Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 5 Review

Episode Recap

The blacksmith finally arrives with some IV prototypes, which include glass bottles for fluids and large needles. Jin demonstrates how to insert an IV to Young Rae as he performs the procedure on Myeong Bok.
Based at the end of previous episode, Kyung Tak threatens Jin whether he bring Young Rae to the village. Young Rae jumps in to defend him, claiming that she is the one who come on her own. However, Jin says that he brought her here because the villagers believe and rely on her. Kyung Tak asks him whether he knows that woman means a lot to Kyung Tak but he knows that Young Rae is his fiancée, who has a heart to save the villagers. Jin’s acknowledgement calms Kyung Tak down.

Ha Eung takes the opportunity to say that Kyung Tak is the concubine’s son even though Kyung Tak couldn’t care about the villagers. Also, he firmly tells Kyung Tak that if he wants to kill Jin, he has to kill the rest of the patients. They’re interrupted by Heo Gwang who helps Jin to take care of the patients. Myeong Bok’s health is getting worse, and Ha Eung is restrained outside while Jin tends to the boy who can barely breathe. The only way to save him is to insert the IV near the boy’s thigh where the main artery is.

Myeong Bok asks Jin whether he is going to die but Jin assures him that he is not going to die as Myeong Bok is going to rise as a nobleman. Myeong Bok eventually passes out, and Jin immediately inserts the needle at his thigh. Outside, Ha Eung earnestly pleads with the heavens to save his son. The next morning, Young Rae finds Jin still sitting by Myeong Bok at his side. She urges him to rest, though he insists to stay. He explains that he had never been so desperate to save someone. He really wants to save Myeong Bok. She pats his shoulder for support. Suddenly, Myeong Bok opens his eyes. Everyone crowds him to make sure that he pees well and he does which causes everyone to smile. This means that Myeong Bok is cured. Ha Eung thanks Jin a lot for saving his son and he is truly a special doctor. Jin quips back why would Ha Eung tried to sell him to someone else.

He gives Hyuk all the money he “borrowed” from Joo Pal for the hospital’s use, before they’re interrupted by an anonymous delivery of corn syrup and salt to make the medical solution to cure Cholera patients. Everyone is in high spirits, and Young Rae claims excitedly that someone understands that Jin is doing is upmost best to save the villagers’ lives. It turns out the secret group aka Robin Hood and his gang are the ones who bring in the supplies.

Everyone in the village, including the Blacksmith’s wife, is getting better. They all cheer happily. Heo Gwang comments that the number of patients is getting lower, which means the cholera epidemic will end soon. Suddenly, Jin vomits which means he has the Cholera and he passes out. Young Rae gets him into the hospital where he continues to vomit, and doesn’t budge when he tries to shoo her away. Young Rae points out that now Jin is a patient, not a doctor. Thus, she is the one who will be taking care of Jin.

Meanwhile, Minister Kim feasts with Kyung Take, Doctor Yoo, and Chun Hong. Under Kyung-tak’s orders an officer comes with news from Hwalinseo, and declares that Jin has come down Cholera. This comes as a shock to everyone in the room, as they wonder if anyone is there to treat him. The officer tells them that Heo Gwang and, hesitatingly say, Young Rae are taking care of Jin. Minister Kim is feeling uneasy but Kyung Tak covers for his fiancée by saying that he sent her over there to treat the patients. Minister Kim demands to know whether Kyung Tak has the heart to do so. Kyung Tak tries to reason his father but Doctor Yoo points out that he is yet to understand women really well.

Young Rae puts Jin’s teaching to good use by successfully inserting the IV needle into his arm. One problem: she does not know how much solution need to be added. Jin, in his ‘gasping for breath’ state, gives her instructions on how much solution should be added. Waiting outside, Myeong Bok is worried about Jin but Ha Eung assures him that he will be alright. Then, Ha Eung shoulders a bucket full of poop which needs to be thrown outside the village. Jin realizes how terrible it is to have Cholera in his body system. He watches Young Rae concocting medical solution nearby and thinks to himself that he is scared to die and does not want to end his life like this as the still have missions to save the villagers.

Chun Hong finds a frustrated Kyung-tak drinking while thinking about Young Rae. She mentions that Young Rae’s feelings for Jin must be sincere for her to have gone to Hwalinseo which is the last thing that Kyung Tak that wants to hear. However, she warns him that he will be in danger. Kyung Tak tells her off to tell her fortune somewhere else.

Ha Eung returns to the hospital to ask about Jin’s health. Heo Gwang doubts about the limited supplies in the village. He resolves to get support from the higher-ups, most notably Minister Kim, since he owes Jin his life. Heo Gwang thinks that the idea of asking noblemen to help the poor people is impossible. Ha Eung insists that the royal officials will lend a hand once they find out that Jin’s treatment truly works and goes off to try. Heo Gwang laughs at the antics of a king’s relative, which has Myeong Bok fuming.

Later that night, a nervous Young Hwi bumps into Kyung Tak on a deserted road. Kyung Tak is oddly suspicious of his old friend, who’s suspicious right back, until he realizes that Kyung Tak is drunk. They end up sitting near a pond they used to play at while Kyung Tak takes a somber trip down memory lane. He remembers that Young Hwi and his sister are always there for him even though he is the concubine’s son. He even says that he was relieved that Young Hwi’s family lose the money or else he will not ever marry Young Rae whom he fell in love with since he was young.

Young Hwi does sympathize, claiming that Kyung Tak isn’t the only one to suffer because of his class. Young Hwi is the sort of person who will fight the evil for the good. But he quickly catches himself from such dangerous talk, and change the subject to talk about – regarding about his father and Young Rae. Kyung-tak reminds him that he hasn’t received his father’s acknowledgment, nor has he won Young-rae’s heart. Young Hwi claims that she went to the hospital because of her kind heart but Kyung Tak thinks that is not Young Rae’s reason of going over there.

Jin’s health isn’t going well. He goes delirious, and though it’s Young Rae wiping the sweat from his brow, all he sees is Mina. He grabs Young Rae’s hand while begging Mina not to leave. Young Rae forcibly pulls her hand away and goes out to get some fresh air. She recalls what Jin ask her whether he had met him before.
Chun Hong and her fellow gisaeng arrive at the hospital. Chun Hong brings up about the CPR incident at Minister Kim’s party but Young Rae claims that she doesn’t remember. She politely dismisses Chun Hong even though Chun Hong has brought rice as gifts. Chun Hong suddenly requests to bring Jin with her which takes Young Rae by surprise. They politely argue back and forth about where Jin should be and who should take care of him. Chun Hong seems to win the argument and almost get herself into the hospital but Young Rae blocks her way. Chun Hong warns her that staying with him will be like a poison, not medicine. Heo Gwang rushes out to tell her that there’s something wrong with Jin. Both of them rush inside while the Blacksmith blocks Chun Hong from going in.

She finds Jin seizing shortly before he just goes limp. Heo Gwang frets that he can’t find a pulse and that they need to administer more of the medical solution. Young Rae remembers the medical procedure on Myeong Bok. Heo Gwang can’t perform the procedure because he’s never seen it done. Although Hyuk is naked under the sheet, she still needs to stick the IV needle at the upper thigh. Chun Hong can see Young Rae from outside, and turns to leave. When asked why, she admits that she underestimated Young Rae because of her class. She realizes that Young Rae can take care of Jin.

Meanwhile, Ha Eung has camped outside of Doctor Yoo’s home, and jumps at the chance to talk to him. He explains how great Jin’s treatment is and should be used throughout the Joseon provinces. Doctor Yoo seems to agree and ‘promises’ to discuss with Minister Kim and the royal court about this.

Young Rae is at Jin’s bedside urging him to come back. Jin enters a delirious dream where he’s back on the hospital roof in the future, and wonders to himself whether this is a dream or reality as he steps onto the ledge. He thinks that if he falls then he will go back to where he should be. However, he falls off the roof. Then again, he thinks that he shouldn’t leave Young Rae behind with the villagers who are in need of help. Young Rae’s voice pops out (asking him to come back).

Back to the real world, Jin stirs back awake. Heo Gwang runs outside to tell the villagers the good news while Jin tells Young Rae that he heard her voice. He is thankful for her to call him out to come back. The whole village cheers to hear Jin has regained consciousness, and so the whole village tramples into the hospital to see him. Everyone’s happy. Ha Eung tells Jin the good news that Doctor Yoo has approved his medical treatment and the royal court will lend their support.

However, Doctor Yoo suggests to Minister Kim that the village needs to be set on fire to prevent the cholera from spreading. Kyung Tak has been the only voice of reason so far, though in the end he’s overruled by his father. He refuses to do such an evil act. But, his father orders the man outside to send word to the police bureau to burn the village.

After Kyung Tak is sent outside he overheard Dae Gyun gossiping about him. He further claims that Kyung-tak is only incensed because his fiancée is in the village they’re about to burn. Minister Kim steps in on Kyung Tak’s place as Dae Gyun can’t be bad to him since his blood runs in Kyung Tak’s vein even though he is the concubine’s son. Upon hearing that, Kyung Tak storms back into the room and kneels before his father. Thus, he is willing to take the orders from his father. Later, Young Rae gets chloroformed by police and taken straight to Kyung Tak, who then orders that the whole village be burned to the ground.

Meanwhile, Ha Eung and the villagers welcome the officers with open arms as they thought that the medical supplies have arrived. Then, their smiles fade away. Jin, who just come back to life, hears the villagers outside screaming: ‘FIRE!’. The officers are setting fire to the village. Ha Eung runs inside the hospital to tell Jin, and together (with Heo Gwang) they rush to bring the patients to a safety place. The blacksmith notices that his son is missing, and his wife goes searching for him. She finds him hiding inside a burning house, but just as they’re about to escape the doorway explodes in flames, trapping them inside.

Jin has helped his patients to safety. Then, he notices that the blacksmith is being held back from running into the burning building to save his wife and child. Jin attempts to save them but is held back by Ha Eung who claims that it is too late to do so. Jin sinks to his knees and cries, while Young Rae is forcibly carried away by Kyung Tak on horseback.

The villagers are putting out the fire of the house with buckets of water. Well, that was fast. Inside they find the boy and his mother. She’s gone, but her son is still alive. On a hill overlooking the burning village, Young Rae shakes in rage towards Kyung Tak’s ‘evil’ actions. He adds that he does this to save Young Rae. Young Rae is not impressed and asks whether heaven is by his side. However, he replies back that so far, the heaven is not with him. With that declaration of future villainy he rides off, leaving Young Rae alone on the hill.

The entire village is in mourning as they bury the blacksmith’s wife. Jin holds back his tears as he comforts his son. He thinks about how the wife’s fate should be and he vows that he will save the people in Joseon era. On the way to find another area to live, Jin and Ha Eung spot Young Rae still on the hill. Ha Eung looks over Hanyang and notes how peaceful it is when houses outside of it are burning and people are dying. Ha Eung adds that no one knows what happened to the village.

Point of View

The problem with Minister Kim is that although he says it with sympathetic feelings and then starts to do evil schemes on the poor and innocent villagers. On the other hand, instead of ‘saving’ the villagers, Doctor Yoo persuades him to burn down the village. For goodness sake, you are a doctor. You are supposed to save people’s lives, not go nuts with money and fame. I don’t think you have the right to have the position as a royal doctor. Then, there’s Dae Gyun who just join in the fun of bullying the villagers. I feel sorry for Kyung Tak to just follow their evil orders because he just not wants to be left out. I know that Kyung Tak will not join the bad group but still he has to stand up for what is right for the community. I think he needs to show his ‘courage’ as I see that he is having a hard time since childhood.

I have a hard time cracking my head about Jin who is in his dream. Yes, the rooftop scenario. I understand that the scene meant to symbolic about whether he should go back to the present or just stick to saving people in Joseon era. But still, can’t the film production team pick a better setting than this? I’m sure the fetus jar has got to do with bringing him back to the present. I’m just saying that it is a little bit confusing of how one setting can reflect his life and time travel. The flow of the scene between Jin’s almost dying and his ‘dream’ is so complicated until you think either he goes back to the present and dies in the Joseon era or the other way round.

I start to like Jin’s monologue as he goes on the importance of life and death. Thus, his development of understanding the importance of saving people’s life is getting better. He will go even more of knowing what a ‘true’ doctor should do for the community. I am rooting for both Jin and Young Rae on helping and saving the community. So long there are no awkward and unrealistic scenes along the way, then that should be fine.

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