To the Beautiful You Episode 11 Review

Episode Recap

Tae Joon storms out after hearing Hanna’s public announcement. Jae Hee chases after him because she got something to say to him. She tries to say but Tae Joon cuts in and says that they’ll talk later.

Hanna ignores Director Jang’s calls and finds Tae Joon waiting outside for her. They go to a café and Tae Joon asks why she’s confessing her love. She plays dumb which makes him so angry. She confesses that her feeling for Tae Joon is not a secret and he’s completely a different person after Jae Hee showed up. Tae Joon says that he’ll take care of Jae Hee. Hanna asks again why he pretends not to know that Jae Hee is a girl. She asks him whether he likes Jae Hee. Tae Joon looks away and angry Hanna tells him to choose: go on a date with her or kick Jae Hee out.

On the other hand, she shares her problems with Sang Chu. She wonders if he’ll get angry if he found out about her true identity. But, it’s better that she tells him herself rather than hearing it from someone else. Jae Hee starts to cry.

Eun Gyul kicks the ball at the soccer field while being frustrated that he’s not selected to be part of the national team. He thinks back when Jae Hee says that Tae Joon was the reason she was here.

He runs into Jae Hee. Both of them cover their gloomy faces. He thought that there’s sweat on her face but it turns out they’re tears. He asks her whether she was crying. Jae Hee denies it.

It starts to rain and Jae Hee waits outside for Tae Joon. When he arrives, she immediately covers him with her umbrella. Later, they lie in bed but they can’t sleep.

Hanna’s love confession becomes a hot topic. Tae Joon’s fanclub protests about the relationship between Hanna and Tae Joon. Director Jang is stressed out while Tae Joon hears sarcastic congratulations from his schoolmates.

Jae Hee is alone at the laundry room. She thinks back when she met with Johnny who wore his lucky hat. She pauses and Johnny removes his hat since he’s ready to hear an answer from her. She tells him that he’s like an oppa to her and he cuts in that he knows that it’s a compliment but his heart is telling him not to keep his hopes up. Then, he knew her answer and Jae Hee apologizes for not accepting him. He accepts her rejection like a man and tells her that he’s fine. Lastly, he says that he’ll always be by her side.

At present, Eun Gyul cheers her up with a hand sock puppet show. The puppets quarrel over how they smell and clarify that they’re socks, not onions. Jae Hee wonders why Eun Gyul is absent from class and he replies that he overslept. He asks her why she does the laundry every day and jokes that it’s not like she’s a girl. He finds that Jae Hee is doing Tae Joon’s laundry. Eun Gyul asks her if she likes Tae Joon which she immediately denies it in surprise. Eun Gyul points out that he’s joking.

Tae Joon and Hanna come to the agency. Tae Joon requests her to tell the truth to Director Jang. Hanna sarcastically points out that she will not only say that they’re not dating but she also will say that Jae Hee is a girl. Tae Joon decides to keep quiet while Director Jang gives a good lecture. Director Jang is disappointed about the both of them. She decides to settle this problem as soon as possible. After that, he leaves immediately without accepting a lunch invite from Hanna. Before Hanna catches up with him, she receives a text from Jae Hee.

Eun Gyul is shocked to hear about Tae Joon’s dating scandal. He finds out that’s why Jae Hee is so upset. He talks seriously with Tae Joon. He gets to the point: what does Tae Joon think of Jae Hee? He repeats the question again when Tae Joon is surprised. Eun Gyul continues to ask him but Tae Joon avoids answering them. Eun Gyul warns him not to make Jae Hee cry. Eun Gyul adds that he likes Jae Hee. So, Tae Joon better not hurt Jae Hee’s feelings.

Jae Hee and Hanna have a ‘chat’. Hanna scoffs when Jae Hee asks why Hanna hasn’t told Tae Joon that she knows about Jae Hee’s identity. Hanna asks whether she should go and tell him. Hanna asks again why Jae Hee come? Is she a sasaeng fan? Hanna points out that Tae Joon is dating her. She gets up to leave and Jae Hee begs her to let her tell Tae Joon the truth herself. Hanna orders her not to tell him. Jae Hee will still act as a boy until Hanna gives her the permission.

Jae Hee returns and lies to Tae Joon that she was out with a friend. He tells her that he worries about her because of the ‘scary’ people. So, she is told not to stay out late because it bothers him. She thought that she has hit past his 40 decibel boundary and apologizes. Tae Joon walks towards her to straighten things out but he accidentally places his hand on her chest. They stand there awkwardly. Tae Joon excuses himself and walks out the door. He talks a deep breath and places his hand over his beating heart.

She visits Doctor Jang and asks for some ‘sanitary pads’ which makes him sigh deeply.

Tae Joon returns from his run and gives Jae Hee the medicine to cure her stomach pain. He sits on his bed and smiles.

Jong Min waits for Eun Gyul but complains why Eun Gyul hasn’t come back. Hyun Jae asks Jong Min and Seung Ri to leave. Seung Ri laughs so much until he feels the pain in his stomach.

Tae Joon sits next to Sang Chu and wonders about the problems he had with Hanna and wonders how he’s going to hide Jae Hee’s secret. Sang Chu barks in agreement.

Hanna receives a text from Tae Joon. She gets herself distracted that she injured her foot. Tae Joon returns to the dorm after he was unable to meet with Hanna. He has something to say to Jae Hee but he gets an urgent call from the hospital. Tae Joon runs to the hospital and Director Jang wants to have a word with him. Then, Tae Joon enters Hanna’s room with a sad expression.

Hanna complains about Tae Joon for not coming so soon to the hospital. She assures that it’s just a sprain ankle but his expression is so obvious. Previously, Director Jang tells him the bad news that Hanna’s career is over. Even though she has a nasty personality, but she’s a skilled and hardworking athlete. She wonders what Hanna was thinking about that she would make that kind of mistake. Hanna drinks the water which is given by Tae Joon. She says that she wants to eat something and Tae Joon asks what she wants to eat. Then, she admits that she just needs someone to accompany her. She’s afraid to sleep alone so he asks him to stay overnight with her. Tae Joon agrees and he sends a text to Jae Hee. Hanna talks about all the things that she wants to do with Tae Joon since she had announced publicly that they’re in a relationship. Tae Joon doesn’t answer and tucks her into bed. He steps out for a while and Hanna is happy that she gets herself hurt. Then, Tae Joon’s phone dings and Hanna sees a replied text from Jae Hee. She deletes it.
Seung Ri is at the hospital and he thought that Tae Joon has come to visit. Tae Joon corrects that he comes to visit a ‘friend’ who is hospitalized here. Seung Ri awkwardly laughs. Seung Ri’s father, the doctor at the hospital, shows up. Seung Ri smiles when his father says Hanna’s name. He expresses his worries while he is dragged away by the ear by his father.

Tae Joon and Jae Hee wait for each other for a text but no response.

The next morning, Jae Hee wakes up to see Tae Joon is packing his things to stay over at the hospital. She asks if Hanna’s condition is serious and he tells her that Hanna might be unable to do sports again.

At class, the boys laugh that Tae Joon is with Hanna. Jong Min complains again that Eun Gyul is absent. Lonely Jae Hee is sad.

Director Jang believes that they can’t keep the truth from Hanna much longer. Her parents won’t be returning from Europe until the following night but they can’t delay the treatment for too long. Tae Joon volunteers to tell Hanna the bad news. H walks in to see Hanna who excitedly writes a list of food she wants to eat. Tae Joon sits down and says that he has something to say to her. Hanna is nervous when he takes her hand. She asks what it is. Jae Hee comes with a bouquet of flowers. She opens the door and sees Hanna crying on Tae Joon shoulders while he pats her back to comfort her. She turns back and leaves.

She cleans the room. Hyun Jae comes in and asks if she hasn’t heard anything from Eun Gyul. Hyun Jae hopes that he doesn’t do anything silly since he wasn’t selected from the national team. Jae Hee is surprised to hear that and Hyun Jae sighs as he thought they’re best friends. She asks for Eun Gyul’s home address.

Eun Gyul spends his time at home. His mother asks him if he’s not going to school today again. He asks why she keeps asking him that if she’s the one who’s sick. His mother laughs that it’s no big deal and her surgery date is set. Surprisingly, Jae Hee shows up outside his house. He takes her to a spot which overlooks the city. He says that whenever he sits here and don’t think of anything, it really feels like he’s not thinking of anything. It calms him down. Jae Hee asks why Eun Gyul didn’t tell her that he didn’t get into the national team and apologizes for not paying enough attention to him.

He answers that he didn’t show up at school because his mother is sick and he lost his phone on his way here. Jae Hee asks if her condition is serious and he admits that it’s an excuse to escape from something he’s afraid of. He adds that he needs to be outside the school to clear his thoughts because he always gets himself in the same problem. He laughs when Jae Hee asks whether it’s about soccer. Eun Gyul changes the subject. Jae Hee brings up the topic about Tae Joon who is the reason that she came. She regrets that she has come. Eun Gyul’s heart beats while he hesitates to place his arm around her shoulders but he stops himself.

Tae Joon sees Hanna watching other rhythmic gymnasts in her hospital room. Tae Joon goes out to fulfil Hanna’s wish and she secretly looks through his pictures on his phone. She finds a photo of Jae Hee playing basketball. She forces herself to smile when he comes back. She remembers that Tae Joon decides to do high jump but he changed his mind. She asks if it’s Jae Hee. Tae Joon nods. He remains silent when she asks if he likes her. She asks what he would do if she doesn’t want to let him go. She cries as if everything has left her while Tae Joon continues to keep quiet.

Eun Gyul watches from the porch while Jae Hee plays with his dog. Then, she sits there with a sad face. Eun Gyul doesn’t want to see her get hurt. He walks into the kitchen and gives his mother a side hug. He apologizes. When his mother asks what’s wrong, he replies that he might do something shameful in the future. His mother lists all the possibilities until she says that he steals money. Eun Gyul assures that he didn’t do such things. Unfortunately, his father overheard it and chases him around with his golf club and yells at him.

At the hospital, Hanna says that she wants to go somewhere. Tae Joon brings her to the darkened gymnasium. Hanna points out that if she’s not injured, then she will be able to compete today. Tae Joon tries to support her and tells her that she needs to go through rehab but Hanna wonders whether it’ll work. She wants to show her routine and he asks her not to push herself too hard. So, she takes off her shoes and starts to perform her heart out. She goes through the pain and hop on her good leg. She recalls the time when they were young and promised each other that they’ll get gold medals in their sport career. She steps with her injured foot and falls down to the floor in pain. Tae Joon immediately goes to help her out but stops and kneels beside her. As she cries, she kisses the floor mat and says her thanks and goodbyes.

Tae Joon tucks Hanna into her hospital bed. He checks the time and tells Hanna that he should tell her the truth. However, she sends him away because she wants to be alone. He insists that he’ll stay until her parents arrive but she still wants him to leave. She admits that she is sick for chasing someone who hates her. She goes on saying that since he’s not good in sports, she decides to let him go. Finally, she asks him to go as she doesn’t want to see his face.

Eun Gyul and Jae Hee come back to school. Before Jae Hee enters her room, Eun Gyul calls her and walks toward her with determination because he has something to tell her. He reminds her not to be too surprised. She asks what he has to say. Eun Gyul confesses that he knows that she’s a guy. Tae Joon walks in and see the two of them. Then, Eun Gyul finally says that he loves Jae Hee.

Point of View

Eun Gyul, you have finally confessed your love to Jae Hee even though you haven’t find out that she’s a girl. This is going to be interesting.

Whenever both Jae Hee and Tae Joon want to say something, it’s either unexpected things happen block them or they took their time for the courage to do. They are going around in circles until they find the right point and the right time. You can see their emotions and face expressions whenever they want to say something. All of us will think ‘just say it already’ when they say ‘I have something to tell you’, agree? We all waited for that expected answer but we have to wait again in the next episodes. It’s the test of patience in want something to happen quickly. Ah, the intense of wanting them to confess their love and they live happily ever moment.

I change my mind. I decided not to hate Hanna because she’s also having a hard time even though she can be a pain who expects to get whatever she wants. She likes Tae Joon as an Oppa and she can’t let go of him because doesn’t want to be left alone. She did work hard to be a well-known rhythmic gymnast. The question is this: Hanna is doing this for passion in sport or she’s doing it to impressed Tae Joon. What do you think? It breaks my heart when she’s injured and she no longer participates in sports. So, her dreams are washed away at the moment. Hanna, don’t worry. I’m happy that you let Tae Joon go. You like him as an Oppa. And, you have better ways to make yourself happy and you’ll get back on your feet like Tae Joon to achieve your dreams.

Eun Gyul, Eun Gyul, Eun Gyul. He has been having a really hard time for having feelings for Jae Hee. When Jae Hee’s sad, he’s sad. It hurts when he’s unsure whether he should like a guy. Then again, I’m glad that he got the courage to say to Jae Hee and his rival, Tae Joon, about his love confession. Based on the preview of the next episode, looks like it’s going to be another battle of love triangle.

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