Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 4 Review

Episode Recap

The news about a cholera outbreak has reached the palace. Ministers discuss about what needs to be settle to stop this outbreak from spreading. Bodies are lying at the Southern provinces but they are more concerned about whether it will spread to Hanyang. Thus, they come to a conclusion that they will close the capital from the public to prevent the epidemic entering to the city.

After the meeting, Doctor Yoo approaches to Minister Kim and asks how the news should be shared across, including specifically how much the King will know about this. Minister Kim assures that any news regarding about this disease should be reported to him because their positions are at stake. He thinks that this is the only plan from preventing this disease. Then, he thought about Dr Jin whom he believes that Dr Jin might have a cure for this disease. Upon hearing that, Doctor Yoo grows into jealousy and suggests a place for Dr Jin to treat the patients.

Jin and Young Rae come home and see Kyung Tak who is waiting for them. Young Rae gets nervous and gets water to clean her up. Jin has the worried face while Young Rae is frighten till she says about gwejil (old term for cholera). After saying that, she hides at the corner of the room. Kyung Tak has come with an order from Doctor Yoo to send Hyuk to Hwalinseo (commoners’ hospital) to treat those who are suffering from cholera. He also warns Young Rae’s mother to not to go outside for the time being. Then, Kyung Tak and his men go to make their outbreak announcement at the streets. A sick man with cholera vomits and he is taken away by the shoulders. Basically, whoever is sick from cholera will be taken out from Hanyang.

Jin gives a lowdown about Cholera. Villagers get this disease because of the contaminated food and water that they consume. The symptoms are vomiting and urinating issues. In the end, they die. Meanwhile, the soldiers take the dead bodies and ‘soon they are going to die’ bodies outside Hanyang and bury them. The maidservant comes to tell Young Rae’s mother about the neighbours being carted off or they died from the disease. Then, the mother decides to get some mojo methods (cow blood and talismans) to prevent the disease.

Young Hwi tries to stop Jin from going to the Hwanlinseo filled with quacks, but Jin calmly assures him that he will do what he can to treat the patients. Young Rae overhears their conversation and persuades Jin not to go over there or else he could lose his life. Jin tells her not to worry and gives her some cholera prevention advice. He leaves for Hwanlinseo with her brother who tells him about Young Rae’s horror experience about losing her father because of cholera. She was taking care of his father to the very end. He takes Jin to the gate leading outside the city. Young Hwi tries again to ask Jin not to go there since he thinks that cholera is not a serious disease. But alas, Jin still insists of heading over Hwanlinseo to be the saviour of cholera patients. In the end, Young Hwi places his trusts on him and says: “Gwejil is not a disease. It is an enemy. Go and defeat it.”

Once Jin passes through the door to Hwalinseo, the streets are filled with the dead and the dying, with those still living crying out to be saved. He follows a doctor who enters the room and sees other doctors packing their stuff. Then, he notices that the doctors are abandoning the hospital. Hyuk’s in disbelief, and asks where the doctor in charge is. He finds resident quack Heo Gwang (Jung Eun Pyo) giving talismans to the patients as he performs a useless ritual, claiming it will prevent and cure cholera. Jin shows his ‘OMG, are you serious’ look on his face.

At Young Rae house, the maidservant pours cow blood on the doorways as her mother puts up talismans. Young-Rae knows that cholera won’t disappear with mojo methods on prevent the ‘ghosts’ from entering the house.

Jin starts quarrelling with Heo Gwang by throwing questions at him about the talismans. Geo Gwang assures that these talismans will save the patients. Jin holds up the talisman and asks him again about whether these talismans are the patients’ saviour. Heo Gwang doesn’t listen and claims that he is a descendant from the Huh family, a well-known doctor (which is not true at all).

Jin is the only one who knows that cholera is a bacteria and dehydration causes people dying from this disease. He tries explaining that drinking clean water will save lives but Heo Gwang finds that this idea is ridiculous. He makes Jin look like the quack by exclaiming to the people drink clean water so they will be cured, which make people laugh at such a silly idea. He shows off his talismans which stick on his chest and claims that he has been surviving from this disease for the last five years. Suddenly, he vomits all over Jin’s clothing.

Meanwhile, Chun Hong insists that Ha Eung should bring Jin to her. However, Ha Eung explains to Chun Hong that Jin has gone to treat the sick. He feels that it is a waste of time for Jin to cure cholera but Chun Hong believes that Jin is no ordinary doctor. Then, Dae Gyun shows up because he wants to have a word with Chun Hong about their previous incident at Minister Kim’s party.

Ha Eung follows Dae Gyun and his cohort out, wondering if there’s anything he can do help. The minister feels that he is annoying them and do not even bother Ha Eun. They run into a small boy named Myeong-bok, Ha-eung’s second son. He’s carrying a book from his attendance at a Seodang (a private, Joseon-era elementary school) that his father instantly rips from his hands. He tells him not to study since they will be part of the government officials. Dae Gyun and ministers make fun of Ha Eung’s son for studying which makes Ha Eung’s face goes sour.

The doctors are leaving Hwanlinseo. They are abandoning the sick and dying people. Jin comes while he supports the sick Heo Gwang from falling. He pleads with one of the doctors to give him a hand. However, the moment Heo Gwang vomits, the doctor runs. Jin is left alone with the patients.

The Father/Husband, who smashed Hyuk’s finger with a mallet, comes running. Jin is informed that his wife is sick. She’s also suffering from cholera. He makes an announcement to the townspeople. They are asked to bring all the sick into one place, and to bring sugar, salt, or anything like it to stop dehydration. He sets up a makeshift hospital and take care the sick. He also educates people in how to prevent from getting cholera. Father and Son bring him all the salt and corn syrup they could scrounge up. Jin gets the help that he needed.

Back in the capital, Ha Eung’s wife gives him some sobering news – Myeong Bok is also having cholera. He rushes home to carry his son away.

Minister Kim holds a meeting over the cholera outbreak, with Kyung Tak sitting away from the rest. The state of the outbreak is relatively controlled within the city walls. Kyung Tak is responsible for maintaining the city’s security. He notes that there is shortage of supplies. Minister Kim takes that into account, but notes that security is most important for the time being.

Ha Eung comes running through the gates with his son on his back, desperately asking for Doctor Yoo to save his son. As soon as they realize it’s cholera, the men are ordered to take his son away but Ha Eung fights off to save his son from being taken away. Ha Eung still begs the ministers to see his son but they find that losing a son in the family is no big deal. Ha Eung is in shock, and when men come again to take his son, he shields him with his body and gets beaten mercilessly for it. Kyung Tak looks away. They’re thrown out on the street. Ha Eung clutches his son to him with tears in his eyes. He will do what he can to save his son and, then, he recalls what Chun Hong says about Jin who is no ordinary doctor.

Young Rae and her maidservant went to the main gate to help the dying people outside. However, the guards block the citizens from entering which causes a riot. Then, people start to break into the entrance. Separated from her maid, Young Rae finds herself face to face with men from the riot. They recognize her as a noblewoman and ask for money. Because she said she doesn’t have any, the men start to attack her. Kyung Tak comes to the rescue and single-handedly fights with the bad men. He tells her that she is not supposed to leave the house but she is in a state of fear. Kyung Tak, then, hugs her with embrace. Young Rae murmurs while her tears fall from her eyes and saying that she is grateful. Upon hearing that, Kyung Tak smiles while he hugs her.

At the hospital, the people are still vomiting. Heo Gwang refuses to drink the electrolyte concoction as he thinks that this liquid will not cure. Jin shoves it down his throat anyway. He meets Finger Smasher outside, and notes that his wife will need an IV drip to keep her hydrated, which there is no such thing in the Joseon era. As Finger Smasher has blacksmith experience, he offers his help in making anything Jin. Jin brings out a syringe and asks him if he could make something like this. Then, he draws an IV drip on the ground. One problem, there is no rubber tubing since Jin is in the Joseon era. Luckily, he remembers that there is rubber tubing in his doctor’s bag which he left it at Young Rae’s house. On top of that, there is no way for him to get back into the capital to get it. Finger Smasher has no problem making what Hyuk needs but he is having trouble with expenses for these supplies.

Ha Eung rushes to Jin while he is carrying his son. He is willing to help Jin if Jin can save his son. He looks down at Myeong Bok and realizes that he’s holding the future King Gojong. Jin recalls the history that he learns. He knows that he lived to become king in three years historically, but Jin still worries that history could be changed if something were to go wrong.

Young Rae sneaks into the room and takes out the cross. It turns out she’s Catholic. She thinks of Hyuk as she prays. When Ha Eung comes to meet her, she immediately hides the cross. Ha Eung asks for the rubber tubing and notes her that Jin is working alone at Hwalinseo. Mom freaks out when Ha Eung asks if Young Hwi can deliver the tubing, and Young-rae overhears. When Mom goes to get her she’s already left for Hwalinseo, while she bring the tubing along with her.

Jin tends to Myeong Bok, who murmurs that it would be best for him to die. Ha Eung tracks down his own loan shark, Joo Pal, to discuss about the debt and his secret to going in and out of the city. He offers one of his orchid paintings as a deposit, and Joo Pal hilariously hands it over to his minion to use as toilet paper. Ha Eung plops himself on a stash of grain and threatens to tell the police that Joo Pal has been hiding these supplies. Joo Pal blusters about Dae Gyun being involved in this criminal act. Thus, Ha Eung goes and solve this case.

Back at the gibang, Dae Gyun tells Chun Hong to forget about the drowning incident. Ha Eung crashes in and asks for money so that he will not reveal Dae Gyun’s evil plan. When he tells them that the money is for the cholera-stricken and not for gambling, the noblemen laugh in his face. Ha Eung, then, threatens to tell Minister Kim for what has Dae Gyun done. Chun Hong helps out in making Dae Gyun to give money with her charming personality. In the end, both Ha Eung and Chun Hong succeed in getting Dae Gyun to give the money to Ha Eung.

The situation has gone really bad at Hwalinseo. Jin finds out that there is not enough ‘medicine’ to give to Myeong Bok. Heo Gwang just moans and whines, even when Jin points out that a child is taking this illness better than he is. Unfortunately, the patient next to Heo Gwang has died. Jin starts to cry after seeing a patient has died.

The ministers think that they need to get the money back from Ha Eung. Ha Eung runs to Joo Pal and his gang as shelter from the men chasing after him. He leaves Joo Pal to take care of his attackers. Ha Eung runs with the money to Hwalinseo.

Jin sits defeated as bodies are put into mass graves. Young Rae arrives. He tells her to go back because he doesn’t need the tubing anymore. Young Rae encourages to not to give up and she is willing to help him out. Heo Gwang emerges from the room with a smile on his face. She tells Jin that he has save a patient. Then, she holds his hands and tells him that she is going to help him. They offer each other reassuring looks. They then start to save the patients, including Myeong Bok.

Kyung Tak comes to take Young Rae home. She doesn’t let him enter the room as there are patients inside. Kyung Tak slices through with his sword before wielding it at Jin.

Point of View

Good news: No nauseous brain surgeries. I can see that Jin is not only a neurosurgeon but he is also a doctor. A doctor who is the saviour of curing cholera. He starts to realize that no matter what happens he will try is best to save the people from dying. At least he goes to one patient to another while staying calm. Thus, it is good to not just doing brain surgeries. I hope to see what Jin’s medical missions will be. Just don’t focus on one specialty of his: brain surgery.

Another good news: Ha Eung’s fatherly and sensitive side of his. At first, I thought he is an annoying person. But, I start to like him thanks to this episode. He keeps on begging the ministers and high officials for money, then, he runs to Jin. He does all this to save his only son from dying. Then again, what will happen if Jin saves Ha Eung’s son? Will it definitely change history? I am anxious to see what happens next. I am curious about the historical stories about Ha Eung. Other than the fact that Jin is saving people, I am looking forward to major historical events in this drama. I feel like I am the characters of these events. This is sort of like building up my interest in Joseon history.

As for Young Rae, at the moment, I don’t feel attach to Young Rae’s character yet. But, Young Rae’s character is developed slowly as she is holding a cross while praying for Jin. Hopefully, I will get to see even more of her story real soon. On a side note, she is the angel who supports Jin to the very end. Even when Jin almost decides to give up, she will always be there to give him support and encouraging words. She reminds me Florence Nightingale Oh, angel Young Rae, you have brightened me up but there is something missing within you.

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