Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 7 Review

Episode Recap

He Eung finds out about Dae Gyun;s involvement with Gae Yang by ‘interrogating’ the translator. Meanwhile, Dae Gyun receives a box of gold, for selling Gae Yang to a foreigner, while he has the crazy smile on his face. In the conversation between Jin and Ha Eung, Jin mentions about history but Ha Eung insists that he needs to save that poor girl. Kyung Tak finds the translator. Then, he know about Dae Gyun’s evil involvement. Ha Eung and Joo Pal discuss about the gold which Dae Gyun has. Ha Eung intends to steal the gold from Dae Gyun. Joo Pal wants no part of such a dangerous plot and runs away.

Jin returns to the shed to check on Gae Yang, only to find her missing. He runs to find her and he finds her as she’s doused with water from a woman trying to get her and her disfigured face to leave. She smiles and she admits that she heard that there is no cure for her. She is glad there are people who care for her. However, she has one wish which is living as a person for a day. After Jin hearing Gae Yang’s wish, he assures her that she will live longer. Then, he starts to make penicillin.

He runs to Heo Gwang and the rest of the doctors. He asks them for help to assist in making the medicine. They done the processes of making the medicine: from culturing the mold till using separate jars with Gae Yang’s bacteria to test each batch so that only the strongest concentration can be found and used. Young Rae drops by to see the medicine process. Heo Gwang asks what medicine is it and Jin calls it ‘Penicillin’.
Ha Eung waits for Young Hwi on a deserted road. Young Hwi immediately Ha-eung holds a knife to Ha-eung’s throat. Ha Eung urges him to calm down so that he can tell him about the chest of gold which is brought by a foreigner. Kyung Tak rushes to tell his father the news while Young Hwi knows about the gold. He is curious about how much gold does Ha Eung want. Ha Eung just wants to get a few pieces to “a woman who should receive at least that much.”

Young Hwi asks why Ha Eung didn’t go straight to the royal court and tell them about this, since it is a crime to trade with Westerners. Ha Eung laughs in disbelief that he talks about the law and trusts the Court. Young-hwi wants to know what Ha Eung wants to get in return. Ha Eung feels angry toward the powerful people who takes on the woman and will get back at them really bad.

Minister Kim is in a rage at Dae Gyun who illegally done trades with the Westerners. What is worse is that he has affected his family’s reputation on the line. Dae Gyun tries to calm him down by claiming that they can make a fortune off selling the gold. Minister Kim is forced to settle the problem which is cause by Dae Gyun. The only problem is the people who know about the transaction. Kyung Tak has already done his part by locking the translator away in a separate cell to continue the interrogation. His father asks him to continue to interrogate the translator to find Gae Yang. This is a secret mission that the public should not know.
Young Hwi and his fellow men infiltrate the minister’s house under the instruction not to kill anyone. By the time Kyung Tak is outside, he notices them entering the building and, of course, he takes action. The gang find the hidden chest of gold in Dae Gyun’s room.

Jin and the doctors check if one of the penicillin samples succeed, and Jin explains that they’ll know if one of the jars is absent of germs in the area the medicine was used. All of the jars are failures, except of course the very last one, which is a success. All the doctors cheer while Jin mindfully tells himself that he had created Penicillin before Alexander Fleming. Young Rae congrats him but Jin rushes over to treat Gae Yang.

Young Hwi and his gang get caught on their way out with the gold by Kyung Tak. One of the gang gets killed and the chest of gold and its contents to spill. While the others pick up the gold, Young Hwi and Kyung Tak engage in a sword fight. Kyung Tak places his sword in front of one of Young Hwi’s gang members. However, Minister Kim comes outside to find out what’s going on. Young Hwi has no choice but to hold a sword to Minister Kim’s neck. Kyung Tak immediately aims his gun at him. Dae Gyun comes outside weaponless and sees his father is held hostage. He cries for help and the household slaves come to the rescue with torches at hand. Minister Kim tells Kyung Tak not to give in so that they won’t lose the gold. Young Hwi’s sword has already give a slight cut on his father’s neck which leaves Kyung Tak to let the bandits go with the gold to save his father. He gets a clear shot at Young Hwi but he escaped. He goes with his men to catch Young Hwi and his gang but they manage to escape.

Jin, with assistant Young Rae, gives Gae Yang an injection. They are caught by Heo Gwang and a fellow doctor as they did not know that Gae Yang was at the clinic.

Dae Gyun hits Kyung Tak to blame him for losing the gold. Kyung Tak talks back by asking whose fault for getting the gold illegally in the first place. He blames Dae Gyun for causing the family into bgi troubles. Minister Kim breaks up the fight and sends Kyung Tak to find Gae Yang so they can find the thieves. Dae Gyun is told to warn all the local goldsmiths against melting any gold which are from the Westerners. Dae Gyun laughs.

Heo Gwang scolds Jin for keeping Gae Yang at the clinic a secret. Meanwhile, Kyung Tak and his men tear the gibang apart in search of Gae Yang. Luckily, Chun Hong is able to pretend to cry and convince him that she has no idea where Gae Yang has gone. He calls off the search. Ha Eung arrives near the gibang. Then, he hides behind one of the buildings after he see Kyung Tak leaving. He overhears him telling his troops that it is all Chun Hong’s trick and he knows that she’s lying. He orders his men to keep an eye out on people who go in and out of gibang.

Ha Eung goes straight to Jin, who’s already administered the penicillin IV to Gae Yang, and the sores on her face are already healing. He’s happy that Gae Yang is getting better but they have more serious issues that they are facing as he tells Jin about the gold which he had stolen from Minister Kim’s house. They argue back and forth including Ha Eung saying that he does this for Gae Yang, but Jin says that this will put Gae Yang into more danger. Unexpectedly, Doctor Yoo drops by for a visit because he heard that Jin has created a new medicine. He is finding Gae Yang as he knew that there must be a patient if Jin is creating the medicine. The doctors try to protect the shed but Doctor Yoo manages to get in the shed which he finds it empty. Ha Eung and Young Rae bring Gae Yang to Joo Pal’s place by cart. Ha Eung wonders how Doctor Yoo got the information about Gae Yang.

Jin is told about Gae Yang’s whereabouts. Young Rae takes care of Gae Yang by giving her the Penicillin IV. Gae Yang is impressed about Young Rae, as a noblewoman, who helps taking care of people as a doctor. Joo Pal offers them, including Gae Yang, a safe hideout. Ha Eung asks for his help in arranging for her travel back to her hometown and some money so she can buy land. At first, Joo Pal is unwilling to help out. However, a bar of gold is given to Joo Pal and he agrees to do everything he can to help.

Chun Hong and Yeon Shim sneak out of the gibang to see Gae Yang. But, they are spotted by one of Kyung Tak’s men. He reports to Kyung Tak who will bring his troops to catch Gae Yang. They dress Gae Yang up and put makeup on her. They comment about her beauty. She thinks they’re talking nonsense but they hand her a mirror to check for herself. She looks at herself in the mirror and admires her beauty. Chun Hong is happy for her and she asks Gae Yang to see Ha Eung with her beautiful looks. However, Kyung Tak and his men budge into the room and drag Gae Yang away. Ha Eung and Joo Pal are returning with supplies for her journey. They see Kyung Tak and his men taking Gae Yang. Ha Eung tries to go and save her but he is being held back by Joo Pal as he believes that it is to0 late to save her. Chun Hong clings to Gae Yang and asks Kyung Tak to spare her life. He tells her that hiding a criminal is also a severe crime, but he’ll look over it considering the friendship between gisaengs. In the end, Gae Yang is taken away alone.

Gae Yang is being tortured by Dae Gyun.He demands to know who she told about what happened with the Westerner, though she still claims she told no one. He doesn’t believe her since ‘Robin Hood and his gang’ found out about the gold. Kyung Tak just looks on as she is being tortured badly. One of the officials tries to promise her that if she only reveals who she told, she’ll be treated and even given money to go to her hometown. She points out that she has this disease because of the evil officials. He orders the exterminator to torture her by burning. Kyung Tak looks away as she is crying in agony because of the burning torture.
Jin and the rest of the people are told about Gae Yang’s painful punishment and health state. Young Rae resolves that they must save her. She goes straight to Kyung Tak to beg him to let Jin look at Gae Yang’s health state and give her Penicillin injection. He denies on doing so but Young Rae drops to her knees to beg. If he let Jin do so, she promises not to visit Hwalinseo agin. Kyung Ta kneels in front of her and takes her hand to help her to her feet. He tells her to send Jin over when it’s dark, and that he hopes she’ll keep her promise.

Later that night, Kyung Tak uses his authority to allow Jin to tend to Gae Yang in prison. Jin looks at her injuries and prepares to give her an injection. He reminds her that he promise her to help her to live. He assures her that she will be released as soon as possible. On the other hand, she is worried that Ha Eung will be in danger. Suddenly, Dae Gyun barges in and demands to know who let Jin in. Kyung Tak gets a hard slap for letting Jin in. Minister Kim arrives and orders the men to take Jin away from prison. He can’t figure out why Jin is willing to save a gisaeng. This means that saving the high officials is better than saving the poor people. However, Jin thinks differently. Bad news come as Gae Yang has bitten her tongue and committed suicide.

At the gibang, Chun Hong tries to stop Ha Eung from going to the bureau to confess his crimes in order to free Gae Yang of guilt. Then, they find that Gae Yang’s body is carried in. All the girls are struck with horrible grief while Ha Eung murmurs her name in sadness. A funeral procession is held while making their way through the streets. A mourning song plays and all the gisaengs are dressed in white. Everyone is looking at the funeral procession. Ha Eung is at the rooftop and he pours the wine as an offering.

Jin pours a drink for Chun Hong. She says about her sufferings as a gisaeng which brings her a lot of sadness. She hopes that she will live as a normal woman in the other world. Jin thinks about Mi Na’s talk talk of parallel universes. Jin questions Chun Hong about what is she exactly saying. She tells him that it must because of her drunken state that made her say these things. She, even in tears, smiles and asks him if he’d like a drink.

Minister Kim invites Kyung Tak for a drink. He pours a glass for Kyung Tak. He wants to reward his son for his hardwork effort. He wants his father to approve his marriage with Young Rae.
Jin comes home and finds Young Rae who is unable to sleep. He thinks about what Chun Hong had said about other worlds. He musters up his courage to ask Young Rae whether is it the possibility that they will meet or met before at other worlds.

As time goes by, the demand for penicillin is high. Ha Eung has just returned from a journey to conveniently calm his body and spirit. He tells Jin that a patient, who is a high-ranking noblewoman, wants to see him in private.

Kyung Tak visits at Young Rae’s house. In the room, where Young Rae’s mother and Young Hwi is, Kyung Tak gives a grand bow and delivers the news that Minister Kim has approved their marriage. He hopes to have the marriage as soon as possible. Young Rae’s face is sad as it is sudden to have the wedding but her mother says that it should be done before it’s too late.

Jin, Ha Eung, and Heo Gwang pay a visit to the noblewoman in need of care. Heo Gwang reads her pulse via a string through the door and declares her healthy, but Jin is asked to go inside. The noblewoman inside (Jang Young Nam) takes off her neck scarf to reveal a huge sore on her neck. Outside, Heo Gwang asks who the patient is. Ha Eung says that it is better not to know. After examining the sore, Jin tells the frightened noblewoman that she has tumour and a simple surgery will take care of it. She wants it gone as soon as possible.

Young Rae’s mother waits outside for Jin at home. She asks him to move out as soon as possible since Young Rae and Kyung Tak are getting married. Young Rae comes out and cries out ‘Mother’.

Point of View

I have started to get bored with this drama as the episodes go on and on. There are some editing problems. For example, when Jin has found the cure and brings it to Gae Yang. Notice there are less spots on Gae Yang’s face. It supposed to happen right after Jin gives her the medicine. But no, her less spots on the spot are revealed before Jin even injects the penicillin into her system. Where on earth the spots went? How did it happen? That is an example of editing problem which I shook my head. There are good parts like how Gae Yang has to go through being tortured by the evil Dae Gyun. But, there is something missing in this episode. I can’t find that ‘thing’ which makes this episode interesting. Thus, I felt that there is no ‘spices’ in this episode.

I don’t get with the next group of patients or a special patient that he has to check on them. I mean after the village burning, he is working at the clinic. The next thing after Gae Yang’s death, he is attending other patients at the clinic. Then, there’s Ha Eung who went on a trip to cool down his sadness from Gae Yang’s death. The problem is that skipping scenes from a few episodes to another makes me in total confusion. Like seriously confuse. I know that the writers want Jin to encounter many situations in the Joseon era and most probably helping to save the poor community from being bullied by the rich government officials. But, still the writers can’t just leave the blanks and skip from one part to another. A connection time flow scenarios, please. I mean it.

I feel sorry for Jin. He goes on saving that person like a hero but that person died. Then, he has to go back as being the doctor who takes care of the patients. I sense that Jin is having a rough time. As in, he is having difficulty and even I have no idea what on earth he is doing from one problem to another. For me, in this episode, I can’t feel the connection with Jin in this drama. A good point is that he realize about how people are suffering and how not to change history. I’m quite curious on what happened next with Jin’s reactions on the marriage between Kyung Tak and Young Rae. There must be something exciting especially the love triangle. Writers, I have something to say. Please, don’t leave spaces within this drama so that I don’t have to go around in circles of confusion including the time skip scenarios. I mean it.

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