To the Beautiful You Episode 12 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Gyul confesses to Jae Hee that he loves her. Jae Hee asks to stop joking around but Eun Gyul insists that what he says is true. Tae Joon steps in and is surprised to see them together. Jae Hee tells Tae Joon that they just came back from Eun Gyul’s house because she was worried about him. She adds that they came back together. Tae Joon and Jae Hee go inside their room and close the door before Eun Gyul.

In the room, Tae Joon asks what they were talking about earlier. Jae Hee comes back to her senses and says that it’s nothing. However, her cheeks are blushing. She is happy to hear that Tae Joon will be back sleeping in the room. Tae Joon teasingly reminds her who the owner of this room is and her answer is that it’s Tae Joon. They smile and Tae Joon clarifies that Hanna and him are not in ‘that kind of relationship’. Jae Hee is in the bathroom while she looks relief to hear what Tae Joon had said. Tae Joon wonders if Eun Gyul has already confessed his feelings to Jae Hee.

On the other hand, Eun Gyul praises himself for doing a good job. Unexpectedly, he tells Hyun Jae not to take off his shirt in front of him but he doesn’t care and continues to do so. Eun Gyul realizes that he might be gay but he’s not attracted to every guy. He comments that Hyun Jae is not attractive and Hyun Jae throws the shirt at him.

Jae Hee can’t sleep so she decide to call Tae Joon even though both of them are in the same room. She asks Tae Joon whether he’s asleep or not and Tae Joon replies that if he’s asleep, how he’s going to pick up the phone. She talks about how she can be so annoying towards Tae Joon when she’s his roommate including the time when he carried her. Tae Joon listens with a smile and admits that she was heavy.
However, he points out that she is not annoying. He thanks her for making him jump again. She smiles and sticks her head out to ask him to repeat the words so she can hear it in person. Tae Joon says it’s no big deal and he asks again about the earlier conversation with Eun Gyul. Jae Hee stutters and immediately ends the call.

Tae joon successfully jump over the bar by 2.28m. Coach Baek is happy to see him back on track and remarks that he won’t have any trouble in qualifying for the Olympics. Hyun Jae is frustrated when Coach Baek gives his the lecture. He reminds Hyun Jae to use his mental power, not muscles.

At the locker room, there’s the intense air between Tae Joon and Hyun Jae. Hyun Jae thinks what Tae Joon had said to him is like mocking. Hyun Jae points out that he can take care of his own problems. Tae Joon apologizes to Hyun Jae for offending him. After he left, Hyun Jae slams and kick his locker in frustration. Previously, Hyun Jae met with the sponsor who is willing to support him more than Tae Joon. All he needs to do is to beat Tae Joon in the next upcoming competition.

Jae Hee visits Hanna at the hospital. Hanna is not pleased to see her. She asks her one last time if Jae Hee is living with Tae Joon because she likes him. Hanna asks her whether she can believe that. Jae Hee assures that she can even though Hanna can read her truthful expression. Hanna agrees to keep her secret from the school. Jae Hee surprises Hanna by telling her not to give up her training because she’s the prettiest when she does rhythmic gymnastics. Jae Hee leaves her a note. She smiles before she leaves. Hanna opens it and reads, “A miracle is another name for hard work.”

Jae Hee looks through the flight tickets back to LA. When Tae Joon returns from practice, she immediately closes her laptop. Tae Joon teasingly asks if she’s watching porn. They cutely quarrel. Jae Hee leaves for a moment. Tae Joon spots Eun Gyul’s name on Jae Hee’s phone when it’s ringing. Jae Hee returns and takes the phone with her. She goes to the bathroom and lets the phone continue to ring.

Seung Ri puts on a bump into someone act when he sees Hanna. He tells her the times when they’ve met and adds that it’s their destiny to meet each other like this. He formally introduces himself and hope they can be acquaintances. Hanna pretends to smile until he says that he’ll lower down his speech since she’s younger than him. She shrugs it off and Seung Ri awkwardly tells her while levelling up his speech. Too bad for him because the nurse tells him that it’s about time that he should fart so he can eat. He farts which makes the whole scene very disturbing but amusing.

Tae Joon buys another moisturiser for Jae Hee. He hears the shower running which makes his heart beats and he swallows hard. Again, he works out to calm down his nerves. Then, she comes out from the shower and is impressed that Tae Joon is continuously doing exercise. He looks up and sees her smile. His heart beats again and continues to work out. She finds the moisturiser on her desk and Tae Joon lies that he got that as a free gift. Jae Hee vows that she will cherish this gift for a thousand years. She recalls when Tae Joon bought her a birthday gift and Eun Gyul’s love confession. She leaves before Tae Joon places a hat on her head.

Doctor Jang tells Jae Hee that he’s off-duty when Jae Hee comes to the office. She shares her problems to the doctor. He asks whether he also has to give relationship advice to her. Eun Gyul is a close friend whom she doesn’t want to see him hurt. He asks if she likes Tae Joon. Tae Joon still thinks that she’s a guy which makes her, again, feel guilty. Jae Hee knows that she’s not supposed to feelings when she acts as a male student. Doctor Jang is glad that she knows since he wouldn’t have let her stay if she did. He reminds her that more people will find out about her and she’s lucky that she’s lasted this long. Since there’s not much time left, she will have more difficulty in leaving more than when she came in.

Eun Gyul finds Tae Joon fixing the broken street light outside while on his way back to the dorms. Tae Joon asks about last night but he says that it was nothing. Then, Tae Joon turns away and Eun Gyul admits that he has already confessed his feelings for Jae Hee that he likes her. Tae Joon reminds him that she’s a guy but Eun Gyul doesn’t care if Jae Hee is a guy or a girl. He’s going to see it to the end even though he doesn’t know where that end will be.

Jae Hee walks back to the dorm while thinking about Doctor Jang’s and Hanna’s word. She gets a text from Doctor Jang about a solution if she still feels awkward with Eun Gyul. She finds that the streetlight is fixed since she is afraid to walk alone along the dark pathway.

Doctor Jang asks Teacher Lee if she’s free this weekend. Coach Baek overheard the conversation. Teacher Lee pretends to say that she’s busy but her plan failed as Doctor Jang says that it’s too bad. She is sad to hear that they are going to do some work instead of going on a date. They’ll be going somewhere with the students early tomorrow. Coach Baek joins them.

Tae Joon sees Eun Gyul standing in front of his door. He tells Eun Gyul off and he says that he’s going in. Both of them go inside. He gives Jae Hee some milk and places his hand on her shoulder. She slowly pushes his hand away and he laughs awkwardly that he can delive her milk every day. He is known as A Dog of Florence. Tae Joon corrects him that it’s Flanders. Tae Joon finds her packed luggage and Jae Hee points out that she’s helping Doctor Jang in volunteering this weekend. Tae Joon says that he’ll join them follow by Eun Gyul who also wants to follow. He boasts that he’s the Volunteer King. They start to argue who’s best in volunteering. The quarrel ends as Eun Gyul says that he’s going to pack his things. As he leaves, he says to himself that if she goes, he goes too. Tae Joon asks Jae Hee if she doesn’t want Eun Gyul to come with them. She denies it and excuses herself. He receives a text from Director Jang to check his e-mail. He finds a page on Jae Hee’s computer that she’s booking flight tickets back to LA.

At the hospital, Director Jang is angry to hear that Tae Joon and Hanna are not dating. She asks if they fought but Hanna cries that she got sick and tired of him so she dumped him. Hanna cries and Director Jang gives her a tissue to wipe her tears. Seung Ri hears and is happy because he has the chance to grab Hanna’s heart.

The group arrives at the countryside. Eun Gyul and Jae Hee walk slowly to the meetup. Eun Gyul brings up the topic about his confession. He knows that she is shocked to hear that but he wanted to say his true feelings about her. Jae Hee is about to answer but Eun Gyul cuts in by saying that he hopes that she doesn’t hate him for liking her. Jae Hee doesn’t answer. Tae Joon turns around and sees them walking together.

Three of them explores the house and smiles at the portrait. An elderly woman points out that it’s her husbands and says that because of his appearances, he was a troublemaker. When they ask where he is now, she replies that he’s gone to a better place which they thought that he’s dead. Jae Hee hesitates to change while the boys are still around. Thus, Tae Joon forces Eun Gyul to walk together even though Eun Gyul is confused. After they left, she fixes herself up before she goes to work. She tells Sang Chu that she has to enjoy as much as possible.

Everyone help out. The boys help Jae Hee with the heavy work. Later, Tae Joon asks Jae Hee to spray water on his back and her eyes are wide open. They talk about the work they did today. Tae Joon thinks whether he should asks her about leaving. While he dries himself up with a towel, she finds that his pants are ripped. She asks him to take it off. It turns out that she’s going to mend them. She says that she learn this from her father. Tae Joon is dressed in colourful pants. Jae Hee wants to take a picture of him as a souvenir. Tae Joon points out that she sounds like someone who’s leaving and Jae Hee remains quiet.

At the hospital, Seung Ri finds Hanna looking at the photo of Tae Joon. He remembers that he heard that she
broke up with Tae Joon. Suddenly, he sees her reach over the railing. He thought that she’s going to commit suicide so he goes and stop her from doing that. Hanna screams at him to let her go but he doesn’t. She hits his stomach with her elbow. Then, he grabs her leg and reminds her that there are plenty of guys out there besides Tae Joon. Hanna points out that she was trying to get the photo which slipped out from her fingers. Seung Ri starts to bleed due to the split stiches. Before he enters into the operating room, he grabs Hanna’s hand and tells her that she should meet a better man like him.

Three of them have dinner. Eun Gyul teases Tae Joon for being a picky eater when he says that he doesn’t eat chicken. Tae Joon is jealous when Eun Gyul and Jae Hee complement each other about their eating habits. Before getting ready to bed, Eun Gyul notices that he and Tae Joon have the same phone. They start to battle each other when they try to put the blanket but they ripped it in half after pulling it back and forth. Eun Gyul asks Tae Joon whether Jae Hee is his friend or roommate. He sees that they are more than just friends. Tae Joon should tell him if he’s mistaken and there’s nothing wrong.

Jae Hee comes out and asks Tae Joon to accompany her to the toilet since it’s dark outside. She freaks out when she see bugs and Tae Joon pushes them away for her. He laughs when she tells him to stay at a safe distance. On their way back, he asks if Jae Hee is planning to go back to the US. She admits that she came here because she wants to see Tae joon jump again. Since he’s started training, there is nothing for her to help him anymore. She’s unhappy but it’s not like she’s going to stay here forever. Tae Joon tells her to think it over.

Suddenly, a mysterious figure walks toward them. Jae Hee nudges Tae Joon and he jumps in terror and shouts at the ghost to go away. It turns out that he’s the grandfather who is not dead. He scolds the kids for assuming that he’s dead.

Doctor Jang treats Teacher Lee who’s suffering from indigestion. Coach Baek suggests that plum extract might help so he decides to go and look for it. He tastes every single jar which has soya souce, spicy sauce, and fermented soybeans.

Eun Gyul notices that Jae Hee is sitting outside. She says that she can’t sleep. He cheers her up by saying that he’ll be her bamboo forest so she can shout as much as she wants. Jae Hee leans in and whispers and then shouts that Cha Eun Gyul is a big fool. Eun Gyul does the same and they laugh while Tae Joon watches.

Coach Baek finds a jar of plum extract in the fridge. He smiles when Teacher Lee thanks him. He places his hand on her forehead to check for fever. However, she comments that his hands smells like bathroom. Coach Baek smells his hands and points out that it’s fermented soybeans. Not, that thing. But, Teacher Lee and Doctor Jang look at him in disbelief.

The next morning, Eun Gyul receives the good news from his coach that he is selected to be in the national team. He asks Jae Hee to pinch his cheek to make sure that he’s not dreaming. It’s not a dream. He shares the good news and they celebrate with hugs.

Later in the evening, Tae Joon is outside thinking about the times that Eun Gyul is nice to Jae Hee until he admits that he likes her.

Eun Gyul packs his things because he’s going to meet his coach tomorrow. He thanks to Jae Hee. Later, he realizes that he grabbed the wrong phone and decides to return but he can’t find Jae Hee.

Jae Hee is in the kitchen. She tries to get the bowls from the very top shelf. Tae Joon helps her get them. She asks if he’s looking for something and Tae Joon replies that he came to see her because he has something to tell her. Then, they hear Eun Gyul’s voice outside who calls for Jae Hee. She goes to the door but she’s blocked by Tae Joon with his hand. He asks her not to think about Eun Gyul when she’s with him. He seriously tells her not to go back to the US and asks her to stay by his side. Jae Hee leaves a confused expression.

Point of View

It’s an expression that I can’t describe when Tae Joon asks her not to stay by his side. I actually want to know what Jae Hee is going to say when she hears Tae Joon’s pleas. I actually want Tae Joon to get straight to the point after he say ‘I have something to say to you’.

Hyun Jae is another person is feels so pressured when it comes to aiming to be a well-known high jumper. He can’t be manipulated by the evil sponsor who will give him stardom if he beats Tae Joon at the next competition. He’s not a bad guy. For me, I actually want to know what his problem is. Why he’s being so rude to Tae Joon? Why he is so tense up when someone is above him? I think we all need to know his side story. Kang Ha Neul is great in evoking his anger and frustration of the character itself. You can see the flame in Hyun Jae’s eyes when he talks to Tae Joon.

The story is starting to build up with ‘don’t leave me’ and love bonding scenarios including the obvious things that Tae Joon has feelings for Jae Hee in this episode. I want to be together but what better way to makes things interesting when they have to go to different places. That is a good conflict. Then, you see both Tae Joon and Jae Hee having lingering feelings about each other which affect their decisions whether they should leave or not. Like I said in my previous article, ‘I have something to tell you/ to say’ makes me come with a deep sigh even though we all expect both of them to say something like ‘I love you’. Tae Joon, there are a few things that you have to do: (1) tell Jae Hee that you know that she’s a girl and (2) give her the reason why she shouldn’t go back to the US. I know Jae Hee is going to be shocked when she hears what you have to say but still you can’t keep your feelings for her too long.

I have one problem. After 12 episodes of this drama, where on earth is EXO? What’s the point to put EXO members in the drama poster in the first place even though the poster shows a teenage high school drama concept like Hana Kimi? Look at Hana Kimi, the boys are shown in this Japanese drama series from time to time. If you spotted one or a few EXO members in this drama, which episode? I couldn’t even find them in every single episode. Is there a lack of opportunity for EXO?

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