To the Beautiful You Episode 10 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Gyul is shocked to see Tae Joon and Jae Hee are sleeping on the same bed. Jae Hee immediately pushes Tae Joon off the bed. Sad Eun Gyul walks back to his room and climbs into bed.

Tae Joon and Jae Hee are becoming awkward among each other. Tae Joon checks on Jae Hee if her fever has gone done which it did. She thanks him for taking care of her. He replies that it’s no big deal since they’re roommates. She drops her toiletires and Tae Joon turns his back as he pretends that he didn’t see the tampons that fall out from her pouch. Tae Joon receives a text about an interview. In the bathroom, Jae Hee tells herself to come to her senses that she cannot have feelings for Tae Joon.

Eun Gyul thinks to scenarios of how Tae Joon and Jae Hee ended up in the same bed together. Fantasy versions: (1) Both of them knock their heads while picking up the coin and they fall into bed unconscious. (2) Jae Hee sleep falls onto Tae Joon’s bed. (3) Jae Hee decides to sleep on Tae Joon’s bed after a pillow fight. However, Eun Gyul is still confused.

Reporter Yang interviews Tae Joon and she asks Director Jang to keep quiet. Tae Joon admits that he was in a slump and he rejected Coach Holton’s offer to train in Canada. Reporter Yang still believes there is something fishy about Tae Joon as she thinks he’s staying because of someone special. Tae Joon answers that he wants to show his jumping to someone. With surprise, Reporter Yang asks whether that person is Hanna. Tae Joon keeps quiet.

In the car, Director Jang asks if Tae Joon is dating someone. He denies it and sighs that he didn’t want to lie about it. Director asks again if he’s dating with Hanna. Tae Joon denies and he’s going to have a power nap because he didn’t sleep well last night.

Johnny looks at the photos of Jae Hee. His assistant recognizes as the male students who came the other day and remarks that she looks pretty feminine. He admits that Jae Hee is a girl. He calls her a frog princess who intense to release her from the spell she’s under. He looks at Jae Hee at his computer screen again.

Eun Gyul comes to Tae Joon’s room to return the book to Jae Hee. He adds that there’s going to be a dorm inspection which means he has to hide the porn related items. Tae Joon points out that he’s not interested I those things and Eun Gyul doesn’t believe it. Tae Joon remembers that Jae Hee keeps her feminine toiletries. So, he runs to his classmates and asks for some porn magaizines. Tae Joon immediately hides somewhere as Dorm 2 inspections begin. The principal gives the students a warning that they’ll be punished if the prohibited items are found. When they are at Tae Joon’s and Jae Hee’s room, Seung Ri goes up to check the loft. Jae Hee hopes that he’s not be able to find it. Then, after checking a few drawers, the principal found porn magazines under Tae Joon’s bed and is shocked to find that his idol look at these things. The principal flips through the pages and walks out. Seung Ri goes after him and tells him that the porn magazines need to be confiscated. Jae Hee is relief that she didn’t get caught and is surprised to hear that Tae Joon knew about the inspections. Tae Joon is running with the other guys as punishment.

The article about the Tae Joon’s secret person is appeared in the news. The girls think that it’s Hanna who coolly says it’s her but she gets the angry glares from Tae Joon’s fans. Hanna is uncomfortable to find about Tae Joon’s news. The boys are gossiping about Tae Joon and they believe that the person is obviously Hanna. Seung Ri is sad while Eun Gyul thinks that Tae Joon could do so much better. Jae Hee murmurs so what. Eun Gyul shouts that Hanna is a snob from head to toe which makes Seung Ri angry and shouts at them. They shrink and say that Hanna is pretty.

Cute Tae Joon sneaks up behind Jae Hee who is lose in daze after hearing the news. Jae Hee did Tae Joon decides to stay at Korea and Tae Joon confirms that it’s true. Tae Joon confesses that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but he has the reason for him to stay. Unfortunately, Jae Hee is upset. Tae Joon asks if she really wanted him to go to Canada but she keeps quiet. He thinks that it’s enough for her to see him jump. Jae Hee points out that he has lost the opportunity to train under Coach Holton. She asks why he decides to turn down Coach Holton’s offer. She takes his silence as he’s not saying him. She walks off while crying.

Tae Joon goes after her but Johnny takes her away as he wants to spend a day with her. Johnny looks at Tae Joon at a distance and drives his car with Jae Hee. Johnny tries to cheer her up but she calls him corny.

Tae Joon gets a call from Hanna who asks to come with her to his cousin’s exhibition. He’s in no mood to attend but she says that she will still come to Genie High if he doesn’t go with her.

Eun Gyul’s coach praises Eun Gyul for his determination and informs him that the Youth National Team is looking for the next batch to participate in the next match. He hiccups because he’s nervous and the coach assures that Eun Gyul will be picked. Eun Gyul comments that it would be nice if the coach were picked and vows to avenge his grudge for him.

Johnny brings Jae Hee to a clothing shop because he’s bringing her as a date for tonight’s event. He doesn’t know anyone in Korea and he can’t be lonely. All she can think of is eating. He asks her to change into a beautiful dress instead of being in a school uniform.

Hanna gives a light kick behind her manager’s seat. Her manager remarks that Tae Joon and Hanna look good together. Tae Joon adjusts his suit and asks who would notice if he didn’t show up. Hanna says that she will notice. She asks him about him not going to Canada and he gives a vague answer. Hanna smiles and supports his decision to stay.

On the other hand, Eun Gyul is shopping and he spots a pair of long sleeved striped shirts.

Jae Hee takes a lot of food and complains to Johnny about her uncomfortable wig. He smiles back at her and says that she looks pretty tonight. Hanna and Tae Joon arrive at the event. He congratulates his cousin for on his exhibition. He nudges her when she asks for a thank you gift for attending the event.

Eun Gyul practices in the mirror on how to present the gift to Jae Hee but is frustrated over the attempts he has tried to make. He comes out from the bathroom and finds Hyun Jae smiling. Hyun Jae thanks him for the early birthday gift. Eun Gyul takes it away and tells him that it isn’t his. He tries to make up for it by giving him birthday punches but Hyun Jae grabs him by the shirtfront.

Jae Hee hesitates to call Tae Joon. Johnny walks up to her and notices that she’s bored which he also feels the same. He brings her somewhere as he wants to show her something interesting. He leads her to the corner of the hall and surprises her with all the photos of her. She is surprised to see so many of them and wonders when he took photos of her. Johnny admits that he’s happy to see the photos which he has taken. Jae Hee is sincerely moved which makes him happy. Johnny bites his lip and swallows hard. He slowly says that he has been by her side since she was young. He vows that he will continue to do so in the future. Thus, he wants her to be by her side. He says that he’s confessing his love to her. He tells her to take her time to think about it. He’ll be waiting for her answer.

Outside, Jae Hee sees Tae Joon. She wants to go to him but she remembers that she’s in a dress. The worse thing is that Hanna is with Tae Joon. She slips away but Hanna sees a glimpse of her. Hanna follows her and wonders why she is running away. Jae Hee is at a dead end. Before Hanna finds her, Tae Joon stops Hanna. Johnny shows up and tells them that they’re at a restricted area. After they leave, Johnny apologizes to Jae Hee for the troubles.

Later, Johnny greets Tae Joon with a joke that this is the first time for him to wait for a guy. He gets straight to the point: if Jae Hee is not happy by his side, he has to let her go. Johnny admits that he likes Jae Hee and he’s confident that he won’t make things difficult for her.

Tae Joon returns to the room and finds Jae Hee is sleeping. After he goes down, it turns out that she’s not sleeping.

Eun Gyul comes out from the soccer practice to pass the gift to Jae Hee. He lies that the shirt is too small for him so he decides to give to her. He says that he has something to say to her but he’ll tell her after he gets picked from the National Team. Curious jae Hee keeps asking him to tell her but Eun Gyul insists that he’ll tell her later.

Jae Hee has a bonding time with Sang Chu. She wonders why she’s so upset when she sees Tae Joon. She knows that she shouldn’t be thinking like this but she can’t help it. Tae Joon shows up and Jae Hee attempts to leave but she’s stopped bu Tae Joon. He asks her if she’s free today. He takes her wrist and tells her to follow him.

Jae Hee asks where they are going. He says that he wants someone to accompany to go out and take pictures. He shares some eggs as snacks. He crack an egg on her head. When she eats the egg, she remembers that Tae Joon doesn’t like to eat egg yolks. She asks Tae Joon to give her the egg yolk. She hiccups and Tae Joon gives her the drink.

They spend their time together at the park: taking photos of nature and each other. They also take themselves a picture together. Then, they cutely play hide-and-seek. They rest on the grass. Tae Joon says that Hanna wasn’t the reason that he decided to go to Canada. However, he can’t tell her the real reason just yet. He points out that he’s not going anywhere so neither should she. She asks where will she go and he reply anywhere which makes him smiles. On the way back home by bus, Tae Joon dozes off and his head falls on Jae Hee’s shoulder. She gently tries to lift it back up but he snuggles closer. Jae Hee brushes his bangs away and stops herself as she doesn’t want to be too greedy.

Hanna is still thinking about the mysterious girl from the exhibition. After she hears about an upcoming interview, she is still curious about Jae Hee. She finds the yearbook and decides to flip through it. Then, she finds the picture of Jay Dawson aka Jae Hee. She had found Jae Hee’s true identity.

Teacher Lee finds Coach Baek is making some ramyun. He says that he can make a mean bowl of ramyun and offers her some. She declines as she doesn’t eat instant. But we see Teacher Lee is happily eating ramyun. She asks Coach Baek why he quite sports since he used to be an Olympic silver medallist. He admits that he grew tired of it and thought that once he left, he’ll be free. However, his realization came too late when he suffered an injury. Teacher Lee asks what did he realized. He accidentally touches the hot pot and he smiles as she looks at his injury. Coach Baek confesses that high jumping was all he knew.

Johnny looks at the photos of Tae Joon high jumping and then looks at photos of Jae Hee side by side.
Eun Gyul is about to leave for his match but Jae Hee waves at him. She gives him a shirt which is embroidered with a taeguki for good luck. She asks whether it’s too girly. He shakes his head no and thanks her for the gift.

Jae Hee is not surprised to see Hanna showing up in her room. Hanna throws Jae Hee’s toiletries from her bag. Hanna confronts to Jae Hee that she had found out the truth and finds that the whole situation is ridiculous. Jae Hee begs Hanna to keep her secret and Hanna yells back at her. She has no intention to keep her secret and ignore Jae Hee’s pleads. She storms out as she immediately wants to report this issue to the school office.

Hanna runs into Doctor Jang and tells him that there’s a girl in the school. He pretends to be surprised and pulls her away. Doctor Jang sends a text to inform Jae Hee that he’ll settle with Hanna and tells her not to worry. In his office, Doctor Jang tells Hanna that she’s overreacting and asks her to sit down and talk about it. He warns that the principal might take action against Tae Joon who hides a girl in the room. He advises her to stay quiet for the time being. The truth will be revealed on its own. She warns him that she’ll take matters into her own hands if she can’t wait longer. Doctor Jang stops her because he wants an autograph from her.

Tae Joon is not happy to see Hanna since girls are not allowed to be at the boys’ school. She tells him that Jae Hee is a girl. When she looks that he isn’t surprised, she is shocked to see that Tae Joon knew it all along. While in tears, she points out that Jae Hee is the reason that he decides not to go to Canada. She hits Tae Joon to release her sadness and anger. He tries to apologize to her and asks her keep it as a secret. He asks her to let Jae Hee be the one to tell the truth.

At Doctor Jang’s office, she wonders how Hanna found out about her identity. Doctor Jang points out that it isn’t important but she needs time to settle some things. She recalls the memories she has made with Tae Joon from her first encounter at the steps till he chased her around in the room with the cake.

While she gets ready for her interview, she sends a text to Tae Joon. She agrees to keep that secret but Tae Joon has to grant her a favour.

The soccer team returns to school after the match. Eun Gyul receives the bad news from the coach that he didn’t make the team. Disappointed Eun Gyul is at the soccer field. A single tear runs down his cheek and he buries his face in the shirt that is given by Jae Hee.

Doctor Jang leaves Tae Joon and Jae Hee to talk things out. Jae Hee is about to say something to Tae Joon but a student points out that Hanna is on TV. Hanna is interviewed by the host who asks her about the upcoming championships. Hanna admits that she’s here to announce something. She confesses that she likes someone. She announces that she and Tae Joon are dating. She looks at the camera and say messages to Tae Joon. All the students look at Tae Joon who is seriously shocked.

Point of View

You know there’s a saying: Keep calm and carry on. I’m sure that this is absolutely not going to happen. There’s no way that Tae Joon and Hanna are going on a date.

Even though, Woo Bin is just the cameo for this drama but he has more appearances in this episode to showcase his acting abilities. If I was Jae Hee, I will feel so touched when Johnny shows me all the portraits of me confess that he wants us to be together and forever. It’s a good thing Johnny let Jae Hee think about it. Johnny is confident that he’ll win her heart which makes Tae Joon pretty angry. However, I love it when Tae Joon gets jealous because it’s obvious that he has feelings for Jae Hee. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to make the plot more interesting: Jae Hee accepts Johnny, which means Jung Hoon will be staying longer, and it’s the love complications between Tae Joon and Jae Hee since Hanna announced that they’re dating. Why do I get the feeling there’s going to be lots of drama in this series?

I start to like Jae Hee as she starts to deal with her feelings over Tae Joon even though she insists that she admires Tae Joon as his idol who encourages her to stay strong. She still has Tae Joon’s encouraging quote to keep herself going forward. One problem though. There is some confusion about Tae Joon’s and Jae Hee’s feelings about each other besides the fact that Jae Hee wants to see him jump again. Let’s just put that aside and see how this love rollercoaster ride goes.

Hanna, I just want to come up to you and slap your face. Yes, I seriously mean it. She thinks that her own little world has tumbled down because she finds out that Jae Hee is a girl and Tae Joon knew about it from the very beginning which breaks her heart. So, she decides that no one else can take her oppa away by declaring a fake relationship with Tae Joon. That’s just too cruel. When I hear her announcement, I was in shocked, want to tell her off, and punch her in the face.

I feel sorry for Eun Gyul who didn’t make it to the national team which breaks his heart that not only it stops him to be a soccer player sensation but also he will not be able to confess his love to Jae Hee. It’s not the end of the world for him. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Look at him. He’s all smiley and cheerful on whatever he does even when he tries to impress Jae Hee.

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