Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 21 Review

Episode Recap

Flower petals are scattered on Chun Hong’s coffin while Ha Eung, Jin, and Young Rae look on. Ha Eung holds his tears while he hopes that Chun Hon live happily in another world with the man she loves. They send her coffin floating on the river and bid their last farewell. Jin thinks Chun Hong’s last words about Mi Na who is dead.

Dae Gyun scolds the assassins whom he hired to kill Chun Hong but they kill Chun Hong instead. Kyung Tak overhears the conversations. He proclaims that Dae Gyun is the one who plot it but his father was the one who orders the assassins to kill Jin. Kyung Tak is uneasy as not only he is the only one who receives secret orders but also Minister Kim’s wish to kill Jin. His father laments Chun Hong’s accidental death.

Jin is at the cliff and thoughts about the time when he first came to Joseon with the fetus. He wonders why he came. He sees a vision of Mi Na who sits next to him. He tells her that he thought he came to save her but if she’s not there, what is the point to go back. Vision Mi Na gives a small smile to Jin but she vanishes after Jin tries to touch her. He cries. Then, he goes to the edge of the cliff and attempts to jump off from there. He steps closer to the edge of the cliff to commit suicide. Thankfully, Young Rae grabs him from behind and begs him not to do it. Jin comments that he shouldn’t have come here in the first place and decides to disappear. Young Rae tries to convince him to stay for Mi Na. Jin tells her that he has no reason to go back or to stay here and begins to tell the truth about Mi Na.

Meanwhile, Officer Lee tells the other government officials the bad news: Frech battleships have arrived near Ganghwa Island. Jin wonders about having the same fate between Young Rae and Mi Na while Young Rae still insists that he will see Mi Na again. Also, she believes that Mi Na will wake up when he returns. On the other hand, French battleships bombard Ganghwa Island with cannon fire.

During the meeting of the Royal Court, Minister Kim blames Ha Eung for releasing the Catholics which cause the war to happen. The public are not supporting Ha Eung and they only have 500 soldiers to defend the island while the French have 1000. The evil government officials orders Ha Eung to take responsibility if they be defeated. Ha Eung vows that if they are defeated, he will take responsibility and step down from politics and royalty.

During the evil government officials meeting, Minister Kim wants Ha Eung to lose the war so that Ha Eung will have to step down. Kyung Tak is concerned about Joseon’s situation if they lose the war. He urges his father to not to do it but his father insists that they must. Kyung Tak realizes that this war is really happening after reading Jin’s letter in his room. His father enters the room and Kyung Tak hides the letter. Kyung Tak told his father about the existence of the letter without letter his father read it. He claims that he got rid of it. His father asks Kyung Tak about the outcome of the war. Kyung Tak replies that Joseon will win. His father decides that they must end the war in the palace before they win the war with the French. He asks Kyung Tak about the fate of their clan and Kyung Tak assures him that Jin’s history and their history will be different.

Heo Gwang tells Jin and Young Rae about the battleships and orders that some of the doctors must go to provide medical aid on the island. Young Rae volunteers to help the injured but Jin grabs her by the shoulders and tells her not to go or else she could die.

Meanwhile, Minister Kim suggests that the King should be kidnap and force him to surrender so they can choose their own. Kyung Tak doesn’t think that this is a good idea for the country. His father insists that they should do this. In order to kidnap the King, they need him to get him out of the palace. Minister Kim orders Kyung Tak to forge Jin’s letter with the statement that the King will be poisoned that night so that the King will leave the royal grounds. Kyung Tak stammers at Minister Kim’s actions and his father puts him down. Dae Gyun tells his father that Kyung Tak cannot be trusted but his father disagrees with his opinions. Then, Dae Gyun frustrates with his fellow men. They tell him that he’ll soon become the head of the Andong Kim clan.

Kyung Tak sneaks into Ha Eung’s room to place the forged letter. On his way out, he is caught by Young Hwi. Young Hwi is lost and doesn’t’ know what to do if Kyung Tak can’t be trusted. In the end, he says that he want to protect Kyung Tak. Kyung Tak apologizes. Later, Ha Eung finds a forged letter and is shocked to read its contents.

Young Rae asks Heo Gwang about Jin. He overheard about Chun Hong’s last words before she dies. He tells Young Rae that someone named Mi Na passed away. Young Rae drops a penicillin jar in shock and cuts her finger while she tries to pick the pieces up. She thinks that if Mi Na dies, then she will also die. Jin comes in to help her while Young Rae wonders whether Jin tries to save her from dying. Thus, she decides not to let him do that anymore.

On the other hand, Ha Eung decides to be safe even though the information is false. Young Hwi keeps reminds him that he doesn’t need to worry so much but Ha Eung decides to bring his son out of the palace. Minister Kim is happy that Ha Eung falls into his trap and orders Kyung Tak to kidnap the King. Kyung Tak voices his doubts about this plan and gets scolding from his father including the fact that he lost Ridel’s treaty. In the end, Kyung Tak decides to do it. Ha Eung visits Jin to comment about how scary the power of history is. Ha Eung asks Jin about his son’s fate and whether he’ll die after living a full life. Jin replies that the King will.

Young Rae asks Doctor Yoo to send her to Ganghwa Island’s war zone which he points out that is like a death wish. Young Rae would rather die living like that than troubling other people. She asks him not to tell anyone, including Jin, where she’s gone to.

That night, Ha Eung sends his son away from the palace in a palanquin. Kyung Tak and his men ambush the palanquin. However, they find it empty. It turns out that Ha Eung set up the ambush. Joo Pal leads the forces that surround Kyung Tak and his men who run for their lives. However, Joo Pal and Kyung Tak meet. Kyung Tak asks whether the King is safe and Joo Pal reports that the King escaped through another palanquin. In the flashback, Kyung Tak told Ha Eung about Minister Kim’s evil plot. Kyung Tak reports back to his father the palanquin was empty. Dae Gyun accuses Kyung Tak for being a spy and Kyung Tak agrees that he did tell them his plan. Then, Minister Kim points out that betrayal is done to divert attention to the King so that Ha Eung will be left unguarded and vulnerable to attack.

Minister Kim leads Kyung Tak and a group of mercenaries to Ha Eung’s quarters. However, they find that no one’s inside when they break down the doors. Kyung Tak finds out that it is an ambush and a group of soldiers, which is led by Joo Pal and Young Hwi, surround them. A battle breaks out at the courtyard and Kyung Tak fights to clear an escape path for his father. Young Hwi tries to stop him from escaping but both Young Hwi and Kyung Tak starts to have sword fight face-to-face. Then, Kyung Tak gets an arrow to the hip and manages to escape from the battle. Young Hwi follows him.

Ha Eung laughs that Minister Kim must have been surprised and thanks the informant, Dae Gyun. Dae Gyun betrays his own father by saving Ha Eung and the King. He wants Ha Eung’s favour in return: wants to be the head of the Andong Kim clan. Ha Eung is impressed with Dae Gyun’s betrayal but he cannot assure Dae Gyun’s safety.

Young Hwi brings Kyung Tak to Hwalinseo for Jin to treat him. Jin tries to help him but Kyung Tak rejects his help continuously. Kyung Tak wonders why Jin would even want to treat him when he’s tried to kill Jin so many times. Jin insists that Kyung Tak must live especially for Young Rae’s sake. However, Kyung Tak doesn’t want to get treatment from Jin. Jin goes straight to Young Rae, who’s packing her things to go to Ganghwa Island, tells her that Kyung Tak is injured.

Minister Kim fumes up when he realizes that the evil government officials have betrayed him. Joo Pal and his men arrive to formally arrest him. Ha Eung saunters in to reveal his victory and smiles.

Young Hwi stops injured Kyung Tak from going back to his father. He yells at Kyung Tak that the world has changed. He asks Kyung Tak to leave his father and join him in making in a new Joseon. Kyung Tak doesn’t want to be Ha Eung’s dog and he would rather be used by his own father. Young Hwi asks him why he must live like this and he reply that this is his fate. Kyung Tak holds his pain before Young Rae arrives to treat him. Kyung Tak insists that he’s fine but he can’t breathe properly. Young Rae insists that she save him even though she has killed him with her words so many times. Kyung Tak doesn’t want to get anesthetic and announces that he’s going to take it like a warrior and a man.

Ha Eung brings a new orchid plant to Minister Kim. He offers him a deal: He’ll spare his life. Minister Kim needs to completely remove himself from politics. Minister Kim tells him that the Andong Kim clan had 60 years of power. He asks Ha Eung how long he expects to last.

Meanwhile, Young Rae takes out the arrow from Kyung Tak’s bare body. She sticks her finger into the hold to check for internal damage. While she sutures up the wound. Kyung Tak thinks about the moments he had with Young Rae. He tells her that she’s a great doctor and admits that he tries to keep her by his side. Then, he assures that the wound will heal quickly.

Kyung Tak stumbles home to his father. He is still covered in blood. Minister Kim points out that Kyung Tak is the only one who came for him. However, Kyung Tak is still angry about life and pulls out his own sword. He asks his father to give orders to him. His father says that it’s too late but Kyung Tak yells that it isn’t over yet. Minister Kim tells him about Ha Eung’s visit and the plant. He asks his son whether he should live like a plant or just die immediately. Kyung Tak falls to his knee in front of him father and begs him to stay alive. Kyung Tak cries as he is willing to be his father’s dog.

Minister Kim asks Kyung Tak why he wants him to live and Kyung Tak replies that he is the reasons that he live. Kyung Tak pleads his father to live a quiet life with him. His father agrees to that idea and asks Kyung Tak to help him out. Suddenly, he takes Kyung Tak’s gun, smiles at his son, and shoots himself in the chest. He collapses into Kyung Tak’s arms. His father asks Kyung Tak to live for himself. He cries out Kyung Tak’s name one last time before he passes away. Kyung Tak cries while holding his father closely. Ha Eung hears about Minister Kim’s suicide and wishes him a good journey to the afterlife. Kyung Tak continues to cry with his father.

Jin finds out that Young Rae goes to the war zone. Young Rae is helping the injured people at the warzone on Ganghwa Island with cannon fire exploding around her. The Royal Court discusses about the war and their last chance of holding off the French is the fort on the island. Dae Gyun blames on Ha Eung and Ha Eung vows that he’ll take responsibility and lead reinforcements to the island himself. The war, where Young Rae is, is in chaos while Jin is in shocked while continuously saying no.

Point of View

Okay, the drama is going to end soon and I didn’t get any answers about the fetus, parallel universe, and time travel. I just need to understand the storyline instead of going around in circles throughout this whole drama. Chun Hong admits that she went to the future to save Jin which sparks my curiosity about Jin’s situation. The question is how on earth she knows that she has to do this in the first place. Why not she just tells him everything while she’s still alive? Sadly, since Chun Hong is gone, looks like Jin has to be on his own to get some answers and slap himself in the face that he should not do something silly.

As for Young Rae, she believes that her life has something to do with Mi Na. Right, since she knows that Jin cares about Mi Na so much, why on earth did she decide to go to a war zone? She is troubling Jin more. Young Rae, where’s your common sense?

Yet again, Kyung Tak hasn’t made a decision. He is still confused. I blame Minister Kim for making him like this. He shouldn’t be too greedy. He should be grateful that Kyung Tak is a son who really cares about him. Kyung Tak has already given his own sacrifice to protect the clan and his father. When Kyung Tak will ever make up his mind?

So far, this drama is confusing and I am frustrated with it. Yes, I am frustrated with the storyline and characters. The last episode better be good especially with the ending. If not, my only word which will come out from my mouth when I see the ending is ‘Really?!?!?!’.

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