hearing that, the ajusshi rushes to Pochang immediately.

Jin found a blood clot on Young Hwi’s brain. Young Rae comes in again with a knife. She attempts to stop Jin to continue what he is doing. Jin calms her down and they fell down on the floor. As Young Rae is on top of Jin, Jin has another flashback (Mi Na’s attempt to put the birthday cake at Jin’s face). Young Rae tries to get up but Jin holds her down while she struggles. Jin convinces her that he needs to remove the blood clot as soon as possible or else Young Hwi will die. Jin continues the surgery while Young Rae sits there motionless. In the end, Young Rae assists Jin in the surgery.

The officers search the village area and found a cloth. Kyung Tak recalls back where he found one of the officers (know Young Hwi’s identity) is injured but died before revealing the bandit’s identity. Then, the ajusshi comes and inform about the murder at Young Rae’s house. Jin finishes the surgery by sewing Young Hwi’s wound. He informs her that her brother will recover after a few days and advices her to clean Young Hwi’s wound every day. Young Rae apologizes about her actions toward Jin. Jin acknowledges and tells her that it is just a small cut on his arm. He tells her that personality reminds him of someone (Mi Na) he knew. Her mother came in and is relieved that Young Hwi is fine.

Jin exits the room and has some fresh air. Suddenly, Kyung Tak and his officers come to arrest him. Young Rae tries to stop them but failed to do so. Ha Eung see Jin being brought to jail. Jin is forced to kneel down. Kyung Tak interrogates him about his relations with the bandits. Jin boldly tells Kyung Tak that he does not know anything about this. Kyung Tak continues on by asking Jin’s presence at the mountains, causing Jin to be lost in answering his questions. Kyung Tak orders the officers to do beatings on Jin until he says the truth.
Ha Eung spends his time with the gisaengs. Chun Hong shows up and scolds the gisaengs to leave. After the gisaengs leave, Chun Hong knew beforehand that Ha Eung come to borrow some money from her. Young Rae packs up Jin’s surgical equipment until she sees his doctor’s coat with a printed name. She read the name ‘Hyuk Jin’ (in ancient times, people used to read hangul from right to left). She also found a box which has a wedding ring. She hides the wedding ring before the maid enters the room. She is told that the things need to be brought to the police station. At the police station, Kyung Tak curiously investigating the ‘never seen before’ surgical tools. Due to these tools, he asks Jin to reveal his true identity. However, Jin warns him that he will not believe what he has to say. Once again, the officers are ordered to continue to do the beatings on Jin. Young Rae rushes over to speak to Kyung Tak. They go outside and talk about Young Hwi’s health conditions. Kyung Tak reveals his love for Young Rae by saying that, while on his way to catch the murderer at her house, he thinks about her. She informs him that Jin saves her brother, Young Hwi, with his extraordinary medical skills.

Kyung Tak tells her to go home. He goes back into the police station and has a word with Jin. Kyung Tak asks Jin why he wants to save Young Hwi. He twists Jin’s hand to see if there are any rough surfaces. Since Young Hwi is his close friend, Jin’s death sentence is put at a later date. However, if Young Hwi does not wake up, Jin will be beheaded. Jin is sent to jail.

Ha Eung is gambling with the guys. The officers barges in and arrest them, including Ha Eung, for illegal gambling. They still bring Ha Eung to jail even though he claims that he is a nobleman. After being locked up, one of the guys ask Ha Eung for the money but Ha Eung refuses to do so. In the same jail room, Ha Eung and Jin see each other. Ha Eung talks casually with him while Jin thinks that he is not taking seriously about what is happening at the moment. Without hearing Jin’s honest opinion, he suggests that they can escape from jail by giving some money to one of the guards.

Ha Eung stands up and shouts about his royal nobility. After hearing his name, Jin goes to him and asks about his true identity. Jin finds out that Ha Eung is the prince from a noble family. Young Rae takes care of her brother while she is thinking of Jin’s safety. After Ha Eung hears about Young Hwi’s surgery, he is impressed with Jin’s medical skills and decides to help him from being beheaded. Ha Eung, another one, asks Jin about his identity. Jin pretends to have amnesia.

Kyung Tak visits his father. They discuss about the situation with bandits. It turns out that Kyung Tak set the ‘golden toads trap’ to capture the bandits. He is praised by his father for his efforts. Kyung Tak informs his father that Jin is not one of the bandits. His father throws the bible and talks about discrimination among rankings and Western values. He orders Kyung Tak to behead Jin immediately so that the nation is ‘protected’.

Ha Eung is released from jail, is told by one of the guys about the debt, and tells Jin that he will save him no matter that. He goes to Young Rae’s house to come up with a plan to save Jin. In jail, Jin thinks and misses Mi Na so much. Kyung Tak visits Young Rae and Young Hwi. He even gives the family some goods. He blames himself for Young Hwi to be injured. He reaches out Young Rae’s hand but she pulls her hand away from his. Heartbroken Kyung Tak drinks the water in one shot and leaves. Young Rae asks Kyung Tak about Jin which makes Kyung Tak jealous. He tells her off to mind her own business and she is informed that Jin is going to be beheaded on the next early morning.

Jin knows that he is going to be beheaded after he is given a delicious meal and being told by both the guard and one of the prisoners that he needs the energy for his ‘last’ journey. Ha Eung convinces the royal doctor that Jin has extraordinary medical skills but the royal doctor refuses to help. Ha Eung is informed that Jin’s punishment is starting soon. The royal doctor leaves while Ha Eung is shocked upon hearing the news. He sees Young Rae trying to go inside and visit Jin but is blocked by the guard. Ha Eung helps Young Rae to get her in by talking to the guard.

Young Rae goes to see Jin. Jin asks her about her brother’s condition. She informs Jin that she heard from Ha Eung that Jin has amnesia. She reminds him that his name is ‘Hyuk Jin’. Jin corrects her by saying that his real name is ‘Jin Hyuk’. Jin asks her name and she acknowledges. Young Rae passes the wedding ring to him as she finds that it means a lot to him. Jin’s flashback comes in: Mi Na talks about parallel lives. Then, Jin returns the wedding ring back to Young Rae and requests her to hold on to it. Also, he talks about parallel lives.

Jin is brought to the punishment area through the streets while the villagers, including Ha Eung and Chun Hong, look on. Young Rae has the sad expression as Jin is pulled away. The maid rushes to her and informs her that Young Hwi woke up from his long rest. She rushes back home and tells her brother that he needs to come along with her to the punishment area. At the punishment area, the undertaker does the ritual performs while Jin looks scared. Jin stands up and speaks out about his innocence is being abused. Both Young Rae and Young Hwi show up. Young Hwi proofs that Jin saves his life by revealing the surgical wound. Citizens are surprised about Jin’s medical skills while Ha Eung proudly says great things about Jin. Kyung Tak’s father and the royal doctor say that this is a Western trick. Thus, they insist that Jin should be beheaded. Suddenly, Kyung Tak’s father faints and Kyung Tak runs to him while everyone looks on with shock expressions.

Point of View

To be honest, I was not entertained by this episode at all. There is so much confusion between the fight (officers versus bandits) and Young Hwi’s surgery. These scenes keep bouncing back and forth until I feel at lost. I suggest that the writers should focus on one part of the story which is Young Hwi’s escape from the bandits till the part where Jin is saving him. That would be much more understanding. At the moment, I am seeing the ‘surface’ of this episode. There is not much impact on me. It did not make me excited. It did not make me sad. Basically, I felt emotionless while watching this episode. There is nothing interesting about this episode.

I want to know the relationship between Young Rae and Kyung Tak. How they ended up being in an arranged marriage? Why Young Rae does not give the love towards Kyung Tak? I have a feeling that it is like ‘Princess Man’ which will be like this: Young Rae and Kyung Tak are close friends since young. Kyung Tak has a crush on her. They are in the arranged marriage for political and royal reasons. Then, Young Rae will fell in love in Jin which makes Kyung Tak jealous. Kyung Tak will start a fight against Jin to claim his love for Young Rae. It looks like there is going to be a love triangle.

Ha Eung’s character is quite impressive. Although he has a hard time, he still has a smile on his face. There is a good chemistry with Chun Hong. I am looking forward to this interesting relationship between them. Who knows? They might end up being together as a lovely married couple. Besides that, I hope that Ha Eung’s political history in the Joseon era is revealed in the next episodes. It does need to be interesting and, most importantly, not make myself going in round in circles between Jin’s story and He Eung’s political history.

There are only a few good points about this episode: Jin saving Young Hwi through surgery and Kyung Tak’s true character. Just imagine if you are in Jin’s shoes. What can you do to save Young Hwi from dying? How can you calm the people like Young Rae of being shocked about the ‘unusual’ medical treatment and surgery? At least, the flow of the surgical scene, including the argument between Jin and Young Rae, is fine. I imagined myself to be Jin. If I was in Joseon period where there is absolutely no modern technology and the people question about my identity, I might think the same way as Jin thinks. I start to understand more about Kyung Tak’s character. Although he looks strong on the outside, he has a sensitive personality as he cares both his father and Young Rae. Besides ‘Protect the Boss’, I am looking forward to Jae Joong’s acting skills in historical drama which is ‘Time Slip Dr Jin’.

I only see the ‘surface’ of this episode and hoping to see more about this drama. I am keeping my fingers crossed to hope that I will not go rounds in circles of ‘surface’ storyline and no mix up scenes. The writers need to focus on the characters’ storyline and connect them well. This drama needs a good in-depth and balance of both characters and plot storyline with good flow. If not, I will call for medical assistance as soon as possible.

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