Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 3 Review

Episode Recap

Minister Kim (Kyung Tak’s father) faints and everyone, including Kyung Tak, rushes to him. The execution on Jin is put on hold. Even after hearing one of the minister’s associates say that he’s been having headaches since he bumped his head, Doctor Yoo says that his illness is nothing too serious. Jin senses that something is wrong. While being tied up, he asks the associate if there are any symptoms that Minister Kim had them recently. Jin becomes serious as Minister Kim’s life is in danger. He and Kyung Tak strike a deal: If Kyung Tak’s father is not saved, he will be in execution as planned.

At the minister’s house, Jin readies for another brain surgery. His life depends on saving Kyung Tak’s father. He finds the blood clot that is the key for Jin to be free from being executed. Young Rae asks Kyung Tak to be allowed to assist Jin in the brain surgery. Then, she becomes the nurse while Jin cuts into Minister Kim’s forehead. Everyone except Jin feels nauseous as the gruesome surgery continues. Doctor Yoo protests that this is not a good idea to do the surgery but Kyung Tak shushes him.

Meanwhile, Chun Hong plays the gayageum while Ha Eung loafs about nearby. He heard that she can see the future, so he asks about Jin’s future. Because of that, a string snaps ominously.

Back to the brain surgery, Jin is shocked to find that there is no blood clot. So, he has to make another hole on Minister Kim’s forehead to find the blood clot. Kyung Tak impatiently stands up and aims his gun at Jin’s head. Young Rae tries to calm Kyung Tak down but he warns Jin that if he does not stop the surgery, Jin will have a hole in his head. Jin doesn’t stop, and Kyung Tak fires right past Jin’s head. He gives Jin another chance to find the blood clot at another hole of Minister Kim’s head. So, Jin chisels another hole into Minister Kim’s head, and this time, they find the blood clot. In shock, Doctor Yoo could not believe and he sees the blood clot over the head. The blood shoots out from the wound right onto his face. In the end, Kyung Tak thankful to Hyuk for saving his father’s life, so he lets Jin off the hook. Jin is still under suspicion. Both of them introduce themselves among each other. Young Hwi and his sister meet Jin outside. Young Hwi insists that Jin should stay at their house.

Kyung Tak seems hesitant to hold his father’s hand. His brother, Dae Gyun, the legitimate son, comes barging in. He pushes Kyung Tak out of the way to yell at his father who is resting. We get to see that the brothers have a bad relationship when Dae Gyun throw kicks and punches at Kyung Tak right after Kyung Tak says that the father need some rest. Dae Gyun shouts at him for being the “outsider” of the Kim family.
Young Rae prepares the room for Jin. Since Jin is not dead, she returns the wedding ring to him. He stops her on her way out to ask if she’s ever seen him before, clearly thinking of Mi Na. She obviously doesn’t and leaves Jin alone in the room.

A grand feast is being prepared to celebrate Minister Kim’s recovery. Kyung Tak is there guarding the place. Even though Dae Gyun gives the intense look on Kyung Tak, he is then attracted by Chun Hon’s beauty as she arrives. Meanwhile, Young Rae’s mother prepares a gift for the reluctant Young Rae to take them to the party. She is asked to send the greetings to Minister Kim who is going to be her father-in-law. Jin and Young Hwi come out from the house. Jin wears a hanbok which she secretly stayed up all night to sew for him. Jin does not have a topknot. Young Rae suggests using horsehair as a hair extension. She ties Jin’s hair together into a ponytail.

The two siblings and Jin head down a busy street, with Young Hwi joking about how he has failed the civil exam four times. Young Rae jumps in to defend him because she says that it is unfair for rich people for using money to buy positions. After sending both Young Rae and Jin away, he goes to have a secret meeting with the members. They report their loss three men from the fight the other night and blame Kyung Tak for setting the trap. Young Hwi advises them to stay low for the time being.

Chun Hong entertains Minister Kim and his guests with a gayageum before pouring their drinks. One of the ministers asks her to see into Minister Kim’s future, which makes her uncomfortable. She smoothly gives an answer that he was born with divine luck. She even boosts about Jin saving his life. It’s not a good fortune for Doctor Yoo. Dae Gyun’s jealousy grows as Chun Hong is asked to pour drinks for Doctor Yoo.

Jin and Young Rae arrive at the outskirts of the party where Kyung Tak is keeping guard. He is not happy for Jin to stay over at Young Rae’s house but he let it go. They’re interrupted by the annoying Ha Eung. He protests that he is not invited and he is the one who save both Jin and Minister Kim’s life. Jin takes his side, and Kyung Tak allows it. Kyung Tak feels hurt after Ha Eung recognizes him as the offspring of a concubine. He warns Ha Eung against going into the VIP section and tells him to just eat and leave. Ha Eung persuade Jin to earn and split the money by saving peoples’ lives but Jin refuses to be part of it.

Jin gets preferential treatment to see the minister first. Minister Kim is more than happy to pour a drink for the man who saved his life. That makes Doctor Yoo embarrassed by his lack of medical knowledge. He offers Jin anything he wants but Jin denies any payment.

Chun Hong, who has been laying her sight on Jin, excuses herself from the table. Dae Gyun watches her with his frightening stare. There’s a long line of people waiting to greet Minister Kim. Young Rae could not stay longer and decides to leave. She informs Kyung Tak that she will give greetings to his father later. However, Kyung Tak takes her by the wrist and forces her to see his father. Jin is sits with Minister Kim while Dae Gyun goes angry about Kyung Tak who rudely barges into the party.

It’s Minister Kim who allows it. They all seem to have known her late father, though Minister Kim is the only one out of his table to treat her with respect. Ministers laugh at the gift which is given to Minister Kim. Kyung-tak interrupts their fun by claiming that he brought Young-rae as his fiancée, which caught everyone’s attention. They all laugh at their relationship because of how a noble can marry to a ‘commoner’. Young Rae has already held her anger till the very end and decides to leave immediately. Drunken Ha Eung comes to crash the party by faking a hunched back and a mental disability causing the guests to laugh at his performances. Kyung Tak follows Young Rae out, and she turns on him with tears in her eyes. She blames Kyung Tak for being humiliated at the party. Kyung-tak says that no matter what others say, Young Rae is always his lover. Jin climbs a hill nearby and just looks, with a poker face, at them.

Dae Gyun and Chun Hon are on a boat. He declares that he will remove her from the gisaeng registry to be his concubine and give her money and power. She asks him that whether he is willing to die for her. He thinks it’s just a sentiment and she locks her arms around him. He thought she gives the love feeling for him but she drags him with her as she jumps off the side of the boat and into the water. She tests him on whether he is willing to die for her but he swims to shore while Chun-hong stays drowning in the river. Everyone looks on as Jin jumps into the water and save Chun Hong.

He drags her onto shore, only she’s not breathing. Ha Eung and the onlookers look in horror as Jin does the CPR on Chun Hong. Even Young Rae comes to witness the scene, equally horrified, until Chun Hong suddenly coughs up water. She is more interested to know who save her life. Ha Eung tells her that Jin is Chun Hong’s hero. She wants him to go to the nearby gibang so she can repay him, though Jin leaves them to follow after Young Rae. She’s completely shocked that he’d kiss a gisaeng. Meanwhile, all officials receive a royal command that they need to report to the palace immediately.

Jin follows Young Rae home through To Mak, where she sees Shik with his toothy grin. She knows Shik and his mother, and promises to return soon to pay a proper visit. The horses trampling along the street while Shik runs to his mother. It’s all the officials riding from the party to the palace, and the mother goes to shield her son from being trampled. One of the horses rears back, and the mother gets hit with a hoof to her forehead. Jin comes to the rescue and knows exactly what to do.

He needs to save Shik’s mother since her injury is very serious. He sends Young Rae to get his doctor bag while Ha Eung happens to be at the scene. Unlucky Ha Eung is requested by Jin to help him carry the patient to her home where is within the poor and dirty village.

Young Rae runs into some trouble when bandits steal Jin’s medical bag, and she chases the thief into a dead end. Only their leader, Joo Pal Yi (Lee Won Jong) appears. He’s not ready to let that bag go, nor is Young-rae willing to give it up, so she brandishes her silver dagger at her own throat. She courageously tell them to kill her and take the bag away. Pal Yi is curious to see what’s in the bag, the thief reminds him that Jin is the one who save his life. Pal Yi sent the thief, with bloody nose and sore eye, to bring the bag to Jin. Young Rae can’t keep up, so he goes ahead without her.

Ha Eung brings the boiling water, the thief brings the bag, and Jin starts the procedure. Ha Eung goes out of the room and ends up running into the patient’s violent husband, which sends both of them back into the room. The husband/father barges in and demands that Jin stop the procedure. He wants to let her wife die without anyone saving her.

Her husband tries to kill her himself, but he ends up crushing Jin’s finger with a mallet instead. Mother speaks up for herself and tells Jin to do as her husband asks and let her die due to the struggle with poverty. Her husband blames the nobility for her state. Jin replies that he disregards the ranking and he is willing to save anyone from dying. The husband has a change of heart, Jin begins the procedure again. Jin does have a change of heart as he recall the mistake he made at the first episode. He decides to do his upmost best to save peoples’ lives. He saves the woman.

Young Rae patches up Jin’s finger outside. She is amazed that Jin’s magical medical bag can save dying people. He recalls what Mi Na has said that no matter what the results are, he still need to save peoples’ lives. That is what a doctor should do. Jin enquires about Kyung Tak being Young Rae’s fiancée. Young Rae claims that her mother did the arranged marriage when their family situation becomes really bad. They look over a vista of Hanyang together, which has Hyuk in tears – he’d looked over Seoul the same way, with Mi Na. Now he looks at Young-rae in a new light, thinking that she might be just another side of Mi Na.
The street is deserted after sunset. A man walks into their path, doubles over in pain, soils himself explosively and vomits. Young Rae’s eyes widen as she backs away because she saw the symptoms of cholera. It’s time for Dr Jin to save the dying people from cholera effect.

Point of View

This episode brings this drama back on track but there’s one unexpected (and probably unrealistic) ending: the Cholera scenario. Yes, I did enjoy the whole episode until ‘this’ came. Although I don’t have any medical knowledge, but come on, really? Does this have to happen right after Jin saves the poor mother from dying? This unexpected scenario makes me mindfully ‘laugh out loud’. I know that is based on Joseon history that there was a severe Cholera outbreak in 1886 but I just think that the ending is unrealistic. Other than that, the close up on the medical surgeries (ie blood flowing out from the patient) is interesting yet a little bit disturbing. Well, that is how the medical procedures are done to save the peoples’ life.

Kyung Tak’s character has started to develop as we can see that he is an offspring of a concubine. I am sure that he is really having a hard time to be accepted by both his father and brother. The story behind Kyung Tak and Young Rae starts to develop. We will see what happens between those two, hopefully soon. We even see Chun Hong’s suicide attempt in hoping the right ‘man’ will come and save her from drowning. It is good to see that their stories have come about and I am waiting to see more of their struggles with the people around them. I am anticipating Chun Hong’s fortune telling abilities. She probably will see Jin’s and Young Rae’s future of being together forever in the next life. I think we are going to see another love triangle (Young Rae, Jin, and Chun Hong) as both of these ladies have a crush on him. There is one character which I find him really annoying in this episode: Ha Eung. Why? It is because he just shows up out of nowhere and making lots of noises and boosts himself about how great he is. To me, he sort of almost ruins some parts of this episode like when Jin is saving peoples’ lives. I just want to punch him in the face if keeps blabbering around while not doing anything that he can do to help.

The only scene that breaks my heart is the father asks Jin to let the mother dying. At the same time, Shik cries and begs his father to save her. That is the only scene that I feel that it is emotional. In addition to that, they show that they really struggling with poverty. Thank you, nobles for putting them in a tough situation. Now, that is reality in ancient times. At least, they are able to throw out the emotions that they show that they are really having hard times to survive in the society.

Overall, there are some developments in this episode: the flow of storyline and characters. There is no way that this will make me go around in circles of confusion. One problem: the unrealistic and nauseating medical scenes. I am sorry but the symptoms of Cholera are seriously funny and awkward. This does not happened in reality. If the writers do want to make into a mix of historical and medical drama, do not, I repeat, do not make awkward and unrealistic scenes.

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